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CSUN offers you and your family a comprehensive benefits package including health plans, retirement plans, tuition reduction and other employee programs. This website is intended to assist you with finding information and resources as you need it. We realize that making benefit choices and navigating the details of benefit coverage can be challenging. In these pages we have attempted to provide you with the information you need to make the best coverage choices and to access information needed to manage your plan after you have made those choices.

CalPERS April Webinar 

CalPERS will host the 30-minute webinar Power of Attorney on April 26, at 11:00 a.m. What would happen if you became unable to act on your own behalf? A CalPERS Special Power of Attorney allows you to designate a representative to perform important duties as it relates to your CalPERS business. In this webinar, we'll cover the reasons a Power of Attorney is beneficial as well as the duties and limitations your representative may have as relates to your benefits.

Visit your CalPERS Member Education page and scroll down to Upcoming Events to register for this webinar.  [Posted 20170405] 

Become A CalPERS Board Member | 2017 Member-at-Large Election

A Member-at-Large election is being held to fill the two representative seats known as Position A and Position B on the CalPERS Board of Administration. The term of the incumbents, Joseph (JJ) Jelincic (Position A) and Michael Bilbrey (Position B), will expire on January 15, 2018. The new term of office will begin on January 16, 2018 and run through January 15, 2022.

Find information on How to Become a Board Member Candidate and the forms required for candidacy.   [Posted 20170405] 

Affordable Care Act (ACA) Tax Implication Information 

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the State of California is required to file annual reports with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and furnish a statement to full-time employees with information about the health coverage offered to the employee and their dependent children, using IRS Form 1095-C.  Health coverage providers are also required to file annual reports with the IRS and furnish a statement to individuals with information about those who had minimum essential coverage for at least one day during the preceding calendar year, using IRS Form 1095-B.

By March 2, 2017, for the 2016 statements, and by January 31 annually thereafter, the State of California, via the State Controller’s Office, will issue a Form 1095-C to its full-time employees with information about the health coverage offered, if any, to the employee and their dependent children.  The state’s health coverage providers will also issue a Form 1095-B to employees who were enrolled in state-sponsored health coverage for at least one day during the preceding calendar year.

Click here for more information and answers to frequently asked questions about these forms. [Posted 20170124]