Mission Statement

The Master of Public Administration degree program is entirely funded by student fees and is administered through The Tseng College, hence the designation.

Multidisciplinary Curriculum

The University MPA program is multidisciplinary and draws on a wide array of scholarly resources that are most relevant to the changing professional practice of the public administrator.

Emphasis on Scholarship and Application

The MPA program provides a strong academic foundation, while also emphasizing current practical applications. Faculty members include both professors from several University departments and senior-level public managers.

Academic Oversight

The academic oversight of the MPA program is under the purview of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.


Graduate Coordinator: Theresa Knott

On-Campus, Online Programs
Staff: Alice Lu
(818) 677-5635

Off-Campus Cohorts
Staff: Yvonne Carillo
(818) 677-7646

Staff: Alice Lu
(818) 677-5635