Engaging Students With StudyMate

How do you appeal to today’s students who have competing demands for their attention and prefer learning in different ways?  What if your students could actually customize their homework and studying style to fit their personal learning preferences? With StudyMate, your students can study class material on Moodle in an engaging format of their choice.

You do a little, and StudyMate does the rest. Simply enter your curriculum material into StudyMate and the program will generate up to 11 different activities your students can select, including:

  • Fact and flash cards. Students may choose from three different types of flash cards for conventional studying. For example, the Fact Cards+ option works like normal two-sided flash cards, but the program sorts the cards by categories you define.
  • Word games. StudyMate will take your course content and turn it into games including a crossword, a matching game, and even a Jeopardy-style Challenge game, among others. Your students can learn and review content in an entertaining fashion that helps keep them focused.
  • Quizzes. Your students can use the Fill in the Blank and Quiz activities to test their knowledge in familiar exam settings.

Students can even study on-the-go with the free StudyMate smartphone app, which allows them to access your classroom activities from their iPhone, Android and other devices.

StudyMate fits right into your Moodle site. Add StudyMate as an activity to your Moodle page that students can access individually or as a group. Track their activity to ensure everyone is participating. If you are not using Moodle, use the standalone StudyMate Author application. Contact the Faculty Technology Center at ftc@csun.edu for more information.

Let StudyMate pick content for you—or have your students do it themselves. Cheryl Spector, Director of Academic First Year Experiences, says, “My own favorite part of StudyMate is having students make up additional questions and answers.” Indeed, in addition to material you select, your students can be tasked with inputting their own content into the system that can benefit themselves or the entire class.

Also, if your textbook is one of the thousands already compatible with StudyMate’s Test Bank Network, you can automatically generate activities by chapter without having to input the material yourself. Learn more about using the test banks.

Want to get started? StudyMate Class is built right into Moodle, so you can try it right away (there’s even a quick start guide). If you have any questions, please contact the Faculty Technology Center at ftc@csun.edu.

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