David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Mission, Vision, and Goals


The College of Business and Economics provides high quality education that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for leadership in today’s complex, global economy.

  • Our graduates are effective communicators and ethical decision makers who are proficient in the theory and practice of business.
  • Our faculty members are excellent teachers who maintain academic and professional currency.
  • Our college actively partners with business, government, and community organizations to enhance our teaching and research.


The College of Business and Economics aspires to be California's best regionally focused business and economics program. We want to be recognized for our faculty's research, our strong ties to the local community, the involvement of our alumni, and our focus on building educational programs of excellence for both undergraduate and graduate business students.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

Our Students:

  • Have strong written and oral communication skills
  • Have strong problem-solving and critical thinking skills, including the application of information technology
  • Understand ethics and social responsibility
  • Understand the global context of modern business
  • Understand the cross-functional nature of business problems
  • Understand and can apply key business concepts
  • Can work effectively in teams

Student Ethical Conduct Pledge

The College of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge prepares students to be ethical decision makers. The college maintains high standards of ethical conduct that students are expected to maintain throughout their academic and professional careers.