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Dept. Chemistry & Biochemistry

18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, California

Phone: (818) 677-3381
Fax: (818) 677-4068

Office: 2102 Eucalyptus Hall

Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-5:00pm

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Graduate Program



  • For your convenience, CSUN has an ON-LINE APPLICATION. If you prefer to have an application sent to you by mail, contact the Graduate Coordinator.

  • You can enroll in classes once Admissions and Records has received the application and you have been assigned a File Number. The official notice of acceptance often comes after the assignment of the File Number so that you can register for classes even though you might not have received an official notice of acceptance. If not, you can enroll in chemistry classes through EXTENSION if you wish.




  • Contact the Graduate Coordinator to get the dates/times of upcoming Required Chemistry Proficiency Exams. These are standardized, multiple choice exams from the Americal Chemical Society. You take them using a pencil darkening a circle for the answer you think is correct. Your answers are compared to a special key provided by the Society. There are no essay portions. Also there are no sample tests available. If you want to study for these exams, review your textbooks for these three areas: Organic, Inorganic, and Physical chemistry (Review Topics).

Email the Graduate Coordinator about the MS Programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Graduate Coordinator

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

OFFICE: Eucalyptus Hall, room 2102
18111 Nordhoff St.
California State University, Northridge
Northridge, CA 91330-8262


PHONE: 818-677-3381; FAX: 818-677-4068