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Alumni Association Strategic Plan

University Mission

California State University, Northridge exists to help students realize their educational goals. The University's first priority is to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of students.

Alumni Association Mission

The mission of the California State University, Northridge Alumni Association is to create opportunities for former students to become more connected to and interactive with the University. That connection, in turn, will provide additional financial and personal resources in order to promote the welfare and intellectual progress of current and former students.

Strategic Tenents

1. The Alumni Association will create opportunities for alumni to become more connected to and interactive with the university and one another. How we will do this:

  • We will become a cultural hub for our alumni and our community
  • We will develop new programs and enhance existing programs to help alumni find jobs, and to help alumni connect with one another and with students.
  • We will plan and present reunions and special events
  • We will communicate with alumni in person, via voice and through all means possible by the current available technology
  • We will create a committee structure and leadership structure
  • We will create a strong senior class and recent graduate program
  • We will develop a constituency based alumni program. We define constituencies as individual groups define themselves and as the university defines academic departments. Constituencies include, but are not limited to: academic departments and colleges, ethnic groups, Greek letter organizations, student organizations and honorees, faculty staff who are alums, athletic teams, regional groups, alumni band, campus ambassadors, legacies.

Why emphasize a constituency based alumni program? Our assumption is that the time spent as a student in a particular department or in a particular club or on a particular team would indicate a greater interest in and loyalty to those particular areas as an alum. We assume that transition from student to alumni, if done so according to those interests, would be easier. A constituency program recognized familiarity and comfort and allows the Association to target market activities, programs and offerings. By involving alumni in their particular interest, we are involving alumni in the lives of students, therefore improving student life. An improvement of student life begins the cycle of students understanding that they are "alumni in residence".

2. The Alumni Association will honor and showcase alumni, alumni in residence (students) and emeriti faculty-staff. How we will honor and showcase:

  • By presenting award programs honoring both distinction and volunteer service
  • By presenting comprehensive scholarship programs to honor and showcase "alumni in residence"
  • By hosting alumni on campus and having them speak to classes
  • By featuring alumni via communications vehicles

Why we will honor and showcase:
We recognize that basic human nature requires nurturing, We also recognize that most individuals want to be appreciated for talents, accomplishments, deeds and sacrifices. We will be a vehicle on behalf of the University to express appreciation to our constituencies.

3. The Alumni Association will strengthen and enhance our ability to be a revenue source for the Association and the University. How we will do this:

  • By strengthening our corporate relationships through affinity agreements
  • By building a Sponsorship Program
  • By being organized in the form of a 501c3 or similar
  • By becoming a Membership Dues organization (added 2001)

4. The Alumni Association will heighten its own perception and affirm its Mission. How we will do this:

  • By establishing the Association as a 501(c)3 organization or similar.
  • By creating the ability to offer a physical presence on campus where alumni are welcomed and a continuing relationship with students is affirmed.
  • By sponsoring a comprehensive scholarship program.
  • By developing a community service program that also relates back to university priorities.
  • By hiring staff to meet Association and University needs.
  • By forming community alliances.
  • By forming university alliances.
  • By continuing to stay involved in CSU system-wide programs and committees.

Why we will do this:
We understand that perception is often related to other strategic initiatives and is a byproduct of the success of the alumni program. We believe that a good perception would encourage alumni to identify with the Association. We believe that a clear, proactive, defined vision would brand the association as a resource which would in turn create an aspect of trust. With this established trust, we would begin to create a relationship, which would help us succeed in all other goals.

Adopted May 2000
Approved May 2003

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