David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

David Nazarian College of Business and Economics History

"By the time its first catalog appeared in 1958, diminutive Valley State had already mounted a program in Business, and it flourished.  Eventually major accounting firms would be heavily staffed by its alumni, and the campus would have one of the largest departments of Business law in the country."

Source:  The San Fernando Valley : then and now : an illustrated history / by Charles A. Bearchell and Larry D. Fried ; Partners in progress by Robert J. Kelly. Page 38

Deans/Associates Deans of the College


Kenneth LordChristopher Jones2013-
Judith Hennessey (Acting)Christopher Jones (Acting)2012-2013
William Jennings, Jr.Judith Hennessey2006-2012
Fred EvansEarl Weiss2003-2006
Michael P. FronmuellerWilliam W. Roberts2002-2003
William R. HosekWilliam W. Roberts1996-2002
William R. Hosek 1994-1996
William R. HosekSahab Dayal1990-1994
William R. HosekWilliam Jennings, Jr.1989-1990
James ManosWilliam Jennings, Jr. (Acting)1988-1989
James Manos (Acting)William Jennings, Jr. (Acting)1987-1988
James ManosShirley Teeter1986-1987
James Manos (Acting)Shirley Teeter1985-1986
Andrew F. Sikula, Sr.James Manos1986
James W. RobertsonJames Manos1984-1985
Donald Lyden (Acting)James Manos1983-1984
James W. RobertsonJames Manos1978-1983
George Baechtold (Acting) 1977-1978
James W. RobertsonCharles A. Bearchell1975-1977
Paul B. BlomgrenCharles A. Bearchell1972-1975
Paul B. BlomgrenJames C. Bennett1970-1972
Paul B. BlomgrenJames C. Bennett
Clayton Summers
Paul B. Blomgren 1965-1968

Chairmen / Associate Chairmen of the Division


Donald L. RaunMaurice E. Dance1958-1965
Floyd R. Simpson 1956-1958
COBAE History

Faculty Members from the 1958 Year Book - Professors:  Al Leininger, Maurice Dance, Rodney Luther, Dorthea Extence, Donald Raun, Reuben Krolick, Seymour S. Phillips

COBAE History

Faculty Member from the 1984 Year Book - (Front row L-R) Gordon johnson, Benedict Pedrotti, Dean Donald Lyden, Associate Dean James Manos, Ron Clouse.  (Back row L-R) Don Kirchner, Richard Strayer, Michael Dunn, Robert Hanna, Thomas Shannon, William Roberts, George Watto.

COBAE History

Faculty Member from the 1964 Year Book

COBAE History

Faculty and Student Members from the 1968 Year Book

COBAE History

School of Business Administration and Economics Building from the 1969 Year Book

COBAE History

Faculty Members from the 1957 Year Book