Camp Matador

May 31, 2016

Camp Matador

Amongst the frenzy of transitioning into university life, amid the anxieties and fears of starting anew—leaving behind four years of familiarity—incoming freshman have the opportunity to participate in a four-day affair where, as participants in years prior can attest to, they will forge connections, create a community to call home, cultivate the Matador spirit, and ride with momentum into their first year at CSUN.

Camp Matador, now in its fourth year of inception, shuttles students to Ponderosa Pines in Big Bear, CA, offering an unforgettable, indelible experience full of adventure and thrill, reconnecting students with joyful activities adults often forget about along the way: swimming, hiking, playing, singing, and dancing. The weekend concludes with a culminating tradition where, as a unified, collective whole, students gather together—reflecting on their time with their fellow Matadors—while soaking in the brilliant glow of the stars, listening to the melodies of silence, and absorbing the warmth emanating from dancing, crimson flames of a group bonfire.

Tim Szczepanski, Outdoor Adventures Manager, in a moment of reflection, shared, "Talking to the students I've realized that many of them come from circumstances that didn't afford them this type of outdoor experience, where they're able to disconnect from the noise and immerse themselves into nature. It's amazing to witness their growth during the time we're up here." And Szczepanski isn't the only one who shares this sentiment: camp counselors and facilitators hold Camp Matador with similar reverence, as they are given the chance to mentor, foster, and share their knowledge of the university with the incoming class of Matadors.

Camp Matador will take place August 11th - August 14th. All incoming freshman with the intent to attend in the Fall of 2016 are eligible. The Associated Students, committed to the student experience, has subsidized the cost of Camp Matador in an effort to make it affordable for all students: the remaining fee for Camp Matador is $170. For any other inquiries—cancellation policy, required forms, frequently asked questions—students are invited to visit the Camp Matador webpage.