B.S., Biochemistry

The B.S. Degree in Biochemistry degree is designed for students who desire: pre-medical, pre-dental, pre-pharmacy or pre-veterinary preparation; graduate study in biochemistry; or careers in the life sciences that require an understanding of biological phenomena at the molecular level. The curriculum ¬†for the B.S. degree in Biochemistry has been reviewed by the American Chemical Society …

B.A., Chemistry

The B.A. in Chemistry is designed for students who desire: A strong chemistry background for careers in the health field (see advisor concerning additional necessary courses); Careers in industry, including textile chemistry, technical sales, government laboratories, patent law, library fields, etc.; or A single subject teaching credential (science, chemistry).

B.S., Chemistry

The B.S. Degree in Chemistry is designed to prepare students who desire: To pursue graduate work in chemistry; To work in industry or government laboratories; or To work in the fields of technical sales, hazardous materials testing and handling, chemical literature or chemical patents. The curriculum for the B.S. degree in Chemistry has been reviewed …

Minor in Chemistry

The Minor in Chemistry allows students explore various aspects of chemistry.

M.S., Biochemistry

The M.S. in Biochemistry allows specialization in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology or bioorganic chemistry and is intended for students desiring research-oriented careers in chemical, biochemical, biotech industry, post-secondary chemistry teaching or entry into Ph.D. programs.

M.S., Chemistry

The M.S. degree in Chemistry is designed to prepare students for research-oriented careers in chemical industry, for entry into doctoral programs at other institutions or for teaching chemistry at institutions such as community colleges.