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Matador Exchange

Matador Exchange

Based on sites like “Freecycle” and “Craigslist,” the Matador Exchange seeks to encourage students to reduce the waste of unneeded items that may be of use to other students.

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Campus Recycling

The recycling program at CSUN was established in 1991 as a collaborative effort between Associated Students (A.S.) and the university to promote the benefits of recycling and divert recyclable materials from the university’s waste stream.

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CSUN Zimride

Zimride is a convenient, fun way to share the cost of travel while either providing a seat in your car or hitching a ride with a classmate. By accessing the Zimride network through your address, you can locate friends, classmates, and coworkers within the CSUN community who share similar locations and destinations. 

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Sustainable Office Program

Sustainability Office Program

The Sustainable Office Program (SOP) provides information and resources for improving sustainability in the office setting. By participating, your department is actively assisting CSUN to achieve our sustainability goals.

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Water Filling Stations

CSUN Water Filling Stations

In an effort to reduce plastic waste from single-use water bottles, the committee and PPM retrofitted existing drinking fountains with water bottle refill hardware.

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Zipcar is a program for Cal State Northridge students to rent cars on an hourly basis. Individuals can rent the cars for as long as they need them, from hours up to days at a time. Renters must be at least 18 years old with a valid driver’s license.

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