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On the weekend of March 23-24, the ARF Birding Club met in Morro Bay. The weather was perfect—sunny, high 60s. Present were Jim Dole, Betty Rose, Kathy and Jon Sloan, Virve Leps, Mary Corcoran and myself.
On Friday night after our inaugural cocktail hour we checked out a new restaurant, “Off the Hook.” Interesting and fun, this sushi-oriented, trendy spot offered a variety of selections. The next morning
we started birding at the Rock, getting some views of the two pairs of Peregrines nesting there. Then on to the Municipal Pier where in addition to the huge, fat sea lion, we saw some beautiful, breeding-plumaged Eared Grebes. Later after picnicking near the museum, a bay walk across from the marina and a visit to Sweet Springs Preserve added to the list with several ducks and shorebirds. Sunday morning took us to Montana de Oro where walks in the campground and on the bluffs trail turned up Pigeon Guillemots, Black Oystercatchers and all three cormorants. The total species count for the weekend was 48. After a picnic lunch, the group broke up to begin the homeward drive. Abundant wildflowers made the drive quite lovely.

Thank you John for providing us with these photographic memories of our June (2012) outing:
Click here to see what we saw during our January outing.

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Below is a series of pictures taken by John at the February 2, 2008, outing. Click on the little white circle with the ">" in it to start a slide show, or click on the individual thumbnails to see larger pictures. If you want to see an even larger picture, click on the large picture itself.
Below are shots taken by John during the November, 2007, outing

The last one is described as "Betty's sublime T-shirt."

Click here for pictures taken during our January 2007 outing

Thank you, John, for the image (taken during the April, 2005, outing).

John writes:
"Hi Birders
Here is a foto of our birding experience last weekend. I am the one with no legs again.
I have more fotos, mainly of birds, fish, and turtles, you can see them by clicking on this link
John Motil