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Referring a student to the Career Center

Faculty & Staff

Online Resources:

For exploration & planning-
Pathways www.csun.edu/pathways

For jobs & internships-
SUNlink www.csun.edu/career/

For events & resources-
Career Center Home Page www.csun.edu/career/

Connect with Staff:

What happens at Walk-In Career Advisement?
  • Meet with a trained Peer Educator
  • Ask Career-related questions
  • Get advice to get students started
  • Learn about career services
  • Explore career library resources
  • Have resume critiqued
  • Make an appointment with a Career Counselor
What to expect in a career counseling session?
  • One-on-one conversations with a career counselor
  • A supportive and friendly environment

  • Students will talk a lot about students—
    + Whatever questions brought students here today
    + Declaring or changing a major
    + What to do with a major
    + Students’ hopes, dreams, and plans for the future
    + What’s going on in the student’s life, at school, at work
    + Looking for a job or internship
    + Wanting to take vocational assessments
    What students say to their career counselor is private and confidential

  • Helps students to—
    • Get needed information
    • Sort out thoughts or feelings
    • Gain understanding and insight
    • Discuss options and make changes
  • Students and their counselor work together to—
    • Discover student’s strengths
    • Gain a sense of direction or purpose
    • Find resources and support
    • Stay motivated and confident
    • Choose a major or career path
    • Make plans and establish goals
    • Take action and evaluate progress
    • Prepare for a job search
    • Learn about managing their career
Students must make a first appointment with a Career Counselor through Walk-In Career Advisement at the Career Center, University Hall 105. Walk-in advisement is not a guaranteed appointment and is on a first-come first served basis. Students may call (818)677-2878 for today’s walk-in schedule.

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