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Graduate Scholarships and Financial Aid


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Go to the Office of Graduate Studies for complete descriptions and deadlines for of all scholarships and grants (University Hall 265, 677-2138).

Thesis / Project / Performance Grant (University Hall 265, 677-2138)
Funds are available for graduate students working on research projects, artistic performances, and theses. Awards up to $1,000 may be provided to selected students, based on review of an application which outlines the project, thesis or performance and anticipated costs. Costs associated with travel to a research site, supplies, minor equipment and library searches are examples of expenditures which are supported. Deadlines in Fall semester.

Student Projects Grants (University Corporation Executive Office, Bookstore Complex, 2nd floor, 677-2906)
Each year The University Corporation makes available a sum of money for support of student research and creative and service endeavors. All Cal State Northridge students are invited to submit proposals to compete for a share of these funds. The number and amounts of awards depend to a great degree on the funds available to the Committee. The Committee may elect to set maximum and minimum limits on the size of grants. If limits are set, those limits are announced when the application period is announced.

Graduate Equity Fellowship Application (University Hall 265, 677-2138)
The purpose of this program is to provide funds to support graduate students who are interested in pursuing doctoral study and a teaching career. Applicants must have a faculty mentor who will assist them in this pursuit as well as their research. The maximum award is $4,500 per academic year and eligible students may apply for up to two years of support.

California Pre-Doctoral Program - Spring 2003 (Office of the Chancellor, Long Beach, 562-951-4774)
The California Pre-Doctoral Program is designed to increase the pool of potential faculty by supporting doctoral aspirations of CSU students who have experienced economic and educational disadvantages. Each of the selected California pre-doctoral scholars works closely with a California State University faculty sponsor to develop an overall plan leading ultimately to enrollment in a doctoral program. Each of these plans is tailored to specific goals and educational objectives of the student. The program places a special emphasis on increasing the number of CSU students who enter doctoral programs at one of the University of California institutions.

Robert H. Schiffman Memorial Scholarship Award
This is an award for classified graduate students who have attended at least one previous semester as a graduate student. There is no application process as names of eligible students (3.25 undergraduate GPA and 3.5 graduate GPA) are submitted by Graduate Coordinators.

President's Associates' Outstanding Master's Award
This is a cash award for those academically outstanding graduate students who have graduated the previous fall or who will be graduating in spring or summer of the academic year. Nominations for this award are submitted by the Graduate Coordinators.



Association of Retired Faculty Memorial Award
The purpose of the award is to recognize and provide financial support to graduate students for excellent scholarship and creative activity. The award will support a project that is part of a master's program. Award criteria include a project description, two faculty letters of recommendation, and willingness to provide a brief presentation of the project at the ARF annual brunch. Applications are usually due in March.

Nathan O. Freedman Memorial Award For Outstanding Graduate Student
The determining factors for the award are based on a record of distinguished scholarship, a minimum GPA of 3.5, and contributions to the field. The award recipient will be announced at Honors Convocation. Applications are usually due in March.

Financial Aid and Scholarships (Student Services, SB 130, 677-3000)
To apply for financial assistance in the form of state or federal grants or loans, contact the Financial Aid Office.

Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program
The Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive/Forgivable Loan Program (CDI/FLP) provides student loans to a limited number of individuals pursuing full-time doctoral study at accredited universities throughout the United States. The program seeks to provide loans to doctoral students who are interested in applying and competing for CSU instructional faculty positions after completion of the doctoral degree. Loans available in amounts of up to $10,000 per year up to a total of $30,000.