Mission Statement

The Asian American Studies department is dedicated to academic and community-based goals, including promoting student learning and intellectual growth; stimulating professional growth and development among its faculty and staff; enhancing and empowering Asian/Pacific Islander communities locally and globally; and highlighting relevant social, economic, political, legal, and cultural issues within existing and emerging communities.

Academic Advisement

The Asian American Studies department helps students select the program and courses that best satisfy their individual needs and interests. Contact Department Chair Gina Masequesmay at (818) 677-4966 to schedule an appointment. The College of Humanities (COH) Student Services Center/EOP reviews students’ progress to ensure that the requirements of a major or minor in Asian American Studies are fulfilled. Call (818) 677-4784 or (818) 677-4767 to schedule an appointment with the COH Student Services Center/EOP.


Students interested in careers in business, government, education, journalism, human services, urban planning, law and other related fields may find the major, double major or minor in Asian American Studies a suitable field of study. Students interested in the major or minor in Asian American Studies may consult with the department chair and process their paperwork with the Student Services Center in JR 240. The Asian American Studies department supports international education and encourages students to investigate opportunities for overseas and foreign language study. Of particular interest to Asian American Studies majors are study abroad opportunities throughout the Pacific Rim. For overseas studies, students should consult an advisor in the International and Exchange Student Center and a department advisor to coordinate their studies.

Credential Information

Students interested in applying for Asian American Studies courses toward requirements for various teaching credentials should consult the Credential Office at (818) 677-2586 for more information.


Chair: Gina Masequesmay
Staff: Janaki Bowerman
Jerome Richfield Hall (JR) 340
(818) 677-4966