Information Sessions

Company Information Sessions are a wonderful way to increase visibility on campus, meet students and recruit for jobs & internships. Come to the Career Center to teach students more about your organization, company culture, day-to-day life and career opportunities.

Some employers prefer to hold information sessions when they are beginning to come on campus, using it as a method to "get their name out" and inform students of opportunities that they might not otherwise consider. Other employers will hold an event one or two days before On-Campus Interviews (OCIs) and invite all interviewees to break the ice and answer many basic questions in a less formal, more comfortable environment.


Information Sessions are typically held in the late afternoon/early evening (between 4 and 7 pm), and generally last between one and two hours. Depending on room availability, information sessions are scheduled between Monday and Thursday, and must be completed by 9:00 pm. Information Sessions are typically held in the CSUN Career Center Workshop Room, which holds up to 25 students - if a larger room is needed, another venue on campus may be arranged.


Many employers choose to provide refreshments for the students during the information session. This may include light refreshments such as cookies and beverages, or more substantial fare such as pizza. Upon request from the employer the Career Center will arrange for refreshments. Any refreshments provided by the Career Center will be invoiced to the employer at cost after the event.


The Career Center will market your information session to CSUN students and alumni. This may include:

  • Targeted emails to registered students and alumni
  • Flyers posted in the Career Center and in appropriate departments
  • Inclusion in monthly event calendars
  • Online posting and student sign-ups

Some employers wish to market the event through other avenues. For more information, please go to Promote Your Company.


  • Log in to "SUNlink"
  • Click "Events" on the bar across the top of the screen
  • Click the "Information Sessions" tab, then "Add New"
  • Fill out the online form - please include a detailed description, as students will see this information when they are signing up for events
  • If you are holding On-Campus Interviews, enter the recruiting date in the appropriate section
  • Select the Audio/Visual equipment you will need. If this changes, please contact the Career Center

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Questions about Information Sessions?

Odette Fullum
On Campus Interview Coordinator
CSUN Career Center
(818) 677-5560