Majors & Careers

Make Choices

Choosing A Major

Where are you in your decision-making process?

  • I am undecided and want to pick or change my major, but I don't know where to start.
  • I need to know what kind of careers are a good fit for this major?

You are more than your major!

  • Pursue a major that interests you and one in which you will excel academically.
  • Many occupations do not have a strong relationship to a specific college major.
  • For the best career preparation, complement your education with career-related work experiences and extracurricular activities.

Types of majors:

  • Applied majors prepare you for a specific career by giving you the skills you'll need in a particular line of work.
  • Academic majors prepare you for professions in which a wide range of skills and creative talents are valued.

Steps to Choosing a Major

  1. Learn about yourself. Meet with a Career Counselor to help with this step!
    • Identify what is important to you - your values.
    • Pay attention to your passions. If you love doing something, figure out how you can use that interest in your career.
    • Think about your strengths and the skills you want to use in the future.
  2. Research majors.
    • Take General Education courses in subjects that interest you.
    • .
    • Spend some time reading the CSUN Catalog for course descriptions that might interest you.
    • Talk to other students in those GE's.
    • Talk to instructors/faculty and department advisors.
    • Attend the ARC/EOP Majors Fair in the Spring.
  3. Connect majors to careers. Visit the Career Center for resources.
    • Research occupations related to the major you are exploring.
    • Schedule an Information Interview with a professional working in your field of interest.
    • Get to know your Career Center Library. With over 500 books, the Career Center Library has detailed information on a vast number of careers. Visit University Hall 105.
  4. Get involved.
    • Attend the meetings of an academic club related to your major of interest.
    • Seek out an opportunity to see what a degree in a particular major can do for you in the workplace -- arrange a tour, a job shadowing experience, or an internship!