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2014-2015 CSUN China Institute Faculty Development Grants:

Application Deadline

Feb. 3

Faculty at CSUN with an interest in China are invited to apply for initial seed money from the China Institute to start a project in their discipline that advances the field of China Studies or promotes long-term exchange and collaboration for faculty and students. Applicants should explain how this grant may stimulate larger and longer range projects. There will be two grants of $1000 each, which can be used to support travel expenses for faculty's visit to China to conduct their projects.

Applicants should submit a written proposal of no more than three double-spaced pages. It should cover the nature and purpose of their project, how they intend to carry it out, how it may help CSUN students or our collaborative relationship with Chinese institutions, and how the funds will be spent related to their travel to China. We encourage faculty to initiate projects related to China and to use the grant as the initial seed money to generate more funds to support the projects in the long-term. The grants are limited to use by CSUN faculty, not by faculty in international partner universities.

Additionally, a one page resume highlighting relevant experiences must be included. A word file containing the proposal and resume must be submitted to the China Institute Review Committee Chair, Dr. Weimin Sun via e-mail: weimin.sun@csun.edu no later than Feb. 3, 2014. The China Institute Grant and Scholarship Review Committee will review all applications carefully and make recommendations to the China Institute Director and Executive Committee. Decisions on awards will be announced at the Chinese New Year's Banquet at the end of March. Grant recipients are expected to provide written reports on their grant activities to the China Institute by June 30, 2015. Faculty interested in further information regarding these grants may contact the China Institute by e-mailing Dr. Weimin Sun, Chair of the Review Committee at weimin.sun@csun.edu.

CSU International Programs for Faculty: Opportunities Abroad

Application Deadline

Dec. 1

Each year the CSU International Programs recruits faculty to serve as Resident Directors (RDs) in a number of its study abroad programs. These positions represent one of the best chances within the CSU to work and live for a year in the following countries: China, France, Italy, Japan, and Spain.

Faculty that are interested to serve as Resident Directors for international programs (2013-2014) should note that the Deadline to Apply is December 1st

The application for the 2013-2014 academic year can be found at

The Wang Family China and Taiwan Stipends 2002- 2012

The faculty component of The Wang Family Scholarship will provide four ten thousand dollar ($10,000) stipends to be awarded annually for a period of ten years. http://www.calstate.edu/ip/faculty/wang-china-stipends.shtml

Faculty that are interested to apply for the 2012 Wang Family Scholarship Faculty Stipends should note that the Deadline to Apply is December 1st

The application for the 2012 academic year can be found at

For General Information

Please visit: http://www.calstate.edu/ip/faculty/

Please feel free to contact your Campus ACIP representative
K Dino Vrongistinos
818-677-7567,  kv61497@csun.edu