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Collaborative Partnerships

Call or Visit CIELO

Call us at 818-677-6535 (x6535 from campus phones).

Visit us on Sierra Hall's 4th floor “rooftop” corridor. Climb the stairs or take the Sierra Hall freight elevator (located in the southwest corner of Sierra Hall just around the corner from the large Geography Department globe). CIELO's offices are located in SH 422 and SH 433-443.

Fourth floor landmarks: CIELO is just down the hall from the Whitsett Room and the college offices for the Dean of Humanities and the Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

CIELO Directors and Staff

Joyce Burstein, director of Community Engagement and Service Learning. Joyce Burstein (Elementary Education) is the Director of Community Engagement and Service Learning. She is a professor of social studies in the Department of Elementary Education.
Sharon Klein, director of WRAD and the Reading Matters Initiative.Sharon Klein is the Director of Writing & Reading Across Disciplines (WRAD) and also co-director of the Reading Matters Initiative. She is a professor in English and in Linguistics.
Whitney Scott, director of New Faculty Orientation. Whitney Scott is the New Faculty Orientation director. In fall 2014 she will be the Director of Faculty Development. She is an associate professor in the Department of Child & Adolescent Development.
Cheryl Spector, director of Academic First Year Experiences. Cheryl Spector is the Director of Academic First Year Experiences, including University 100, the Freshman Common Reading, the Freshman Connection, and the Freshman Faculty Series. She is also a professor in the English Department.
Kelly Kroeker, Administrative Support Coordinator, CIELO.Kelly Kroeker has been a mainstay in CIELO for many years. She provides essential staff support to all of our programs.
Nicole Linton, Service Learning Coordinator.Nicole Linton works with Community Engagement as the service learning coordinator.