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Navigating Menus and Pages

The following page is a one column layout with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search CSUN function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains update, contact and emergency information.

Navigate SOC Menus and Pages

This is a tutorial for class scheduling staff only. No log in is required.


This guide reviews how CSUN staff granted security access to the Schedule of Classes (SOC) navigate SOC menus and pages when using the SOLAR SA Application (PeopleSoft blue pages).

Step 1

When portal links are not available, access SOC components using the SOLAR SA Application pages.

  1. Select SOLAR SA Application
SOLAR SA menu.

Step 2


Breadcrumbs reflect the path taken by users as they navigate through menus and folders.

TIP: Click the "Home" link (top right corner) to jump to the main menu.

SOLAR SA breadcrumb navigation.

Step 3


Click a breadcrumb to view a list of folders and/or files in that menu.

Hover your mouse over a link in one menu to open the next cascading menu for that link (see red arrows).


SOLAR SA cascading menus.

Step 4


Select from two menu types:

  • Lookup menus (click the magnifying glass to view options from a search page)
  • Drop Down menus (click the down arrow to select an option from a defined list)

TIP: After entering data, use the tab key to advance to the next field. This allows SOLAR to process the information. Wait for the “System is processing” indicator to stop flashing (top right corner) before typing the next entry; otherwise, your entry in the previous field will be lost.

SOLAR SA look up menus.

Step 5


Tabs, links and buttons are ways to navigate. The most commonly used features are:

  1. Pages - Click a Tab to view a page or segment.
  2. New Window - Opens a new browser window.

    Customize Page - Set and save component views when this link displays.
  3. Find - Jump to a specific class section.

    View All opens all rows.  
  4. First and Last jumps to the first or last record.

    arrow buttons move one record or row at a time.
  5. Plus and Minus Signs - Click the plus sign (+) to add a row. Click the minus sign (–) to delete a row.
  6. Save, Return to Search, Previous in List, and Next in List - Use to perform that action.
SOLAR SA tabs, links and buttons.