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Schedule an Online Class

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Schedule an Online Class

This is a tutorial for class scheduling staff only. No log in is required.


This guide reviews how CSUN staff granted security access to the Schedule of Classes (SOC) adds an online course to their department class schedule in SOLAR. CSUN currently offers four (4) course types, three of which are partly or fully online. View course type definitions (PDF).

This guide discusses the Fully Online (OF) course type:

Fully Online (OF) is an online course in which all class sessions and exams are presented in an online environment. If a course meets at a specified time online, the course should list the day of the week and time in the Schedule of Classes. Fully online courses have no on campus meetings.

You'll use the Maintain Schedule of Classes component when scheduling online classes for the following pages: Basic Data, Meetings, Enrollment Control and Notes.

Step 1

  1. Log into myNorthridge Portal at www.csun.edu.
  2. Under the Staff Tab, click SOLAR SA on the menu.
  3. Click Maintain Schedule of Classes on the right.

Step 2

  1. On the Find an Existing Value page, enter the Term and Subject Area.
  2. Click Search.
  3. Select the course from the Search Results.

If a "No Matching" message displays, use Schedule New Course to establish the course in the Schedule of Classes.

Step 3

The Basic Data page displays.

Click the plus (+) sign to add a new section or navigate to an existing section.

  1. Enter the two-digit Class Section number.
  2. Enter the matching Associated Class number (no leading zero).
  3. Enter the Instruction Mode.
    Choose "A" or "S".
  4. Click the plus (+) sign to create a new attribute row.
  5. Enter OLNE in the Course Attribute field.
  6. Enter OF (fully online) in the Course Attribute Value field.

Click a link below to view its definition:

  1. Session
  2. Start/End Date
  3. Class Section
  4. Associated Class
  5. Schedule Print
  6. Instruction Mode
  7. Course Attribute

Step 4

Go to the Meetings page to enter a meeting and instructor assignment for the fields listed below:

Meeting Pattern

  1. Enter ONLINE in the Facility ID.
  2. Enter ARR (arranged) or day(s) in the Pat field.
  3. Leave Mtg Start/End times blank if class is arranged. Otherwise, enter Mtg Start/End times.

Assignment Tab

  1. Enter the instructor's ID.
  2. Select Primary Instructor as the the instructor's role type.
  3. Check the Print box to publish the instructor's name on Class Search.
  4. Enter Approve as the instructor's grading method in the Access field.
  5. Verify the Empl Rcd# and enter the number if blank (use lookup).

Workload Tab

  1. The instructor's ID displays after completing Assignment fields.
  2. Verify that the Assign Type is IFF.
  3. Verify that 100% displays in the Load Factor field.

Step 5

Go to the Enrollment Cntrl page to enter the enrollment requirements and seating capacity for the fields listed below:

  1. Class Status
  2. Add Consent
  3. Enrollment Capacity

Step 6

Go to the Notes page to add the required ONLINE note.

  1. Enter 9999 in the Note Nbr field.
  2. Click Save.

Learn about:

Step 7 - INFO ONLY

SOLAR will not schedule an exam for online class sections. Departments can manually add exams to class regardless of its catalog designation.

Learn more: