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Charter (Established in fall, 1982)


I. Purposes and Functions

  1. This institute shall act to facilitate and coordinate ongoing and potential CSUN activities involving teaching, contact with and study related to Chinese institutions and individuals.
  2. The institute shall draw together the expertise of the faculty of the University and other experts in the critical study, research and teaching of Chinese studies.
  3. The institute shall promote linkages between institute activities and those in the CSUN academic program concerned with China.
  4. The institute shall seek to assist Chinese students, faculty and others seeking to establish contact with the CSUN academic community.
  5. The work of the institute shall include the support and coordination of the research and publication; special courses, seminars and lectures; the compilation of data and bibliographies; communication activities concerning Chinese studies; and other such activities as may be appropriate to the purpose of the institute.

II. Name

The name of this organization shall be: China Institute, CSUN.

III. Membership

Membership shall be open to all interested faculty and staff of the university (and other persons not affiliated with this university) who have demonstrated scholarly interest in the field of Chinese studies and/or have contributed to the development of theory, knowledge and practice in this area.

IV. Organization

This institute shall be a University center, operated under the Provost or designee.
The institute shall be administered and managed by a Director who shall be appointed by the Provost and be responsible to the Provost or designee. In consultation with the Director, the Provost shall also appoint a seven-member executive committee whose members shall have two-year overlapping terms. The Executive Committee shall meet at least twice a semester and at the request of the Director.

The Responsibilities of the Executive Committee shall be:

  1. to approve policies and major projects of the institute
  2. to serve as a resource group to which the Director can bring topics for discussion and recommendations
  3. to promote linkages between academic programs of CSUN and other institutes and individuals concerned with China studies
  4. to serve as a liaison with interested faculty members
  5. to post-audit the programs and activities of the institute to determine whether or not they conform to the purposes stated in this document
  6. to submit to the Director the post-audit report
  7. to expedite the Institute's program planning
  8. to review the financial operations of the Institute and make recommendations to the Director and Provost/designee

An Advisory Board to the Director shall be composed of the Executive Committee and other members of the Institute who shall be appointed on an annual basis to the Board by the Director. The responsibilities of the Advisory Board shall be:

  1. to suggest general areas of interest for programs and activities of the Institute
  2. to recommend to the Director any activities which it feels will benefit the Institute, the University or the community

The Advisory Board will meet at least once a year at the request of the Director

V. Administration

The Director shall be responsible for the general operation and administration of the Institute. Responsibility for the direct operation of a specific program may be delegated as may other responsibilities of the Director. The Director shall be responsible for allocation of funds, for staffing programs and administrative operations, and for arranging space, equipment, and other resources and facilities necessary for the work of the Institute.

The Executive Committee and the Provost shall be responsible for ensuring that the activities of the Institute are consistent with the purposes and goals of the Institute and with the policies and academic programs of the University.

VI. Finances

The institute will be a self-supporting operation funded by donations, grants and contracts from public and private organizations, as well as by proceeds from courses, workshops, meetings, conferences, and other activities of the Institute. The Director and the Provost will be responsible for all financial functions of the Institute and for maintaining its financial soundness. Surplus funds accruing from operations of the Institute will be distributed by the Director in consultation with the Executive Committee and Provost. Such disbursements shall be made for purposes consistent with the University's regular funding, as well as to promote the professional and scholarly activities of the faculty, staff and students, and to stimulate, intensify, and expand the relationships between the University and the community.

The director shall prepare an annual report, including financial statement of the operation. This report will be submitted to the Executive Committee and the Provost.

VII. Resources

Equipment and other physical property purchased with funds of the Institute will be managed according to the usual practices of the University.

VIII. Renewal of Charter

The Institute will be dissolved unless this charter is renewed. Similarly, all projects and component organizations of the Institute shall operate for fixed periods and shall be automatically dissolved at the end of the period unless renewed by the Advisory Board and Director.