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Class Facility Usage

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Class Facility Usage

This is a tutorial for class scheduling staff only. No log in is required.


This guide reviews how CSUN staff granted security access to the Schedule of Classes (SOC) view class sections assigned to a facility.

The Class Facility Usage component is always available as a tool to resolve room conflicts except for large lecture space facilities. Contact Room Reservations for questions about large lecture space facilities.

Note: Department coordinators can assign rooms to class sections at any time before the close of the chair's final review period. After that, follow the procedures established by your dean's office for assigning rooms. Questions? Contact your College SOC Coordinator.

Step 1

  1. Log into myNorthridge Portal at www.csun.edu.
  2. Under the Staff Tab, click SOLAR SA on the menu.
  3. Click Class Facility Usage on the right.

Step 2

On the Find an Existing Value page:

  1. Enter NRCMP in the SetID field.
  2. Enter the building abbreviation and room (no spaces) in the Facility ID field.
  3. Click Search.

Step 3

The Class Facility Usage page displays.

Enter data in the following fields:

  1. Term
  2. Session
  3. Day of the Week
  4. Click the Fetch Class Meetings button to view the results.

Step 4

The Class Facility Usage results page displays all class sections scheduled into the facility based upon the search criteria. The system finds all classes with patterns that include the day you specified in the search criteria. Example: If you entered Monday, SOLAR displays classes with a M-only, M-W, MWF pattern and so on.

Note: The results do not include room assignments during finals week. Contact Room Reservations for final exam room availability.

To view other results for the same facility, change the Day of the Week value and click Fetch Class Meetings.