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Mercer Health Membership Benefit

Mercer Health & Benefits Administration (formerly known as Marsh)

With our CSUN alumni group buying power, you can benefit from lower rates on a variety of health insurance plans. Call 1-888-560-ALUM (2586) or visit the CSUN Mercer website to request specific information or download a brochure on the plans that most interest you.

Please note: Health insurance coverage must be purchased separately from membership in the Alumni Association.

New graduates get guaranteed coverage!
If you’re a recent graduate, don’t risk going without health coverage. Even a brief lapse in coverage could have disastrous results if you get sick or injured. Through the Alumni Association, new graduates under age 40 are eligible to apply for guaranteed acceptance coverage with Blue Shield of California (must apply within 135 days of graduation). Several coverage options are available to meet your specific needs—and budget.

Current CSUN Sponsored Mercer Health Plans Include:

Blue Shield of California Health Insurance Plans (California Residents Only)
Good health starts with you and the choices you make. The right health insurance plan can make all the difference by providing the services, benefits and information you need. Empowering you to achieve your vision of health and wellness is Blue Shield of California’s priority. For sixty years, Blue Shield has been providing progressive health coverage designed to meet the evolving needs of our members. Today, Blue Shield’s plans give you flexibility and choice at affordable rates to help you create your own path to wellness – at each stage of your life.

Short-Term Medical Insurance (30-180 days)
Are you between jobs? Or perhaps a recent college graduate looking for that first job? Then chances are you're in need of temporary medical insurance until you become part of an employer's plan. The Short-Term Medical Plan provides comprehensive, temporary medical coverage at a reasonable price. It's an affordable plan that gives you peace of mind knowing you won't have to worry about the cost of health care. You select the coverage period that fits your situation. Benefit features include choice of coverage periods and monthly billing. Don't go without medical coverage when you're between jobs or looking for that first job. The Short-Term Medical Plan provides reliable, affordable protection.

Some accidents or illnesses can leave you so severely injured that you may require extensive surgery, long-term hospitalization and perhaps home health care before you are fully recovered. Most basic health insurance plans have a limit or "cap" on the total lifetime benefits available to an insured—and a catastrophic illness or accident can quickly add up to meet that "cap" and exceed it, too. If your health care bills go beyond that cap, then it's up to you to pay. The Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance Plan will pay those costs that are in excess of your basic health plan, including Medicare. Benefit features include: (1) Helps pay up to 100 percent of all eligible expenses, (2) Deductible can be satisfied with expenses paid by basic health insurance or out-of-pocket, (3) Convalescent care and home health care coverage and (4) Family coverage available. A major illness or accident can easily deplete the benefits of a basic medical insurance plan. The Catastrophe Major Medical Plan pays when your basic health insurance plan has reached its limit.

Long-Term Care
Long Term Care (LTC) insurance is an important health insurance product. Most experts agree that LTC insurance is a critical component of a retirement plan, and many people are under the false assumption that they are currently covered for long term care. Long term care insurance is the only insurance designed to help cover the costs of long term care services. Without it, chances are good you''ll be responsible for paying most, if not all, of the costs out of your own pocket.

Life Insurance - 10 Year Level Term
This 10 Year Level Term Life Insurance can provide you the opportunity to obtain important financial protection for your family at an affordable rate that is guaranteed to remain level for 10 years. This valuable benefit plan can go a long way in protecting your family from the costs they may be faced with in the event your (or your spouse's) income is no longer available to them.