Mission Statement

The Master of Public Administration Degree Program is entirely funded by student fees and is administered through The Tseng College, hence the designation.

Multidisciplinary Curriculum: The University MPA Program is multidisciplinary and draws on a wide array of scholarly resources that are most relevant to the changing professional practice of the public administrator.

Emphasis on Scholarship and Application: The MPA Program provides a strong academic foundation, while also emphasizing current practical applications. Faculty members include both professors from several University Departments and senior-level public managers.

Academic Oversight: The academic oversight of the MPA Program has several interconnected components: the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, the Department of Political Science, the Program Director and an MPA Program Advisory Board comprised of participating full-time University faculty members. The Program Advisory Board and the MPA Program Director provide the primary academic oversight of the Program.


On-Campus Program
Alice Lu
(818) 677-5635

Off-Campus Cohorts
Patti Burleson
(818) 677-3217

Fax (818) 677-3886