California State University, Northridge

Council of Chairs Meeting of February 12, 2007 Minutes

Members Present: B&E (Shirley Svorny), ECS (Nagi El Nagi), EDUC (Nancy Burstein), H&HD (Craig Finney), HUM (George Uba), Library (Doris Helfer), Gena Masequesmay, Chair, Asian American Studies

Visitors: Maureen Ruben, Director of Undergraduate Studies; Penny Jennings, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs; Greg Buesing, Director of Planned Giving, CSUN, and Larry Layne, compassionate and magnanimous donor.

Absent with notification: AMC (Peter Nwosu)

Absent without notification: M&S (Larry Allen), S&BS (Mathew Cahn), Ext L (Tyler Blake)

  1. In Professor Nwosu’s absence, Professor Svorny called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.
  2. Due to Professor Nwosu’s absence, the minutes of the November 2006 meeting were not available. However, members of the COC asked that, in the future, they not be posted to the web until they are approved.
  3. Announcements: the COC website is ADA compliant.
  4. Penny Jennings, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, asked the COC its opinion as to when the next Chairs’ Retreat should be held (Fall 2007 classes start on a Thursday – “zero week”). She plans to return next month to talk to us about content of the retreat.
  5. Discussion Items
    1. Update from Colleges on Grade Inflation Study and Next Ste
      1. It was agreed that Professor Svorny would contact members of the COC and that they would provide a summary of discussions in their respective colleges.
    2. IRT Concerns
      1. Professor Finney conveys that HHD is concerned about the new My Academic Planner. HHD uses “hard holds” to bring students in for advising and they are concerned that this will disrupt college advising and confuse students.
      2. Professor Rubin said there is still time to send comments on the MAP software to A&R.
      3. Professor Finney conveyed the feeling from HHD that the MAP product had moved forward without sufficient consultation. NOTE: Provost Hellenbrand sent a follow-up message to chairs on Tuesday, Feb. 13, indicating that the MAP product was not intended to replace advising.
      4. It was suggested that a session at the upcoming Chairs’ Retreat focus on advising, with a panel including a department chair (Craig Finney), someone from A&R (Eric Forbes), and an advisor.
  6. Planned Giving – Greg Buesing, CSUN’s Director of Planned Giving, discussed the flexibility of planned giving and encouraged those in attendance to keep an eye out for alumni or faculty who might be involved in estate planning and ready to make a commitment to the university. He was accompanied by Larry Layne.
  7. Other business
    1. Maureen Rubin announced plans for a Faculty Advisement Forum, to be held the week of March 19, co-sponsored by the Faculty Senate and Undergraduate Studies. Rubin asked for college representatives to suggest names of individuals who would speak passionately about the role of faculty in advising students (what should the role be, should there be rewards?).
    2. Rubin handed out the new drop form and encouraged chairs to be available to students on Friday, Feb. 23rd, the last day to drop.
    3. Professor Nagi noted that the CSUN Catalog is wrong. It says that “SP” (satisfactory progress) grades are legal, but they are not. Professor Rubin said that, for undergraduates, the correct grade to use would be an “I” (an incomplete).

The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Prepared by Shirley Svorny


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