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Journalism Alumni Association


Message from our Chapter President:

When I read all the great “watchdog journalism,” being done in the last year or so, particularly on the national scene, I can’t help but think of how important the training of the next generation of journalists is at CSUN. There have always been critics of the news media, but not since the Nixon Administration has there been the range of threats we see today.  You really have to want to be a journalist now a days.

Everyone knows no one goes into journalism for the money. You want poor pay, work holidays, late nights and weekends? Become a journalist. I never had as much fun as when I was a reporter at the L.A. Times for 12 years in Metro.   I may have had a greater impact in 17 years as an editor, but I certainly had the most fun and satisfaction as a reporter.

It may be more than four decades later, but being a reporter requires the same passion and dedication as it always did.   That’s what the CSUN Journalism Department still instills.

To that end, Sept. 27 the JAA hosted the fourth annual Speed Mentoring event in the Ferman Presentation Room of the Oviatt Library. Twenty-five mentors, many of them CSUN journalism alums, spent four hours providing one-on-one guidance to 75 students. There were rave reviews from the students. "I was completely blown away by the Speed Mentoring event held on campus last week! I was expecting to meet industry professionals, but I was not expecting to connect with them and feel welcomed into exploring so many different areas of journalism," said one student.

Mentors provided guidance at tables for students interested in print, broadcast, social media, sports and resume review. While some students spent all their time at one table, others moved around. The session was kicked off with an outstanding 30-minute presented by board member Craig Leener on “How to win your job in the Interview.” An expert in human resources, Craig provided students the do’s and don’ts of writing a resume and the best way to handle a job interview. He then gave one-on-one guidance to students at the resume review table. We videotaped the presentation and will be posting it in various places. Even seasoned veterans can learn something from the presentation and we’ll let everyone know where it can be accessed.

JAA membership, one of my primary goals as president, has increased to more than 150 members but I hope we can reach 200 before long. If you are reading this and you are not a member, please go to and join up, designating JAA as your chapter of choice. We need your support and your dollars.

Before long we will begin planning--with the journalism department--the 60th anniversary celebration of the department and the university next November. Our revamped “coaching” program, Journalism 911, has gotten off to a good start and we are going to be examining some new networking opportunities for journalism alums.

So, as you can see, we’ve got a lot going on and we welcome the involvement of all members. Drop me a note if you have ideas of what we should be doing or how you’d like to get more deeply involved. 

Bob Rawitch
JAA President  

If you have questions or are interested in being a part of the Chapter, please email: 


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