Learning Agreements

Learning agreements are contracts between the employer and intern relating to an their internship. Contracts include employer/student learning goals, strategies, duties and responsibilities, timeline, expectations and evaluation methods, and closing activities. Intern evaluation is recommended throughout the internship.Designing specific guidelines sets up clear expectations for both the employer and the intern. It is recommended that students and employers should sign and retain a copy of the contract. If the internship is offered for academic credit an additional University representative signature/copy may be required.The terms and obligations of the internship are best designed as a collaborative effort by both the internship supervisor and the intern.

  • Learning Goals: What are the student's learning goals for the internship? How does the student intend to apply academic theory in the workplace? Does the student propose to improve communication or observational skills? Does the student intend to learn about the organizational culture? Does the student intend to learn to build relationships that will enhance their personal and professional success? Does the student anticipate clarification of their career goals? Does the student intend to gain skills and develop a professional identity?
  • Job Responsibilities: Will the intern be required (or given the opportunity) to attend and participate in staff meetings, accompany the supervisor on field visits, work on group projects, make presentations, or will the intern be required to read current trade publications or attend conferences?
  • Supervisor's Responsibilities: Open communication is highly encouraged between supervisors and interns. Supervisors are expected to meet regularly with the intern during the internship to discuss acceptable work and progress.
  • Evaluation Methods: Share with the intern any methods of evaluation you plan to use. Complete any evaluation forms given to you by the intern from his or her academic department.
  • Closing Activities: The intern may be required to produce a final project or activity. The supervisor may offer guidance for organizing data, presentation preparation and summary of the experience. Finally, close with a debriefing session.


Internship & Experiential Learning Programs
Janice Potzmann, Assistant Director