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MBA Program Structure

The CSUN Nazarian MBA program is a "flex" program, allowing students to enroll in 1-4 courses per semester and proceed at their own pace through the program.  Students may even take a semester off without penalty, allowing maximum flexibility. The Flex model is accommodating of the lifestyle of mid-career professionals, who often face personal and career events that require and allow changing commitments to studies.

Depending on previous studies, admitted students may be required to take up to 5 "foundation" courses.  All students must take GBUS 600: Analysis of Contemporary Organizations in their first semester. Core classes and electives would be completed next, and students complete the program through a Culminating Experience.  Most students select to satisfy this requirement through the MBA Consulting Project, although a Comprehensive Exam alternative is available as well.  


BLAW 508 - Law in the Business Environment
SOM 591 - Statistics and Stochastic Models for Managers
ECON 500 - Survey of Economics
ACCT 501 - Financial Accounting
GBUS 502 - Seminar in Financial Accounting
 *Foundation Courses may be waived for  students with undergraduate degrees in
 business or related majors from AACSB schools with grades of B- or better in equivalent courses. 

CORE COURSES - 24 units

 ** GBUS 600 - Analysis Of Contemporary Organizations

** GBUS 600 -  is required in the first semester of enrollment in the MBA program 

ECON 600 - Seminar in Economics 
FIN 635 - Seminar in Financial Theory and Policy
IS 628 - Computer-Based Information Systems
MGT 620 - Behavior in Organizations 
MKT 640 - Marketing Management 
SOM 686 - Seminar in Internationally Competitive Operations Management 
** MGT 693 - Strategic Management
** MGT 693 eligibility - students must have completed or be concurrently enrolled in
     their final core classes
GBUS 698A - MBA Consulting Project (select this option or the Comp Exam)
GBUS 697G - Comprehensive Exam (select this option or the MBA Project)




  • Students are required to complete 3 electives. 
  • The MBA Consulting Project satisfies one elective. The Comprehensive Exam option does not count as an elective requires.
  • MBA concentrations are not required. To complete a concentration, students are required to complete 3 electives courses within their selected concentration. The MBA Consulting Project can be counted toward any concentration.
  • Electives and concentrations are offered in: Accounting, Human Resources, Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Economics, Entertainment Industry, Finance, International Business, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, and Systems Operations Management.
  • To declare a concentration or drop a concentration, complete the Request to Change a Concentration Form.  
Foundation Courses
0-15 Units
Core Courses
24 units
Elective Courses 
6 - 9 units
Culminating Experience 
3 units 
Program Total
33 - 51 units