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SUNlink Jobs

How to Search for Jobs or Internships

Log in to SUNlink. If you have not used SUNlink before, you must complete and submit the registration form.

Before applying for jobs:

  • Complete or update your profile by clicking 'Profile' on the bar across the top of the screen, then selecting 'Academic Profile'
  • Make sure your GPA and other academic information (graduation date, major, etc.) is correct and up to date
  • Upload your résumé, cover letter, etc. by clicking 'Documents' at the top of the screen
  1. Click 'Jobs/Experiential Learning', then 'SUNlink Jobs'
  2. Make a selection under the 'Show Me' drop down menu, e.g. 'all job listings', then click 'Search'
  3. To further refine your job search, choose a particular position type such as 'Work Study' or 'Internship' and click 'Search'
  4. Apply for positions as instructed by the employer

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