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Dr. Ana Sanchez-Munoz


Research Interests

My research interests include language variation and change, bilingualism, language acquisition, and situations of language contact. In particular, I am interested in situations of contact between Spanish and English in the U.S. and in studying how Spanish is developed, used, and maintained by heritage speakers of Spanish in the U.S.

I have conducted research on language variation of linguistic registers in speakers of Spanish as a heritage and as a second language. I have also explored the characteristics of heritage learners of Spanish and investigating pedagogical approaches for the promotion and creation of language programs specifically designed for the needs of heritage learners.

Additionally, I have conducted research on various aspects affecting immigrant communities in Southern California and I have co-edited two books on this area: Learning English/Learning America: Voices of Latinos and Asian-Americans (2008) and Navigating the Great Recession: Immigrant Families' Stories of Resilience (2011)


 Current Research

I am currently investigating dialect contact between different varieties of Spanish in Los Angeles (I am collecting data from first and second generation Central Americans--if you are from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, or Nicaragua, please consider participating in my research!) . I also continue interested on the link between heritage language speakers and identity and the effects of heritage language instruction on linguistic confidence.

My sabbatical research in the academic year 2013-2014 included the investigation of inter-dialectal contact amongst immigrant speakers of Spanish in different communities around the world; Namely, the contact of various Mexican, Central and South-American Spanish speakers in USA, Europe, and Latinamerica.


Professional Organizations