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China visit 2012
by Dr. Maureen Rubin, Dr. Lynette Henderson and Dr. Meiqin Wang, 09/ 2012

Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication Delegation of Three Visits China

This past summer, Dr. Maureen Rubin, the associate dean of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication (MCCAMC), led Dr. Lynette Henderson and Dr. Meiqin Wang, two Art Department faculty, on a delegation visit to China designed to develop collaboration between CSUN and universities in Shanghai and Wuhan. Wang and Henderson were also on a separate mission to research art education in China, partially supported by a faculty development grant from the China Institute...read more

Dan Dan
Jeannie Chen, July 2012

Teaching on the Top of Tian Shang Ping

I see the world differently from most other people. My camera is my third eye; its lens provides a spectrum of windows to the world. Photographs are my personal method of capturing the present and preserving the past. Through my camera's eye, I discovered a different side of China: the rural countryside of En Shi in Hubei.....read more

Chinese New Year 2012
by Professor Robert Gustafson, CTVA

My Trip to Shanghai during the Chinese New Year Was beyond Amazing!

Professor Robert Gustafson, head of the Media Management area in the Department of Cinema and Television Arts and the Director of the CSUN Entertainment Industry Institute was in Shanghai from January 11-24, 2012. While there, Gustafson met with faculty of sister institution, the Xie Jin Film and Television Art College of Shanghai Normal University. ....read more

faces of Tianjin
by Dr. Harold Giedt, former director of CSUN China Institute

"Faces of Tientsi, 1946" on Show in Beijing

In 1946 I was a Marine Corps 2nd Lieutenant, stationed in Tientsin (Tianjin / 天津)  in the civil affairs section. My duties were to help civilians return to Europe or America after release from Japanese Internment camps or reestablish themselves in China. We also helped reopen businesses , schools, and return of automobiles, apartments and homes ....read more

World Expo Shanghai 2010
by Dr. Katherine Ramos Baker, Music

Wonderful Experiences in Beijing and Shanghai

This article represents my wonderful experiences in Beijing and Shanghai in the first two weeks of August 2010. The International Society for Music Education held its biennial conference in Beijing, China in August 2010. This is the very first time ISME has been held in China since its founding by UNESCO in1953 ...read more

by Dale Chang, China Council Scholarship Recipient

The Best Learning Experience in My Life!

Da Jia Hao! Hello everybody! I am currently studying Chinese language and culture at Huazhong Normal University, in Wuhan, China. I can say this has, so far, been the best learning experience in my life. I have been keeping myself busy here in China. In addition to taking Chinese language classes, I have been teaching ...read more

World Expo Shanghai 2010
by Professor Barry Cleveland, Theatre

Twelve Memorable Days in Shanghai

As a recipient of a 2009 -10 China Institute Faculty Development Grant, I was able to take advantage of a most exciting opportunity to join CSUN Theatre students, faculty, and staff on a twelve day visit to Shanghai and their collaboration with our long time friends from Shanghai Normal University in a performance sponsored by the USA Pavilion at the 2010 World Expo ...read more

SNU Students
by Karene Daniel, China Council Scholarship Recipient

Shanghai, My New Home!

After living in Shanghai for a few months, I've finally settled in and made the city my new home. I spend my time going to class, teaching English, and roaming around the city. The city itself is quite big and has plenty to see, not to mention the variety of day trips you can take around the city. On a normal day ...read more

by Professor Robert Gustafson, CTVA

Meet Me at the Expo

It has been my privilege and shared joy to travel to China often with CSUN and CTVA students and faculty. In May-June, 2010, I was able to take ten CSUN Cinema and Television Arts majors to China as guest lecturers and screen their TV, film and multimedia production work at Shanghai Normal University (SHNU) ...read more

World Expo Shanghai 2010
by Bill Taylor and Peter Grego, Theatre

Our Dinner with Hillary

It was the best of times, it was the craziest of times. On our last exchange to ShangHai Normal University, in 2008, our two schools laid groundwork to do a joint project for the Shanghai World Expo, upcoming in the summer of 2010. This was not to be a modest backwater Expo.No, Shanghai city leaders were preparing to stage the biggest World's Fair ever attempted ...read more

by Lisa Farber, China Council Scholarship Recipient

A "Valley Girl" in the "Wild, Wild East"

In September of 2009, I came to Beijing completely blind, not knowing asoul, a word of Mandarin other than "hello" and "cup", or the slightest thing about the city, country or culture as a whole. Nearly ten months and at least eight cities later, I feel I have only just seen the tip of the iceberg…though when winter hit I felt the whole thing ...read more

Dr. Mingfang Li
by Dr. Justine Su, ELPS and China Institute

Thousand Talents Plan in China

During 2010, professor Mingfang Li of the Department of Management at the College of Business and Economics made several academic exchange related trips to China. Appointed as a distinguished visiting professor, Mingfang Li participated extensively in the academic program development, research collaboration, and teaching at Jilin University. He delivered talks at various conferences ...read more

Areeya with friends in China
by Areeya Lena Tivasuradej, China Council Scholarship Recipient

A Lifetime Opportunity!

Chengdu is indeed a layback city as they claim. One thing that grasped my heart was the abundance of tea houses or tea gardens. Walking through a tea house, you can hear the locals chatting loudly in thick Sichuan dialect interrupted occasionally by the sound of crashing mahjong tiles and the cracking sound of peanuts ...read more

China visit 2012


(L to R) Dr. Lynette Henderson, Dr. Meiqin Wang and Dr. Maureen Rubin warmly greeted by Professor Zhao Bingxiang, dean of Xie Jin Film & Television Art College of Shanghai Normal University


Jeannie Chen surrounded by curious children


Jeannie Chen surrounded by curious children at a rural village school in Hubei province, China


Chinese New Year 2012


Professor Robert Gustafson with Shanghai Media Group New Year's TV show billboard


Secretary of State Hilary Clinton with CSUN and SNU students at the World Expo 2010, Shanghai


Dr. Baker and CSUN Women's Chorale are invited to visit and perform in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai & Hangzhou in summer, 2011


Hilary Clinton with students at the World Expo 2010


Secretary of State Hilary Clinton with CSUN and SNU students at the World Expo 2010, Shanghai