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About Us

Associated Students (A.S.) is the primary advocate for students at California State University, Northridge. A.S. provides excellent, meaningful programs and services designed to enhance and create a spirited learning-focused campus environment.

A.S. is also the official seat of student governance for the campus. The Student Government division represents the student body, advocates its needs and defends its interests in dealings with faculty, campus administrators and government officials.

David CrandallMeet the Team

On behalf of the staff and student employees, student leadership and volunteers, we pledge to provide the organization and the students of California State University, Northridge with high-quality, responsive and economic service in pursuit of the A.S. mission. As an organization, we believe our people are our most valuable resources and they prove why every day.

David Crandall
General Manager for Associated Students

Accounting and Financial Services

A.S. Accounting and Financial Services provides many amenities to all CSUN students, especially when it comes to clubs and organizations. A.S. Accounting and Financial Services works with CSUN-recognized clubs and organizations by handling agency (club) accounts and A.S.-budgeted accounts when an allocation has been approved by the senate.

Diane Hartjen, Controller

(818) 677-2389

Lionel Lawrence, Accounting Manager

(818) 677-2389

Jessica Kemmerer, Accounts Payable Specialist

(818) 677-2389

Margie Markarian, Accounting Office Assistant

(818) 677-2389

Yvonne Monreal, Payroll Specialist

(818) 677-6795

Robert Richards, Financial Analyst

(818) 677-2389


Campus Recycling Services

A.S. Campus Recycling offers a variety of collection and educational programs. Students recycle bottles and cans, mixed office paper, cardboard, pallets, cell phones and inkjet and laser toner cartridges.

Cyndi Signett, Recycling Coordinator
(818) 677-7898

Rolando Valiente, Recycling Operations Supervisor
(818) 677-4262

Children's Center

A.S. Children’s Center offers care for children of CSUN students, faculty and staff, both on campus and in a network of licensed family child care homes off campus. A complete list of the daycare teachers is available on the Children’s Center staff page

Sandy Abrams, Director

(818) 677-2012

Jennifer De La Torre, Assistant Director

(818) 677-2012

Gina De La Barcena, Office Coordinator

(818) 677-2012

Jennifer Orellana, Office Assistant

(818) 677-2012

Sport Clubs and Outdoor Adventures

Student Leadership

You can meet all our student leaders by visiting the Officers page.

Leanne Vincent, Coordinator for Student Leadership and Programming
(818) 677-2477

Austin Ysais, Program Advisor
(818) 677-2477

Denisse Ibarra, Government Secretary
(818) 677-2477

Support Services

Ticket Office

A.S. Ticket Office offers ticketing services for nearly all on-campus arts and athletics events as well as discounted public transportation passes, movie tickets and theme park passes.

John Valadez, Ticket Office Manager

(818) 677-2951