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Business Law Textbook Affordability Initiative

As part of the department’s efforts to make textbooks more affordable, all core classes (BLAW I and II along with BLAW 508) will offer students the choice of purchasing a traditional textbook hardcopy or by accessing text materials online. This option will also be available for electives where possible.  

Mallor, et al., Business Law, The Ethical, Global and E-Commerce Environment, 15th & 16th ed.

For those classes using the Mallor text, the cost of downloading the materials for either BLAW I or II is less than $30.  The material can be accessed at

Beatty & Samuelson, Business Law and The Legal Environment

For BLAW I and II students whose professors are using Cengage texts, text material can be purchased at for approximately half the price of the hardcopy texts or, by chapter, for less than $4 per chapter. Check your professor's section to find the chapters that will be used for your class.