Humor in Marketing

{Note.  These cartoons are meant to be used only for classroom discussions of consumer behavior and marketing.}
... there is no logical order to this listing-- that I know of....

pushbuttAdvertisements vs Reality -- Bizzaro

pushbuttonThe Decline Stage of the Product Life Cycle / BCG "Dog" in Product Portfolio -- Dennis the Menace

pushbuttEarly Adopters in the Product Life Cycle -- Zits

pushbuttonCreating advertisements

What don't they own?...Mickey

Where aren't they?...Starbucks

Sex differences in consumer shopping behavior--Drabble

Half-Price Sale --Dennis the Menace

Customer Service Reps--Waiting on phone

Customer Satisfaction Research--Dental

Customer Dissatisfaction Research

Customer Service with a Smile

Snoopy, The Super Friendly Grocery Clerk

Customer Service: Fastfood

Customer Service--Returns Dept.

Customer Complaint Dept.

Product Life Cycles

Product Modification Costs

Customer Satisfaction Research--Matadors

Odd versus Even Scale Width Argument

Marketing Math a la Dilbert

Storefront Appearances I
Storefront Appearances II (courtesy of Deborah Cours)

Just Do It -- Nike to extreme
Faulty Product
Cheap Product

Product Claims_Dilbert

Customer Databases--Dilbert

Customer Prepurchase Behavior

Product Endorsement-athletes--IntheBleachers

Niche Marketing

Slow Service

Cuts in the Advertising Budget

Marketing Research--Dilbert

Operant Conditioning

Coffee and Maslow

Overloaded Customer Service

Customer Complaints:  Personal Responsibility


Ebay: the cat and the dog

Online Purchasing

Online Shopping vs. Offline Shopping

Strategic Marketing Results

Market Penetration


Brand Loyalty

Homing Pigeon

Effects of Advertising

Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising to Baby Boomers

Advertising, the Cornerstone of Capitalism

Demand Oriented Pricing

Firing the Sales Department

Dilbert on the Marketing Guys: A

Dilbert on the Marketing Guys: B

Dagwood on Marketing Research

Going Out of Business Sale -- Dagwood

Going Out of Business Sale -- The End is Near/Macy's... thanx, DFK

Personal Selling-Peanuts

If Cats Did Marketing Research

Marketing Intelligence and the Cosmetics Wars

Research & Development Budget Woes

Cold Calling:Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Pricing, Slashing the Prices

Marketing Budget Issues

Dilbert on Meeting with the Marketing Dept (a)

Dilbert on Meeting with the Marketing Dept (b)

Dilbert on Marketing Olympics

New Product Development Budget

New Product Development:  Lionel & Lucy

New Product Development:  Bottled Water/Doonesbury

Too Many Choices of Brands?

Emotional Power of Advertising: Coke

Wal*Mart: Pinky & the Brain

Volskwagon (blueone)

Volskwagon (blackone)

Some External Factors Affecting Response Rates to a Telephone Survey (Baby Blues)