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Reports are Slow

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Cancel a Report

This is a tutorial for class scheduling staff only. No log in is required.


This guide reviews how CSUN staff granted security access to the Schedule of Classes (SOC) cancels a report. Reports may run slower or even stop processing where system demand is higher than usual.

During peak registration periods, please:

IMPORTANT! Do not run the same report more than once just because SOLAR did not complete it the first time. If a report is stuck in queue, report the problem to your SOLAR Coordinator. Every attempt to free up the queue will be made.

Step 1

  1. Log into myNorthridge Portal at www.csun.edu.
  2. Under the Staff Tab, click SOLAR SA on the menu.
  3. Click SOLAR SA Application.

Step 2

The SOLAR SA Application menu displays.

  1. In the breadcrumb, roll the cursor over the Main Menu to PeopleTools > Process Scheduler.
  2. Click Process Monitor.

Step 3

The Process List page displays.

  1. Click the Details link.


Step 4

The Process Detail page displays.

  • Click the Cancel Request button.

Step 5

The Process List page displays.

  1. Verify that the Run Status shows Cancel.
  2. Click the "Go back..." link to exit.