On-Campus Interviews (OCIs)

OCI Instructions

Other than the interviews themselves, the OCI process is entirely online: employers schedule, attach job postings, view applicant resumes and select candidates online, after which point the students schedule their interviews online.

Part 1: Request a Schedule

  • Click "On-Campus Interviews (OCI)" on the bar at the top of the screen
  • Click "Request A Schedule"
  • Choose desired OCI model:
    • None - Room Reservation Only: reserves room(s), but does NOT set up an online schedule; you must recruit students and form your own schedule
    • Open: you will post a job/internship and screening requirements; all qualified students can submit resumes and schedule interviews
    • Preselect: all qualified students can submit resumes and apply; you have specific dates to review resumes and select candidates, after which point the students schedule their interviews.
    • Preselect to Alternate (P to A): you can select alternate students; if there are openings in the schedule after the preselect students schedule interviews, the alternate students have a day to fill up the schedule
    • Preselect to Alternate to Open (P to A to O): after the alternate students have signed up, if there is still room in the schedule any qualified student can sign up
  • Select your interview date, rooms and interview length

Part 2: Attach Positions

When your schedule has been approved, you will receive an automated email.

  • Click "On-Campus Interviews (OCI)"
  • Click the "Attach Position" button, to the right of your scheduled OCI date
  • Click "Copy/Create A New Position"
  • If you already have a job posting in the system, you may copy it. Otherwise, complete the job posting form
  • Click "Save and Attach Another" or "Save and Finish"

Part 3: Select Students

  • Click "On-Campus Interviews (OCI)"
  • Click the "Applicants" tab
  • User the drop-down menu to the right of each student's name to select "invited" or "not invited". Students listed as pending will automatically change to "not invited" after your selection deadline ends.

To view your schedule:

  • Click "On-Campus Interviews (OCI)"
  • Select the desired interview schedule
  • Click "View Interview Schedule" on the left margin

Notes on OCI Models:

P to A: you cannot rank alternates. If you have 2 open spaces and 4 alternates, they can sign up on a first-come, first-served basis.

P to A to O: if you are making your OCI request fewer than 3 weeks prior to your interviews, this option may take a significant amount of time from the students' resume drop period, because the scheduling period takes several days longer.

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