Syllabi for All Undergraduate Courses

To better inform students about the requirements, content and methodology of the University’s undergraduate curricula, all faculty teaching undergraduate courses will distribute a written syllabus to each student in the course and/or post it online no later than the second week of classes. The syllabus should contain the following information:

  1. Course objective(s).
  2. A brief list or summary of topics or projects covered.
  3. Course requirements and methods of evaluation.
  4. Grading criteria, including whether or not the plus/minus system will be used.
  5. Contact information (instructor’s name, office hours, office location and campus phone number).
  6. For a General Education course, the syllabus should describe how it meets the currently approved goals of the General Education section in which it resides.
  7. For an Upper Division General Education course, the syllabus should include a statement that informs students that the course is an Upper Division General Education course and that it requires completion of writing assignments totaling a minimum of 2,500 words.