• AS Student Government


Headshot of president Tiffany Zaich
Tiffany Zaich, President

Headshot of president Talar Alexian
Talar Alexanian, Vice President

The President’s Cabinet
Name Position Office Hours Email
Jorge Reyes Chief of Staff -
Niani Coker Chair of Personnel -
Ryan Lassen Chair of Finance -
Adan Garay Attorney General -
Ariel Stone Chief Justice -
Alina Sarkissian Clubs and Organizations -
Bianca Blasquez Chair of Commissions -
Kyle Shaver Chair of Technology -
Octavio Cortez Chair of Athletics -
Amber Bynum Chair of Elections -
Anna Iskikian Chair of Legislative Affairs -
Nour Chaaban Chair of Sustainability -
Name Position Office Hours Email
Catherine Jermany Graduate I -
Pamela Castro Graduate II -
Christian Vidaure Upper Division I -
Orion Block Upper Division II -
Jeffrey Perez de Leon Lower Division I -
Sevag Alexanian Lower Division II -
Gabrielle Danis Arts, Media & Communication I -
Frank Duarte Arts, Media & Communication II -
Talin Yahiayan Business & Economics I -
Ian Frawley Business & Economics II -
Jaspreet Ghotra Education I -
Tanya Oliva Education II -
Heston Jayasinghe Engineering & Computer Science I -
Ruben Hernandez Engineering & Computer Science II -
Valerie Leal Health & Human Dev. I -
Brianna Wilcox Health & Human Dev. II -
Joshua Khabushani Humanities I -
Kristin Kaz Humanities II -
Jason Barbar Science & Mathematics I -
- Vacant - Science & Mathematics II Apply Now
Michelle Ramirez Social & Behavioral Science I -
Karissa Masmela Social & Behavioral Science II -