Have you ever seen a wild bird through a telescope?

Why don't you join the group and see whether you like it? You don't have to know anything about birds--you learn as you look.
Our meetings are as much social as nature-oriented. We stroll slowly around beautiful natural areas and stand around looking at interesting critters when we find them. We take rest breaks when seating is available.
There are some botanists and avid gardeners among us, so if you want to discuss interesting plants you see, there is always someone to talk with. Afterwards, we often go for lunch together to continue the discussions.
Recommended equipment: comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, drinking water, binoculars. If you would like to borrow binoculars, please contact me before the meeting. Call to discuss any special needs you may have or just for general information. Sometimes I can help with car pooling arrangements. Linda Jones (818) 831-6061 LJonesBird@aol.com