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Define General Permission Numbers

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Define General Permission Numbers

This is a tutorial for class scheduling staff only. No log in is required.


This guide reviews how CSUN staff granted security access to the Schedule of Classes (SOC) defines general permission numbers thereby setting consent and restricting enrollment in a class using the Maintain Schedule of Classes and Class Permissions components. For students to successfully enroll in consent-required sections, they must contact the department or instructor to obtain permission.

Two types of permissions can be assigned to restricted classes in SOLAR. Each permission type lends itself to a distinct enrollment situation:

From the first day of instruction (Late Registration) all classes require permission.

Permissions of either type do not override overall student limitation rules such as:

Both permission types can be reused until:

Step 1

  1. Log into myNorthridge Portal at www.csun.edu.
  2. Under the Staff Tab, click SOLAR SA on the menu.
  3. Click Maintain Schedule of Classes on the right.

Skip to Step 4 — If you set consent during build and just want to generate more permission numbers.

Step 2

The Find an Existing Value page displays.

  1. Enter the Term.
  2. Enter a Subject
    (add a catalog number to open the course directly).
  3. Click Search. A list of scheduled courses display.
  4. Select a course from the results.

Step 3

Go to the Enrollment Cntrl page.

Verify and edit the following fields to set consent to restrict the class:

  1. Class must be active in order for students to enroll.
  2. Enter Department or Instructor Consent in the *Add Consent field.
  3. Click Save

Do not change the *Drop Consent default "NO CONSENT" because students will be unable to drop their classes. This feature is not used at CSUN at this time.

Step 4

Go to the Class Permission Numbers component to create permission numbers.


If using the SOLAR SA Application navigation, the path is: Main Menu > Records and Enrollment > Term Processing > Class Permissions.

Step 5

The Class Permissions component opens and the Permissions to Add page displays.

The "GENERATE" button is absent in the View All mode. View one class at a time when creating permission numbers.

  1. Navigate to the class.
  2. Verify the Class Number.
  3. Before you generate permission numbers, determine how they will work by reviewing the Permission Valid For section. To override class requirements, leave ALL boxes checked except for Career Restriction. This override must be uncheck whenever you create permission numbers.
  4. Enter the number of permissions in the Assign More Permissions box.
  5. Click Generate.
  6. Click Save.

Learn more about:

  1. Expiration Date
  2. Permission Valid For
  3. Assign More Permissions
  4. Set All Permissions to Issued

Step 6


If necessary, manually adjust individual permissions using the fields on the following tabs:

  1. General Info
  2. Permission

On the Class Permission Data tab, a checkmark means that the permission number will override that restriction. For example, if the instructor does not want a permission number to override a course requisite, then s/he should uncheck that box.

Permission numbers will not work if all override boxes are unchecked. Instructors can generate permission numbers and adjust overrides using their Class Roster, so let them know how it works.