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The A.S. Marketing Department is responsible for promoting the mission, vision, reputation and brand of Associated Students through media relations, publications, video production and Web communications.

Audio Visual Banner
  • Chris Lobao
    Motion Graphics
Graphic Design Banner
  • Raymond Barrios
    Graphic Designer
  • Danilo De Leon
    Graphic Designer
Social Media Banner
  • Andrea Garcia
    MIND Screen
  • Joshua Khabushani
    Marketing Assistant
  • Daniel Ramos
    Public Relations
Web Design Banner
  • Vladimir Jimenez
    Web Developer

Marketing Services for Clubs & Departments

Matador Information Network Display (MIND) screens are used to advertise on-campus events and announcements. The MIND screens are found throughout campus in Bayramian Hall, the Matador Bookstore and other high-traffic areas.

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The A.S. Matador Reporter is a shared full-page ad in the Daily Sundial that is available through A.S. for all CSUN departments, offices and student clubs and organizations.

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EVENT Marketing Request (AS USE ONLY)

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DESIGN Marketing Request (AS USE ONLY)

ONLY to be used for design request NOT associated with an event. This request is good for general department promo, calendars, schedules, brochures, etc. Please visit the following link to fill out form

WEBSITE Modification Request (AS USE ONLY)

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WEBONE Calendar Submission (AS USE ONLY)

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GENERAL Requests or Questions

Associated Student Logos

Department Logos

Department Letterheads

Department Signatures

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  2. Right click on the "Download" link below your image, and select "Save link as" (the phrasing may differ based on your browser)
  3. Use the downloaded image in your email signature
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  • Productions signature
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