B.A., Psychology

The course of study and the requirements for the B.A. Degree in Psychology provide an opportunity for students who (a) desire to extend their education in the liberal arts with an emphasis in psychology, (b) wish to prepare themselves for graduate work in psychology, or (c) plan to enter one of several professional or occupational …

B.A., Psychology


The purpose of the Honors in Psychology program is to recognize and support the development of exceptional Psychology students. The Honors program allows students the opportunity to engage in advanced level coursework to better prepare for graduate coursework and/or careers in the field of Psychology. Interested students should consult the Department of Psychology website for …

Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology consists of 21 units.

M.A., Psychology

Behavioral Clinical Psychology

Notice: The Behavioral Clinical Psychology option is closed to new students. In this two year program, students can obtain their M.A. Degree and complete the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) coursework requirements to practice as Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We emphasize philosophy, theory, science, conceptual framework and methodology that guide clinicians in the field of applied behavior …

M.A., Psychology

Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychology emphasizes theory and practice in psychological assessment and psychological interventions, together with the study of research methods and program evaluation. Students participate in fieldwork placements in clinical settings in our on-campus Community Services Center in Monterey Hall as well as in off-campus placements. In addition, students may opt to engage in independent research …

M.A., Psychology

General Experimental Psychology

CSUN’s General Experimental Psychology Graduate Program Option provides rigorous training in advanced statistical methods, research methods and design, and theory in psychology for students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. in Psychology in a research-focused program. The Program Option is comprised of faculty who are active researchers in their fields, and who are dedicated to …