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Member of the Month

Associated Students Member of the Month...

  • goes above and beyond job duties to enhance the reputation of Associated Students.
  • has done something particularly notable in their department.
  • is knowledgeable of Associated Students departments and resources.

November's Member of the Month: Erika Villalvazo

November's Member of the Month, Erika Villalvazo with AS President, Sevag, and Vice President, Kenya

Erika Villalvazo, Upper Division Senator has demonstrated wonderful work ethic within the External Affairs Committee. Over the last month, Erika has worked on Legislative Referrals that focus on providing students with affordable discounts for apparel, along with communicating with various vendors off campus. In addition, Erika always provides a warm and friendly environment, regardless of the situation. Thank you for your vigorous work and outstanding personality!

We look forward to working alongside such a kind and passionate individual over the course of the year. Congratulations Erika! :)

October's Member of the Month: Jeremy Mauritzen

October's Member of the Month, Jeremy Mauritzen with AS President, Sevag, and Vice President, Kenya

This months Member of the Month is our Chair of Legislative Affairs, Jeremy Mauritzen! Over the course of October, Jeremy has worked vigorously to represent, advocate and coordinate for Associated Students. Jeremy has attended several CSSA meetings, worked as a liason between political figures in our community and CSUN, and encouraged our student body to register to vote. Today, we would like to commend Jeremy for the above mentioned, but would like to emphasize on his success on the We the People fair. Jeremy not only ensured the event would have unbiased representation from several proposition and election candidates, but coordinated a visit from Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. The event had a great turnout, and an overall success.

Thank you and Congratulations, Jeremy! We look forward to all the other incredible accomplishments you will make this year.

September's Member of the Month: Deborah Nourmand

September's Member of the Month, Deborah Nourmad with AS President, Sevag, and Vice President, Kenya

This months Member of the Month is our Chair of Clubs and Organizations, Deborah Nourmand! Over the course of September, Debbie has demonstrated beyond exceptional work ethic. She took the Associated Students 100 Day Initiatives and not only made it her own, but expanded the project farther than we expected. In just 33 days, we have reached over 3,077 students with a grand total of 90 presentations.

Congratulations Debbie! We look forward to your continuous success!

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