What to Include In Your Resume

  • Identify yourself
    (Tip: Unless it is your only phone, don't give your cell phone number. Do you really want to be in the grocery store seeking out your favorite breakfast cereal when the call you have been waiting for comes through? Have a message on whichever phone you do use. It should be a professional greeting, concise and to-the-point and display proper, business etiquette)
    (Tip: It is a good idea to set up an email address specifically for your job search. Be sure that it is businesslike)
  • Job Objective
    This should be simple and to the point. Typically you will just repeat the title and short description of the advertised or desired position. Example: Junior Manager of a small boutique
  • Education Summary
    Only in unique cases would you include your High School information. You will want to include special post High School education, certifications, etc.
  • Work Experience
  • Additional Information
    • Professional Organizations
    • Clubs
    • Affiliations