Program: M.S., Engineering Management


Taught by faculty with professional engineering management experience, the Engineering Management Program offers engineers and other technical professionals the opportunity to develop technical management and entrepreneurial skills pertinent to the management of existing and emerging technologies. The Program stresses the development of technological decision-making abilities, while also enabling continued intellectual growth in an area that meets professional needs. Engineering Management Program graduates have been assuming leadership roles in industry since the early 1970s.

Program Requirements

A. Requirements for Admission to the Program

  1. Satisfaction of all requirements for Graduate Admission to the University.
  2. Approval by the Department Graduate Coordinator.

B. Requirements for Advancement to Classified Status

  1. Satisfaction of University requirements for Classified status.
  2. Approval of program of study plan by assigned faculty advisor.
  3. Approval by the Department Graduate Coordinator.

C. Special Requirements

  1. This Program is intended primarily for students holding a B.S. in Engineering or other technical field. Prospective students who work in technical environments and hold degrees in non-technical fields should contact the Department to discuss additional prerequisite courses with a faculty advisor.
  2. Students entering the Program are expected to have completed Engineering Management (MSE 504) or equivalent. Admitted students who have not completed such a course as part of an Undergraduate Program may complete the course as part of their Graduate Degree Program of study.
  3. No more than 6 units of advisor-approved 400-level courses may be included in the Graduate Program of study.

Required Courses

1. Required Core Courses (18 units)

MSE 601A Engineering Statistics I (3)
MSE 602 Engineering Innovation Management (3)
MSE 604 Engineering Economy and Financial Analysis (3)
MSE 606A Engineering Operations Management (3)
MSE 608B Management of Engineering Professionals (3)

2. Culminating Experience (3 units)

MSE 697MGT Engineering Management Directed Comprehensive Studies (3)

Only classified students in the M.S. Degree in Engineering Management Program after satisfying 27 units and with Graduate Coordinator permission can take this course. This course is not offered in the summer and must be completed during either the fall or spring semesters. The MSE697 must be taken in the last semester in the program.

3. Electives (12 units)

Elective courses are selected in consultation with a faculty advisor. At least 6 of the 12 units must be selected from approved courses in the department. No more than 6 of the 12 units may be at the 400-level. Frequently selected electives in Engineering Management include MSE 402, 407, 504, 505, 507, 601B, 606B, 617 and 618. Discipline electives in Automation and CAD/CAM, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing Systems, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Structural Engineering are also appropriate.

Total Units Required for the M.S. Degree: 33


Chair: Kang Chang
Jacaranda Hall (JD) 4510
(818) 677-2167

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. The development of technical management decision-making abilities;
  2. The acquisition of knowledge about the management of existing and emerging technologies;
  3. The development of technical professional employee management skills;
  4. The acquisition of knowledge of engineering cost, financial and economical analysis; and
  5. Continued intellectual growth in a discipline-related area.