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Center for Ethics and Values



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Past Events

Public Lecture: Gayle Rubin's "Social Science and Genealogies of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Studies. Co-sponsored with Anthropology, the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, and Transgender Studies Center, Philosophy, Women's Studies. October 23, 1997.

Colloquium: "Physician Assisted Suicide." Ethics and Values Colloquium. Chair: Leo Rain, M.D. Panelists: Michael White, Esq. and Mervin Kirschner, M.D. November 12, 1997.

Fr. Richard Benson, Academic Dean and Vice Rector, St. John's Seminary, Camarillo, California. "The Papal Encyclical: Fides et Ratio." Commentator: Prof. Patrick Nichelsen, Religious Studies, CSUN. November 24, 1998

With The President's Advisory Board on Equity and Diversity, and the Center for the People's of the Americas, the conference "The Shaping of America: Affirmative Action in the 21st Century," March 15 - 16, 1999.

With Jewish Studies Program: Dr. Louis Newman's Faculty Luncheon talk, "Jewish Medical Ethics," on March 25, 1999.

George W. White and Robert Boyle, The Death Penalty, at the Contemporary Issues Forum, with Prof. Donald Salter as commentator, February 17, 2000.

Public talk: Oscar R. Marti, Race, Identity, and Politics in the Caribbean: The Case of Cuba at the Race, Identity and Politics in the Caribbean panel, CSUN, November 8, 2000.

Public talk: Oscar R. Marti. Ethics and the Businessman, at the Northridge Chamber of Commerce, April 2001.

The Benedetto Croce Symposium, With the College of Humanities Italian Program. February 4, 2002.

The Alyce Vrolyk Conference on Biotethics. With the Philosophy Department. October 18, 2002.

Colloquium: Ethical Relativism. February 16, 2003

Colloquium: The Draft or a Volunteer Army. March 10, 2004.

Can the Social Sciences be Value Free? Genetics Graduate Student Association., March 28, 2005.


On March 14 and 16 of 2007 two panel discussion sessions on Religion and Violence, sponsored by the Center for Ethics and Values, were held on the CSUN campus. This two-session miniconference was held in memory of Dr. Leo Rain. Each discussion session was from 3 to 5:45 PM, and in each session two scholarly representatives from two religious traditions presented comments on the history, doctrine, and culture(s) of their respective traditions regarding violence and the rejection of violence. A commentator offered remarks following each primary presentation, and for the last half hour of each session there was a question and answer period in which the audience participated.

The four religious traditions addressed were Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. Four participants were CSUN faculty and four were from off campus.

Speaking on Judaism was Aryeh Cohen, University of Judaism. The response to Professor Cohen's paper was provided by Jody Myers of the Religious Studies Department at Calif. State University, Northridge.

Speaking on Christianity was Joseph Runzo, Chapman University. The response to Professor Runzo's paper was provided by Mutombo Nkulu N'Sengha of the Religious Studies Department at Calif. State University, Northridge.

Speaking on Islam was Amir Hussain, Loyola Marymount University. The response to Professor Hussain's paper was provided by Crerar Douglas of the Religious Studies Department at Calif. State University, Northridge.

Speaking on Buddhism was Kenneth Lee, of the Religious Studies Department at Calif. State University, Northridge. The response to Professor Lee's paper was provided by James Fredericks, Loyola Marymount University.