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Dorothea "Granny" Heitz Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer Service Awards
Dorothea "Granny" Heitz Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership

The Dorothea "Granny" Heitz Award for Outstanding Volunteer Leadership is appropriately named in honor of alumnae "Granny" Heitz and is annually presented to alumni and friends who serve the university as outstanding volunteer role models and leaders.

2014 Granny Award Recipient

 Joy Picus
Friend of the University

bio Here.

2013 Granny Award Recipient

 Harvey Bookstein '70
1970 B.S. Business Administration

Bio Here.

2012 Granny Award Recipient

 Larry Twersky
1985 B.S. Marketing

Over the last 25 years, alumnus Larry Twersky has earned a national reputation as a visionary entrepreneur and business executive, and is recognized as a foremost expert in automated customer relationship management. He has set the bar as a loyal volunteer leader, wise counselor and trusted adviser to his alma mater.

2011 Granny Award Recipient

Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-MiltValeraMilt Valera
1968 B.A. Journalism

Milt Valera has led the National Notary Association (NNA) since 1982 when he became President of the largest and most respected organization serving United States Notaries. In nearly four decades, Valera has overseen all of the Association’s major programs that today define the arena of Notary education and support services.

2010 Granny Award Recipient

Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-DavidHondaDavid S. Honda
Friend of the University

Well known as a philanthropist, David Honda has been serving the community for nearly four decades. He is president and chief executive officer of D.S. Honda Construction, Inc. in Northridge, which specializes in high-rise tenant planning and construction. Cal State Northridge as benn a beneficiary of Honda's exemplary volunteerism and patronage.

2009 Granny Award Recipient

Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-GeneDetchemendyGene Detchemendy
1984 B.S. Marketing

Gene Detchemendy is recognized as one of CSUN’s most loyal and dedicated alumni leaders.  A University donor and Alumni Association Lifetime Member, Gene’s volunteer commitments to the University have been most visibly noted through his nearly 15 years of service as a member of the Board of Directors of the California State University, Northridge Alumni Association.

2008 Granny Award Recipient

Alumni-Picture-GrannyWinner-JimandMaryGormanJim and Mary Gorman
Friends of the University

Jim and Mary Gorman are two of the university’s most loyal supporters, a relationship that began as fans of Matador volleyball that expanded to tennis when Jim retired and took up the sport. Now their passion universally applies to all Matador sports…and their interest in and loyalty to CSUN has grown to include all areas of the University.

2007 Granny Award Recipient

 John R. Golisch
1972 B.S. Business Administration

John Golisch is a Certified Public Accountant and partner with BDO Seidman, LLP.  Prior to his association with BDO Seidman, John had earned a reputation as one of the most respected specialists on Southern California retail markets and was affiliated with Arthur Andersen & Company, where he was a senior partner.  

2006 Granny Award Recipient

 Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-DavidFlemingDavid Fleming
Friend of the University
David Fleming has earned a reputation as one of the most influential, philanthropic, and community focused leaders in the history of the Golden State. Whether he’s leading the Valley’s Economic Alliance, the county’s economic development corporation, or the region’s United Chambers of Commerce or whether he’s instigating and then chairing the city’s first charter reform effort in 75 years, David continually demonstrates his passion for serving the citizens of greater Los Angeles.

2005 Granny Award Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-GrannyWinner-ChrisandTonyPartipiloChris and Tony Partipilo
1982 B.A. History and 1969 B.A. Political Science
Tony and Chris Partipilo are unique among thousands of individuals who have volunteered their energy, time and resources to Cal State Northridge. The couple stands alone as the only spouses to have both served a term as president of the Alumni Association.

2004 Granny Award Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-AlandSherryLapidesAl and Sherry Lapides
1968 M.S. Business Administration
The Lapides family first got involved with volunteer work at Cal State Northridge in 1974 when Al joined with another volunteer to develop a mentoring program to help undergraduates achieve career goals.

2003 Granny Award Recipients

Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-AllanOberman I. Allan Oberman
1967 B.A. Business Administration
Many individuals volunteer but few individuals have made such a profound impact on the growth of an organization as Allan Oberman in relation to his service to Cal State Northridge and its Alumni Association.
 Alumni-Picture-GrannyWinner-RobertRawitchRobert Rawitch
1967 B.A. Journalism
When Bob Rawitch graduated from CSUN with a B.A. in Journalism, he took with him a sense of respect for the power that words hold. So he focused his talent for writing on the task of creating a meaningful career that would serve not only his needs, but some of the needs of our city, our country and our world.

2002 Granny Award Recipients

Alumni-Picture-GrannyWinner-WayneAdelstein Wayne Adelstein
1970 B.A. Political Science
Wayne has unselfishly earned a reputation as one of the most passionate, effective and committed business leaders, communicators and higher education advocates in the San Fernando Valley.
 Alumni-Picture-GrannyAward-AlmaZatarainAlma Zatarain
1980 B.S. Finance
It is fitting that Alma Zatarain is one of the first to be presented a Granny Award. For like Granny, Alma has continually expressed her intangible loyalty in may tangible ways.