University Policy on Smoking

It is the policy of CSUN to promote a smoke-free environment for our employees, students and visitors, and to encourage non-smoking lifestyles. Smoking is prohibited in all University buildings and leased space (including space within buildings shared with others). This prohibition also will apply to any area enclosed by the perimeter (outermost) walls of the building, including restrooms, warehouse and storage space. Atriums, balconies, stairwells and other similar building features are to be considered “within a building.”

  • Smoking is prohibited in state/University-owned vehicles. This prohibition includes passenger vehicles and all other state-owned mobile equipment, including powered carts, light and heavy-duty trucks, cargo and passenger vans, buses, and any other mobile equipment with an enclosed or enclosable driver/passenger compartment.
  • Smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of building entrances and exits, operable windows and ground-level air-intake structures.
  • Smoking is prohibited within stadium seating areas, tennis courts and other recreational facilities.
  • Smoking is prohibited in outdoor dining areas posted as Smoke-Free. These regulations are set forth in the University Policy on Smoking.