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College Volunteer Service Award

Volunteer Service Awards
College Recipients

The recognition program acknowledges the outstanding individuals who serve the academic college or department in which they graduated.

2014 College Recipients

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2013 College Recipients

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2012 College Recipients

CollegeVSA_Sue Haber 

Sue Haber
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

Since her retirement as a faculty member in the Department of Business Administration and Economics, Sue Haber has been an active CSUN supporter, volunteer and donor. She currently serves on the MCCAMC Dean’s Circle Advisory Board and last year played an instrumental role in initiating the Dean’s Opportunities Project, a program that helps the college’s most promising students achieve unique educational and career goals by connecting them with successful industry professionals, arts patrons and dynamic community leaders. The Opportunities Project features events initiated and hosted by members of the Dean’s Circle Advisory Board and is coordinated by the Dean’s Office. Additionally, Sue participates in the Legislative Advocacy Network. She is an active member of the President’s Senior Associates and with her husband, Judge Alan Haber, has given generously to support the college’s Dean’s Fund and the Valley Performing Arts Center. Previously, Sue worked as a field information manager for Xerox Corporation for 22 years.

CollegeVSA_Roy Salter 

Roy Salter
1979 B.A. Business Administration  
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Roy Salter is a founder and member of the board of directors of California United Bank. A member of the COBAE Advisory Board since 2009, Roy saw a need to provide students with real experience to enter the business community upon graduation. He created and now leads a field-study course that teaches students how to assess comparative business potential and connects them with CEOs and companies in the Los Angeles area. Now in its second semester, students who completed the course have retained internships and jobs from the networking opportunities and skills that the course provided. Roy volunteers countless hours teaching our students and helping them prepare for CEO meetings as well as grading and editing papers all while running the Salter Group. In addition, he has been an integral part in assisting the college with opening doors to new connections and marketing the college. He also served on the Valley Performing Arts Center Gala committee.

Roy is a Founding Principal for the Los Angeles-based Salter Group LLC, where he co-manages the firm’s overall practice and project management efforts.

CollegeVSA_Theresa Quary 

Theresa Quary 
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Theresa Quary has a long history of significant volunteer service to CSUN and the CHIME Institute, a CSUN partner school. Since 2005, she has been instrumental in raising funds for the institute and providing organizational and planning support for numerous CHIME events. She is an effective role model who has motivated many others to become involved in the organization, giving generously of her time and skills and consistently exemplifying the institute’s mission of family involvement and its definition of community. Theresa is currently setting up a volunteer schedule for her work with Northridge Academy High School. In addition to volunteering countless hours, she plays an instrumental role at the Family Focus Resource Center (FFRC) in recruiting, coordinating and managing volunteers for the organization. FFRC is an informational, referral, supportive and educational organization that, through the college, assists families of children with special needs. She also served for five years on the CSUN advisory committee for CULTURE in Early Childhood Special Education. The primary goal of the project was to produce highly qualified early interventionists and early childhood special educators. The project developed model masters and clear credential programs in Early Childhood Special Education.

 VSACollege_Charles Volk

Charles H. Volk, Ph.D.  
Friend of the University
College of Engineering and Computer Science

As vice president and chief technologist for Northrop Grumman Navigation Systems Division in Woodland Hills, Charles Volk has been the “man on the inside” for the college as a friend, advocate and supporter for many years. A recent example was his arrangement for the donation of a key component to enable a CSUN student team to take first place in the national Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition. He has been a member of the CECS Industrial Advisory Board since 2005.

Charles currently serves on the Transportation and Related Equipment Technical Advisory Committee (TRANSTAC) for the Department of Commerce; the San Fernando Valley Engineers’ Council board; and advisory boards for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and California State University, Los Angeles. He is also a member of the CSUN Legislative Advocacy Network.

 CollegeVSA_Ronora Sayaman

Ronora W. Sayaman
1997 B.A. Accounting Theory and Practice
College of Humanities

As a loyal alumna, friend and supporter of the College of Humanities and the university community as a whole, Ronora Sayaman was the first to establish a scholarship in the Queer Studies Program with the Wong-Sayaman Equality Award, named after her parents, to provide support to students from any academic major who are committed to a leadership role in the Queer, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities. This year, Ronora was instrumental in the chartering of the newest Alumni Association chapter, the CSUN Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer & Ally Alumni Association, also known as CLAASS, coinciding with the grand opening of the Pride Center in the University Student Union. CLAASS serves as an LGBTQA-focused and alumni-driven organization whose role is to provide networking, educational, mentoring and other benefits to LGBTQA students, alumni, faculty and the community.

Ronora is a director of internal audit services for KPMG, LLP. She also serves as a national board member of the pride@kpmg network—the LGBT employee resource group for KPMG. Additionally, she is a member of the board of governors for the Institute of Internal Auditors’ San Fernando Valley Chapter (IIA), where she helps organize its annual Student Night. The IIA is a nonprofit organization of internal audit professionals.

CollegeVSA_George Thomas 

George Thomas, Ph.D.
Friend of the University
College of Science and Mathematics

George Thomas began volunteering at the Botanic Garden in April 2005, after his retirement from Goodyear. George quietly works in the garden and greenhouse complex, whether by himself or as part of a team of volunteers. He can be counted on to finesse solutions to the day’s projects, such as constructing shady areas for sheltering sensitive plants or pruning an unruly shrub. No matter how complicated or onerous the task, Thomas will take care of it with neither fuss nor fanfare. George’s dedication to the garden is much appreciated, and we all look forward to many more years of Volunteer Thursdays with him.  


 CollegeAlumni_Kurt Christiansen

Kurt Christiansen
1985 B.A. Urban Studies
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Serving on the college’s Urban Studies Alumni Council for many years, Kurt Christiansen has acted as a liaison between the Urban Studies and Planning Department and the American Planning Association (APA). His volunteer leadership roles with the APA include serving as the Los Angeles Section director, the California Chapter president and in his current position as vice chair of the National Chapter Presidents Council. During his term as Los Angeles Section director, he established a yearly scholarship for a CSUN student in the Urban Studies and Planning Department. He also assisted the department with their first effort to gain accreditation from the Planning Accreditation Board. Last year, Christiansen served as one of the co-chairs of the National American Planning Conference, held in Los Angeles. He was instrumental in influencing the national APA organization to allow CSUN students to participate in the early career program for student members enabling them to attend the conference at a reduced rate. He has served as a distinguished alumni speaker for urban studies students and is a member of the President’s Circle.

Kurt is currently the director of economic and community development for the city of Azusa.

CollegeVSA_J.B. Williams 

Jeremiah “J.B.” Williams
2012 MPA Masters of Public Administration
Tseng College

J.B. Williams is being honored for his extraordinary volunteer efforts on behalf of the college in connecting students with the MPA program. Williams has single-handedly recruited nine cohorts (270 students) into the program. An enthusiastic volunteer, J.B. has set a goal to recruit at least 200 more people into future cohorts.

Currently, J.B is a police sergeant with Santa Monica College.

2011 College Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Joan Boyett

Joan Boyett
Friend of The University
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

Joan Boyett is a nationally respected and locally revered leader of the arts education community. Through her connections at CSUN and in the community, Joan has been tireless in her efforts to connect Executive Director of the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC), Dean Robert Bucker, to the visual and performing arts community throughout Southern California. She has been a member of the college’s Dean’s Circle for more than seven years and has worked to help build the board by strategically identifying people who could make a difference in achieving the board’s mission and goals and was instrumental in securing Garry Marshall’s involvement in the VPAC ground breaking.  Joan also served on the VPAC Gala Committee. She co-founded the Very Special Arts Festival, a free festival that celebrates the artistic achievements of students with disabilities along with their mainstream peers. She has served on numerous community boards including LA36 (Los Angeles educational television).

Joan is the retired founder of the Music Center’s Education Division which, under her leadership, became one of the nation’s model arts education programs. She is also former president of J. R. Boyett & Associates, a consultancy to nonprofit organizations.  


Timothy Wall
Friend of the University
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Timothy Wall serves on the College’s Advisory Board. His focus has been on expanding recognition of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program. He has developed an interview and resume writing seminar for business students. Tim has served as a General Counsel to numerous financial institutions. As a practicing attorney, he has focused his area of expertise on banking, finance and business law as well as on compliance issues. Since his retirement, he has joined the CSUN faculty teaching an advanced course in Business Law.

Timothy was previously Executive Vice President and General Counsel for First Nationwide Bank and General Counsel for Citicorp's Consumer Bank. His background includes the position of managing attorney at several U.S. government agencies, including the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco, the Justice Department and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Ford Roosevelt

Ford Roosevelt
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education

As President and CEO of Project GRAD (Graduation Really Achieves Dreams) Los Angeles, an education non-profit organization, Ford Roosevelt has been a longtime partner in the college’s ongoing work to improve graduation rates in local public schools. He exemplifies a commitment to ongoing collaboration with the university to positively transform the local community. Under his leadership, Project GRAD Los Angeles, has worked closely with the college to improve the academic achievement of pupils throughout the San Fernando Valley.  In his position for over eight years, Roosevelt has overseen the admission and transfer of over 400 Project GRAD Scholars to CSUN since 2003.

Ford has been involved in pre-K-16 education and education reform for over 25 years, and began his career as Director of a large Santa Cruz County pre-school program. Roosevelt has extensive prior experience in the business community as a manager of College Relations and Recruitment at both First Interstate Bank and a high-tech manufacturing company.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Michael Gross

Michael Gross
1996 B.S., 2008 M.S. Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Serving on the Industrial Advisory Board of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and on the Industry Liaison Council of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Michael Gross has a record of outstanding service to the college and has been instrumental in connecting our students with exciting career opportunities at the Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) through our biannual Tech Fest events. Mike’s efforts have helped strengthen the college’s partnership with JPL enhancing opportunities for our students and faculty. Mike has also served as the alumni representative for the CECS commencement and as commencement speaker during last year’s ceremony.

Mike started his career at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, of the California Institute of Technology, in the Reliability Engineering Office as both a Circuit Analyst and an Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineer. Mike is currently the Flight System Manager for the GRACE Follow-On Project


Nancy Petry
1993 B.A., 1996 M.S. Educational Psychology & Counseling
College of Health and Human Development

An alumna of the Department of Child and Adolescent Development, Nancy Petry is now a part-time lecturer and serves as the advisor to the Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter (CADV). She has given service and support to the college, the department, the chapter, and CSUN as a whole in exemplary ways. She has been instrumental in guiding students to campus resources and training them on policies and procedures enabling them to be more successful. Nancy has mentored and inspired numbers of students and alumni. Her extensive experience as a professional working in community programs involving children and families, have made significant contributions to majors, alumni, and programs which serve children and adolescents.

Nancy has served on the HHD Academic Advisement Committee Think Tank to develop Advisement Moodle Communication. Nancy is highly respected by faculty and students in area community college early childhood education programs and is invited to make presentations to assist and inform students interested in transferring to the Child and Adolescent Development major at CSUN. She volunteers her to do so on her own time. Nancy supports the CSUN Alumni Chapter in various ways including creating event and program materials.  Nancy promotes and supports chapter professional development programs and encourages involvement in the Alumni Association. She is an exemplary alumnus who brings pride to the university and the profession.


Joe Vecchiarelli
Friend of the University
Department of Family and Consumer Sciences

Owner of Vecchiarelli Brothers in Los Angeles, Joe Vecchiarelli has been a volunteer and donor for the Family and Consumer Science department and its annual fashion show for several years. He provides equipment to fashion merchandizing students at a low discounted rate and he donates dress forms and sewing machines to the fashion show winners.

Joe is highly involved in the fashion industry and with judging and producing fashion shows. Vecchiarelli Brothers, Inc., a family owned business, was established in 1936. Joe continued to source information about the apparel business and the company grew from a single entity to four companies averaging $38 million in annual sales. 

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Janet Reagan

Janet Reagan
Faculty Member
Department of Health Sciences

For more than 30 years, Janet Regan has been a faculty member in the Department of Health Sciences. She has been a leader in health administration education locally, nationally and internationally. She was one of the pioneers in developing the standards and certification process for undergraduate health administration programs and has worked tirelessly to promote the field through her service as chair of the board of directors of the Association of Healthcare Executives, and her work with other professional and educational associations. At CSUN, she has contributed at all levels, most notably in her service as member and chair of the Graduate Studies Committee, member and chair of the Personnel Planning and Review Committee and on the Committee on Program Review. Among other awards, Janet received the CSUN Meritorious Performance and Professional Promise Award in 1989.

Her scholarly work has been widely disseminated through publications, presentations and symposia. A recent publication with department chair Anita Slechta won the Jean I. Widger Distinguished Author Award from Radiologic Technology, a national journal. She also has collaborated on projects with the Veterans Administration, Chicago Department of Health and other public and private healthcare organizations. 

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Dan and Jan Sheils

Dan and Jan Shiells
2007 M.A. History
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dan and Jan Shiells are exemplary volunteers and extraordinary supporters of the Historic Natchez Program in the department of History. By volunteering their time, hosting and mentoring students, and generously providing financial support for the program they usher students into the world of historical Natchez, a microcosm of Southern history and provide opportunities for them to engage in the in depth study of history. Jan and Dan created the Hazel Wheeler Research Fund in memory of Jan’s mother. Thanks to their exceptional generosity, the Wheeler Fund provides critical support for CSUN students conducting research in Natchez Mississippi. The Shiells strongly believe in the power of education to change lives and feel blessed to be able to honor her memory and commitment to education by creating this scholarship fund for students in the CSUN Historic Natchez Project. In addition, Dan and Jan host students in their Natchez home, mentor them with their research, and graciously host receptions. They play a pivotal role in serving as goodwill ambassadors within the Natchez community for the project, publicizing the program and acting as liaison with the Historic Natchez Foundation and the city in general.

Currently teaching history at Santa Barbara City College, Dan has been a sports writer for publications in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, while Jan is a speech pathologist at Carpinteria Middle School.  

2010 College Recipients

Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Don Petrie 

Donald Petrie
1976 B.A. Theatre
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

Donald Petrie has always expressed appreciation for the education he received at CSUN and the impact that his collegiate experience has had on his success. In turn, he is “paying it forward” to current students and to alumni who hope to make their mark in the entertainment industry. He has annually and often presented “insider” guest lectures while serving on advisory and educational panels sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Institute. He has attended and supported two reunions of CSUN Theatre Alumni and has often mentored and advised the next generation of entertainment industry professionals. For several years, Don has volunteered his time and expertise by judging, reviewing and selecting students to take part in CSUN’s annual Senior Film Showcase. As the 2009-2010 honored Artist in Residence for the Department of Cinema and Television Arts,  Petrie is working to enhance mentoring and training and is leading workshops on how to “pitch a project” and “how to audition” for a director.

Don has directed such films as "Mystic Pizza", “My Life in Ruins”, “Welcome to Mooseport”, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”, and “Miss Congeniality”.  

 David P. Malone
1981 B.S. Accounting
College of Business and Economics

As a member of the COBAE Dean’s Advisory Board since its inception, David Malone has been making a difference to CSUN for the last 15 years. He is currently board chairman and works hard encouraging others to become involved with the university. Malone truly believes in CSUN as an institution and spends tremendous time and personal resources running the advisory board. Malone is President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors of Community Bank in Pasadena. He has over twenty-five years of management experience in commercial banking, business consulting/financial markets.David is also a member of the CSUN Heritage Society and the President’s Associates.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Munir Sinder 

Munir Sindir
Friend of the University
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Since becoming involved with CSUN in 2007, he has worked diligently to promote the college and the department. He has created opportunities for faculty and students to become involved with research and engineering projects at Rocketdyne and to work with engineers and scientists at the organization. Dr. Sindir has volunteered and served on the Mechanical Engineering Department’s advisory board, and played a key role during the ABET accreditation team visit to the department. He continues his involvement and encourages his co-workers to become involved with the college and the department. Dr. Sindir represented his firm at TechFest, the college’s annual showcase of local companies, at which he discussed employment opportunities with CSUN students and promoted the pursuit of technical degrees. 

Dr. Munir Sindir receives this volunteer award based on his tireless efforts on behalf of the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He is the chief engineer for Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Division of United Technology Corporation in Canoga Park. In this capacity he is responsible for design, development and operation of liquid-fueled rocket engines used on various United States pace launch systems such as the space shuttle and Delta rockets.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Audrey Clark

Audrey Clark
1971 M.A. Home Economics
College of Health and Human Development

As Chair of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences for over ten years, Audrey Clark led the department through significant and enduring developments, including the establishment of the Marilyn Magaram Center for Food Science, Nutrition and Dietetics (MMC). She continues to serve the MMC on its Advisory Board. Audrey came to CSUN in 1971 as a member of the Family Studies faculty. She taught courses in human development and early childhood administration and was director of the Child and Family Studies Center, also known as the lab school. Under her guidance, the center developed a program that is renowned throughout the state for its training of ethical and compassionate teachers. Methods used at the lab school led to improved teaching techniques at public and private schools. 

Since retirement, Clark initiated and co-directed the Head Start-Higher Education project for staff development of San Fernando Valley and Ventura County Head Start teachers. The project has provided scholarships and mentoring for 36 Head Start teachers to receive bachelor's degrees and 14 to receive master's degrees from CSUN.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Ruth Harris

Ruth Harris
Retired Faculty, Communication Disorders
College of Health and Human Development

The department of Communication Disorders and Sciences is indebted to Ruth Harris for her many years of service as faculty member and volunteer.   She began her tenure at CSUN in 1977 as the first clinic coordinator of the Language, Speech and Hearing Center on campus and in 1987 became the director of the CSUN Early Intervention Program for Infants and Toddlers. For 26 years, she modeled volunteerism for CSUN undergraduate and graduate students by involving them in her work as a board member, state conference organizer, and newsletter editor for the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association and in her volunteer work for the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Since her retirement in 2003 she has continued to generously volunteer by assisting the university in its connections to the financial donor community and by opening her home for social and fundraising events. At present, she is one of the organizers of a department campaign to support development of a new specialty clinic for the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. In addition, she is a member of the Valley Performing Arts Center Gala Committee. 

She has been honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award-Volunteer of the Year 2006 from the Sunrise Brighton Gardens in Northridge and is a three time recipient of the ACE Award for Continuing Education. She is a licensed speech pathologist.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Zeke Zeidler

D. Zeke Zeidler
1987 B.S. English
College of Humanities

Daniel Zeke Zeidler is a CSUN alumnus, receiving his bachelor's degree in English in 1987. He has served as a Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge since 2004. His career as an elected public servant began at CSUN when he was president of the Associated Students in 1984-85. As a student he was involved in numerous campus organizations and activities including MECHA, Black Student Union, Alliance for Survival, the Lesbian and Gay Alliance and chairing a lesbian and gay multi-cultural awareness week. According to Zeidler, “The experience in helping to run campus organizations at CSUN has been vital to my community involvement now.”

In recent years, his community involvement has included being friend and volunteer for the College of Humanities (COH). Zeke presented the 2006 COH commencement address, wrote an inspirational piece for the COH Newsletter and in 2008 participated in the celebration of the new Queer Studies program, along with 300 faculty, staff, students and community members. In 2008, Zeke agreed to serve as an advisor to the COH initiative to create the Rainbow Research and Resource Center (RRRC). His contribution of contacts in the community enabled the college to create an advisory board that will take the lead on the RRRC project. As a Superior Court Judge, he is bound by a strict code of ethics which governs his activities and somewhat constrains his involvements, but within these limits he is a great friend to the COH and looks forward to years of collaboration for the good of CSUN. 

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Henry Abrash

Henry Abrash
Retired Faculty, Chemistry
College of Science and Mathematics

Dr. Henry Abrash, an emeritus professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry, retired from CSUN after over thirty years of service. During his tenure at CSUN he served as faculty president (1988-90), Chemistry Department Chair 1995-98 and president of CSUN Chapter of Sigma Xi. Since retiring, he continues to actively volunteer for the university and other community services including tutoring of current students and volunteering for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day.

In the community, he has served as president of the American Chemical Society, Southern California Section, and as a member of the advisory board for the Chemical and Process Technology Program at Los Angeles Trade Tech, and coordinator of the Southern California Undergraduate Research Symposium in Chemistry and Biochemistry. In 2000, he received the Agnes Ann Green Distinguished Service Award from the American Chemical Society.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Randy Rhodes

Randy Rhodes
1982 B.A. Political Science
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Judge Randy Rhodes has been a long-time volunteer in the Judicial Internship program in the department of Political Science. He gives his time and expertise generously to our students who gain invaluable skills and inspiration for their future education and career paths. As a volunteer Judge Rhodes mentors CSUN student interns placed in his courtroom, has volunteered his time to lecture in classes related to the law, and has taken students on tours of local jail facilities.

Appointed as a judge to the Municipal Court of Los Angeles County in 1997, he was elevated to the Superior Court in 2000 by consolidation. Since 1997, he has sat in felony and misdemeanor criminal assignments, probate, civil and family law. He is now sitting in an unlimited civil assignment. Judge Rhodes extends his volunteer activities beyond CSUN by mentoring students from local law schools as well. 

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Dean LoganDean C. Logan
Friend of the University
The Tseng College

Dean Logan was appointed Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk for Los Angeles County in 2008. As Chief Deputy, Logan has been an active supporter of the Tseng College Master of Public Administration (MPA) program from its inception. A meeting with Dr. Henrik Minassians, MPA program director, convinced Logan that his staff could benefit enormously by earning their master's degrees in public administration. Reviewing the contract to have the MPA program taught on site, he personally facilitated its complete approval in a single month. In addition, Logan supervised the process of introducing the MPA program to his Norwalk staff and saw to it the applications for admission were opened to all Los Angeles County employees. Thanks to Logan’s active support of the program, the entire process took only six months to complete. Currently, there are fifty county employees enrolled in two MPA cohorts and reaction from students has been overwhelmingly positive. Logan’s positive attitude, understanding of the MPA program’s potential value to his staff as well as to other L.A. County employees, and his personal attention to putting the program on a fast track have been of invaluable benefit to the Tseng College and the management and staff of L.A. County. Logan has over 20 years experience in elections administration, records management and public service. In 1999, he was recognized by Sprint USA and the National Association of Community Leadership with its Distinguished Leadership Award. In 2007, he served as an International Election Observer in Morocco with the National Democratic Institute.

2009 College Recipients

Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Bruce Rosenblum 

Bruce Rosenblum
1976 B.S. Political Science
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

Bruce Rosenblum serves as Executive Vice President, Warner Bros. Media Research, a division of Warner Bros. Television Distribution, Inc. In this post, he oversees one of the industry’s premiere media research operations. He also built and oversees Warner Bros. Studios’ Media Lab, a state-of-the-art, in-house Emerging Technology and Consumer Testing facility. He is actively involved with the Warner Bros. Hispanic Marketing Task Force and the Time Warner Research Council. Bruce received his BS in 1976 and now serves as a member of the Dean’s Executive Board for the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication. He is a member of the CSUN Alumni Association and has represented the association at campus commencement ceremonies.

Bruce and Senior Vice President Liz Huzarik were instrumental in paving the way for Cinema and Television Arts class “Audience Analysis” to be taught at Warner Bros.—the only course regularly taught at the Burbank studio. With funding he solicited from Nielsen Media, Bruce helped create the Nielsen Media Research Lab in Manzanita Hall, and he continues to seek funding from Nielsen on CSUN’s behalf. Bruce created the David Somerville Memorial Media Research Scholarship at CSUN and also provides Warner Bros. scholarships for students studying audience analysis at the studio. Bruce has also served as a guest lecturer in Professor Bob Gustafson’s CTVA television program development course at the CBS Studio Center.

Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Carl Raggio 

Carl Raggio
Friend of the University
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

Carl Raggio is president and chief executive officer of Western Commercial Bank in Woodland Hills. A 10th generation Californian, his background includes over 27 years in the banking industry, 14 of those in executive management. In 2006, he received the Banker of the Year award. Being supportive of the College of Business and Economics, Carl is Co-Chair of the Workforce Initiative at the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley and is Chair of the Advisory Board for the College of Business and Economics. When Western Commercial celebrated its grand opening in 2006, Carl unveiled a collection of art from CSUN faculty and auctioned the collection, with proceeds directed to CSUN scholarship funds. He also serves as a judge for the Business Honors Program case competition, assists with the MBA Project Program, and has been president of the COBAE Advisory Board.

Active in the community, he is also a member of the Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Directors of Wood Ranch Golf Club. 

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Vaughn Cable

Vaughn Cable Ph.D
BS 1970, MS 1972 Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Over the years, Vaughn Cable has been one of the most consistent and dedicated champions of the College of Engineering and Computer Science. While currently employed as a senior staff engineer for the Caltech Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), Vaughn continues to volunteer as a member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Liaison Council and the college’s Industrial Advisory Board. He has also taught in the Electrical Engineering program for over 30 years. After completing degrees in electrical engineering from CSUN, he earned his PhD from Ohio State University in 1975, with an emphasis in electromagnetics and communications. Prior to coming to JPL in 2000, Vaughn spent 13 years with Lockheed Martin, working in the areas of radar signature control and radar subsystems design.

Vaughn currently holds an adjunct faculty position with CSUN where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in electromagnetics and is presently assisting with the restoration of the Microwave Lab. He is also a regular reviewer for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Antennas and Propagation Society and has authored or co-authored more than 30 professional presentations and peer-reviewed papers. Vaughn has been the trustee for WB6TAM, the CSUN Amateur Radio Club since its inception in 1977, but is a musician at heart (alto saxophone) and has played and recorded with the Big Band Theory, a big band with musicians affiliated with the JPL in Pasadena.

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Nancy OwensNancy Owens
Retired Faculty, Family and Consumer Sciences
College of Health and Human Development

Since her retirement in 2003 as a professor emeritus from CSUN, Nancy works as the volunteer curator of the Family and Consumer Sciences Historic Costume Collection. In that role, she primarily catalogs, photographs, and stores donated items. She has completed the almost 400-item Muriel Pollia Foundation gift and is currently working on the CSUN Mulholland Collection. Last spring, she presented a program on the collection for the CSUN Arts Council. While teaching Textiles, she wrote and annually revised a text for students. Over the past two years, she has been revising and updating that text for use with the current course. Occasionally she advises students and prospective students and conducts facility tours. She also serves on thesis committees in the Apparel Design and Merchandising area. She served two terms as Vice President for Research for the International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA). In 2007, she co-chaired the ITAA annual conference in Los Angeles. These professional responsibilities have brought international recognition to the CSUN Apparel Design and Merchandising program. From contacts made through the ITAA, the program recently hosted a delegation of faculty and trade officials from Thailand. Nancy and her husband have endowed scholarship programs in the FCS Department and in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, and created an endowment to support the textile laboratory and the costume collection. Nancy has been a board and committee member for the Association of Retired Faculty (ARF). She has received several honors, including an Outstanding Professor Award from CSUN in 1998, Sorority “Favorite Faculty” Award, the California Faculty Association WHO Award, and a Distinguished Service Award from the ITAA.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-LeRoy NyquistLeRoy Nyquist
Retired Faculty, Chemistry
College of Science and Mathematics

LeRoy is being honored by the college for his dedication to the students, even after his retirement. He retired from the university in 1992 as a professor of chemistry. During his tenure at CSUN he received a Distinguished Professor Award in 1967 and the Sigma Xi Award for distinguished research in chemistry in 1992. After his retirement, he was able to continue directing some undergraduate student research projects, and after ten years of volunteered effort he succeeded in co-publishing the final results of their projects in two articles in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. It was very satisfying for him to know that the aspirations and efforts with which three students began their projects finally resulted in publication of their results. For two years starting in 2005, he volunteered as a Director of Family Science Night for the Discovery Center of Science and Technology in Thousand Oaks, organizing and supervising simple experiments in physics, chemistry and biology for elementary students. He found the experience to be especially valuable as a way in which a spark of enthusiasm and ingenuity for science could be generated in elementary students by simple hands-on experiments. At some future date, some of these elementary students may be CSUN students.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Janet Bryant Janet Bryant
2006 B.A. Urban Studies and Planning
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Since graduating cum laude in 2006 with a BA in Urban Studies and Planning, Janet has been a driving force behind the Urban Studies and Planning Alumni Council. Janet’s stellar academic accomplishments at CSUN are matched by her devotion to CSUN and the surrounding community. She embraces the concept of giving back. She held a leadership role on the department’s 35th Anniversary Committee and inspired the department’s participation in the CSUN 50th Grand Reunion in 2009. Last year she worked closely with the department chair to organize an alumni/student mentoring project. In addition to her extensive volunteer work on behalf of the department and the Alumni Council, Janet gives her time, energy, and expertise to community projects such as the Reseda Neighborhood Council, Optimists International, and the Friends of the Los Angeles River. She has received several honors and awards, including the Prudential Financial Chairman’s Award, Excellence in Innovation 2000, the Mary Logan Orcutt Award 2000 from the Guadalupe Community Center, 2004-2005 California Planning Foundation Scholarship Award, and the CSUN Bobbie Paine Scholarship Service Award 2006. She has held positions as manager for the Urban Land Institute and Community Resource Specialist for Prudential Financial. At present she works with her husband in their graphic arts company. In addition, she is assisting with a special planning project called the 3rd & Spring Artisan Market in the Historic Bank District of downtown Los Angeles.
 Philip Browning
Friend of the University
Tseng College

Since 2007, Philip has served as Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services (DPSS). This Department has over 13,000 employees, serves over 2 million individuals, has an operating budget of over $3 billion, and operates a broad range of human service programs. The Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department is the largest locally operated child support agency in the nation, and the department’s collections have reached a record high of over $505 million under Philip’s leadership. Philip was instrumental in facilitating the university’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) and the Master of Social Work (MSW) programs onsite at the DPSS. It would not have been possible to offer these programs in this venue without his valuable assistance. Since its inception in the early 1980s, the MPA program at CSUN has played a key role in preparing public sector professionals in the area of public service. In the past five years, CSUN, through the Tseng College, has established public-public partnerships with counties and cities in Southern California to enhance access to the MPA program without requiring students to attend classes on campus. Philip has been a key player in bringing both the MPA and now the Master of Social Work program to the Los Angeles DPSS. A good friend of the university, he was able to promote the growing interaction between the university and the county and provide a learning platform and environment for the employees of the DPSS. He received his MBA from Auburn University and his MSW from the University of Alabama.

2008 College Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Dennis BrodieDennis Brodie
1980 B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 1985 MBA
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Dennis has been a strong supporter of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  In his role as CEO of Res-med, he has ensured that his company has actively engaged students through internships and career opportunities.  He’s also advised and helped develop and design an interdisciplinary/inter-college master’s degree in assistive technology.
 John Nicoll
Faculty, Friend of the University
Tseng College of Extended Learning

John teaches in the MPA program and his first hand experiences in city and county government have been most beneficial to the professional municipal and county officials enrolled in the program.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Sheryl NomelliSheryl Nomelli
2004 M.A. History
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

As a student in the graduate history program at CSUN, Sheryl worked as an intern in the Natchez, MS  Courthouse Records Project, where students help process historic legal documents dating back to the 18th century.  Sheryl remains dedicated to the records project and has been an organizer and moving force of the Natchez Alumni efforts. She organized the first Natchez Symposium and helped set up the Natchez archives.  She has mentored current student researchers and has continually worked to raise funds for the project.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Joy PicusJoy Picus
Friend of the University
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media and Communication

A four-term former city council member, Joy Picus is one of the Valley’s most influential and beloved citizen leaders.  With today’s recognition from the Curb College, Joy is the first individual to have received the Volunteer Service Award from two of our colleges. She is a member of the Dean’s Circle Executive Board for the Curb College. For several years she served on the Dean’s council for Social and Behavioral Sciences and was a founding advisory board member for the Center for Southern California Studies.  She is a long time, loyal member of the University’s Foundation Board.
 Jeff Rosen
1983 B.S. Business Administration, 1984 M.S. Accountancy
College of Business and Economics

Jeff has been the consummate volunteer leader, speaking to classes, hiring dozens of CSUN students and serving on the college’s Advisory Board.  Jeff helped facilitate a major grant from the Ernst & Young Foundation and took the lead in bringing the alumni of the firm together to pledge $500,000 in support of the Accounting program.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Varaz ShahmirianVaraz and Karina Shahmirian
1978 B.S. Computer Science, 1983 M.S. Engineering (Karina)
College of Humanities

The Shahmirians helped establish the Armenian Studies program at Cal State Northridge and are ardent supporters of the program.  They have endowed the Shahmirian scholarship and are active members of the Alumni and Friends of the Armenian Studies Program (AFASP) Chapter.   Varaz is a member of the University’s Enrollment Management Advisory Group and he and Karina, an alumna, are working with the University to create an endowed professorship.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Kelly SlideKelly Shirk Slide
Friend of the University
Tseng College of Extended Learning

Kelly is the Deputy Director of Human Resources for Ventura County. Kelly has been an enthusiastic spokesperson and ambassador for Extended Learning and the MPA program, speaking before groups and encouraging other business people to further their education through Tseng College programs. With her assistance and support, two new MPA programs have been launched in Ventura.

2007 College Recipients

Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Daniel Anderson Daniel Anderson
1983 B.S. Finance
College of Business and Economics

Dan Anderson ’83 is Senior Manager of Santa Barbara Bank & Trust’s Business Development and Client Services for the Southern Ventura and Northern San Fernando Valley Region. Dan has remained active within the Cal State Northridge community, participating as a guest speaker for both the MBA and undergraduate programs, as a board member on the College of Business and Economics Partners Program, as a Business Honors Case Competition judge, and a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.  In his role with the Alumni Association, he spearheads the Association’s alumni outreach efforts in the Conejo Valley.  Dan and his wife Kathy recently committed $350,000 through their estate plan to establish an endowed professorship in Finance. This gift was the first endowed Finance professorship established by an individual alumnus.  Dan has truly set the bar for loyalty to his alma mater and service to Cal State Northridge.
 Marni Hager
2005 B.S. Manufacturing Systems Engineering & Mgt.
College of Engineering and Computer Science

Marni Hager, an alumna of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management program, has devoted countless hours as a volunteer and mentor in support of Professor Tarek Shraibati’s FIRST Robotics project.   She has served as a senior mentor to the all-girl Louisville High School robotics team and as an active member of the Los Angeles Regional organizing committee for FIRST.  Marni earned her B.S. in Manufacturing Systems Engineering in 2005 and now works for Raytheon where she manages a robotic manufacturing cell. Marni sees value in helping students in part because as a CSUN student, she benefitted from the interest and expertise of a mentor.  In 2003, Marni participated in The Southern California Conference on Undergraduate Research, a conference that spotlighted faculty-mentored undergraduate research or creative achievements at 90 institutions in Southern California. With the help of her faculty mentor, Behzad Bavarian, she presented a well received report, “Optimizing the use of Exploration and Search & Rescue Robots by using newer technologies including computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and rapid prototyping (RP),” at a conference.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Mark LainerMark Lainer
Friend of the University
College of Humanities

Mark Lainer is respected and admired throughout Southern California for his visionary and passionate leadership and through this philanthropy and service he is actively engaged in helping the next generation obtain knowledge and skills.  The College of Humanities Jewish Studies program has been the beneficiary of his guidance, wisdom and generosity.  Mark is the Chair of the Jewish Studies Advisory Board which was organized to help the program in building an endowment, which will be used to expand the Jewish Studies Program at Cal State Northridge. As President of the Jewish Education Service of North America (JESNA) he has taken a creative approach in assuring the future of Jewish education by creating the Lainer Fellows, a program for junior-year North American students at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at Tel-Aviv University.  The Lainer Fellows program mentors and guides students toward careers in Jewish public service and Jewish education.  Lainer was the founding president of the Abraham Joshua Heschel Day School in Northridge.  Mark also chairs the board of the Ziegler Rabbinical School at the University of Judaism and is Vice President of the Los Angeles Jewish Community Foundation.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-John PerezJohn Perez
1968 B.A. History, 1969 Credential
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences      

John Perez was an LAUSD teacher for 36 years, before retiring a year ago. He has spent his life advocating for schools and educators serving as a United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) member for over 30 years and as UTLA President from 2002-2005. His distinguished service in the UTLA included 14 years as a member of the UTLA Board of Directors, five years as the UTLA second Vice-President and seven years as Vice-President. John also served as Vice-President of the California Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO from 2002-2005. Mr. Perez was the Vice-President of the California Federation of Teachers (CFT) for four years, while serving as a member of the CFT for 25. John also serves on the Board of Directors for People for Parks, a civic organization dedicated to working with others in our community to increase the amount of parkland in the City of Los Angeles. He is Vice Chair of the California Post-secondary Education Commission (CPEC) and through his leadership has ensured that the commission investigates and encourages action on issues such as gender and ethnic equity, admissions and graduation requirements, affordability, and recreation.  John is also on the City of Los Angeles Board of Civil Service Commissions.   He received the “Hispanic Labor Leader of the Year Award” in 2003 from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor in collaboration with the Hispanic Caucus of the California State Legislature. Since John was a student at Valley State, he has remained a strong supporter of Matador Athletics.  He is a basketball season ticket holder and he was a member of the Matador Athletic Association. He is the President of the Alumni Association’s History Alumni Chapter and serves as a member of the Association Board of Directors.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Kenn PhillipsKenn Phillips
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education

Kenn Phillips is Director of Workforce and Education Investment for the Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley, a non-profit that serves a wide array of community businesses, educational institutions, local government officials, civic leadership and residents of the region. Prior to his arrival at the Alliance, Kenn was an executive with the Boeing Company for 18 years.  Kenn is best known for creating and developing unique and sustainable partnerships. His partners include leaders in education, not-for-profits, government, parents and students.   Prior to his departure from Boeing, he managed more than 200 active and retired engineers and scientists who participated in programs that helped educators and students better understand how businesses use math, science and technology in their daily work.  For the past 8 years, Kenn has continued creating partnerships and has been actively involved in several projects with the Michael D. Eisner College of Education including Teachers for a New Era, Integrated Teacher Education, ARCHES, Small Learning Communities and Project GRAD-Los Angeles. Kenn believes that with creativity, risk and the right leadership, anything is possible.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Kenn PhillipsCarson Schreiber
1966 AMC
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication

An alumnus of California State University, Northridge, Carson began his long career in the radio and music industry while a student at the university.  He was one of the radio personalities at the fledgling KEDC Radio, the predecessor of KCSN FM.  This early experience helped his very successful career as on-air personality and marketing executive.  His expertise in country music promotion and marketing led him from radio to a long recording industry career with such companies as RCA Records, Curb Records and Lyric Street Records.  He has received over 100 gold, platinum and multi-platinum awards for promotion and sales from the music industry. After retiring from the music industry in 2002, Carson returned to Los Angeles from Nashville and has devoted his time to community service.  He has donated hundreds of hours to KCSN FM, offering his help with marketing and programming strategies.  In addition, he is the new Chairman of the Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communication Dean’s Circle Executive Board.  He has been a guest speaker in Music Industry Studies classes, and uses his knowledge of the music industry to inform and inspire Northridge students. In addition to his volunteer work at Cal State Northridge, Carson is a member of the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Northridge; Valley Village Foundation; and the National Football Foundation and College Football Hall of Fame.  He is also a member of the Los Angeles Press Club; the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California; the Society to Preserve and Encourage Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy; the Country Music Association; and the Academy of Country Music.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Ronald Sorensen Ronald Sorensen
1988 B.S. Health Administration, 1993 M.S. Health Administration
College of Health and Human Development

Ron has been an adjunct faculty member in the Health Sciences Department for many years where he teaches health planning and marketing.  He has also taught in the Tseng College of Extended Learning in the Fundraising and Development Certificate Program.  Ron has volunteered for many years on the college’s Health Administration Program Practitioner Advisory Committee as a founding member and has served as President of the Health Administration Alumni Chapter. In addition to providing leadership in these positions he has also been active as a coach of the Health Care Executives College Bowl team, as a mentor to graduate students and as a guest speaker.  Ron is active in the community and is the President of the Board of the Valley Care Community Consortium, a member of the Program Committee of Valley Community Clinic and President of the Board of Directors of the Burbank Temporary Aid Center.  Ron is the Director of the Providence Center for Community Health Improvement.  He has over 18 years of experience in the health care field in the areas of planning and budgeting. Ron is responsible for planning and coordinating the community health programs provided by Providence Health.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Bryce Yokomizo Bryce Yokomizo
Friend of the University
Tseng College of Extended Learning

Bryce Yokomizo is Deputy CEO of the County of Los Angeles with responsibility for issues relating to the Commission on Children and Families.   Last spring, after 33 years with the Department of Public Social Services, he retired as that Department’s Director, a position he held since 2002. In his three-decade plus career, he had executive level responsibility for a wide-range of programs and assignments, including fiscal operations, welfare fraud investigations, employment services, Medi-Cal outreach, community relations, adult social services,  governmental relations, and welfare district administration in the West Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas.  Bryce also served as interim director of the MacLaren Children's Center.  He is a graduate of UCLA, and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from USC.  Recognizing the value of his MPA degree, Bryce has been instrumental in helping launch (and then support) the Tseng College’s MPA program by encouraging employees at Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services to enhance their knowledge in the public administration field.  His efforts have resulted in a paradigm shift that has encouraged other county agencies to do the same.

2006 College Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Roberta ColmerRoberta Colmer
1970 B.S. Finance
College of Business and Economics
Roberta Colmer and her husband Wayne, have been active and supportive alumni since their graduation in the 1970's, having served on several advisory boards within the college. Roberta currently sites on both the Dean's Council of Business Advisors and the advisory board for the Center for Real Estate. Recently, the Colmers donated $75,000 to support the university's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). As a student, Roberta had the distinction of being an original "Granny Girl" and fondly remembers those special moments with Granny Heitz and the other coeds. In addition to her bachelor's degree in business, she earned a teaching credential in secondary and post-secondary education from the university. In 2001, Roberta received the Alumni Leadership Award from the college.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Jan and Bill GainsJan and Bill Gaines
Friends of the University
Mike Curb College of Arts, Media, and Communications
Jan and Bill are two of the college’s most devoted and selfless volunteers.  Lifelong partners who met as students at Occidental College, Bill is now a retired insurance executive.  As devoted parents and grandparents, they began volunteering for their children’s schools and later Jan served two terms as president of the Occidental College Women’s Club.  As Northridge residents, they actively embraced their local university and have done whatever was needed to support the arts programs.  They believe strongly in Cal Sate Northridge as the cultural heart of this region and have demonstrated their commitment by donating countless hours to support its programs.  Jan has served in the Cal State Northridge Arts Council for over 20 years, including two terms as president.  She is currently liaison to the university.  She helped establish the Music Shoppe as well as an endowment for future scholarships.  Jan and Bill are among the faithful Arts Council volunteers who usher for all the student performances and act as hosts for art gallery events.  Bill can often be seen near the parking lot, directing people to the parking permit kiosks or to the performance halls.  They are cherished good will ambassadors for the arts at Cal State Northridge.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Werner Horn Werner Horn
Faculty Member, Department of Mathematics
College of Science and Mathematics
Whether he’s leading international conferences, revamping the curriculum, advising graduate students, helping students prepare for the advanced mathematics classes or earning grants from the National Science Foundation, Werner Horn has been at the center of everything mathematics at Cal State Northridge.  His leadership has been instrumental in the development of the PUMP program, a project that focuses on increasing the participation of highly qualified students from the San Fernando Valley in mathematical sciences Ph.D. programs.  In addition, he has been closely associated with the Bridge Institute, a program that prepares students for advanced mathematics classes.  Over the years, he’s earned many public and private grants, including a $550,000 grant with James Castro and Helena Noronha that places graduate students in teacher’s assistant positions.  Werner has been published in dozens of journals and publications.  He has worked with his colleague Bruce Shapiro to teach a course in orbital mechanics, which helps students interpret the common format of satellite tracking data and to predict satellite orbital positions.  When he’s not focusing on the sky, he’s sailing away at sea on “Take Five.” 
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Ed LarsonEd Larson
Friend of the University
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Ed has taught structural engineering on a voluntary basis since his retirement 12 years ago.  An adjunct professor of civil engineering, Ed has over 30 years of experience in aerospace engineering and was conferred the “Certified Manger” title by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.  In addition to his Outstanding Faculty Award in 1992, Ed was presented the ASEE Outstanding Campus Representative Award, and the 1984 NMA Silver Knight of Management.  He is a member of several engineering societies including AIAA, ASEE, NMA, SEM, and Sigma Xi.  He has mentored the Cal State Northridge Bridge Building team through their entire string of national competitions.  “I had a very good career,” he said of his 30 years of aerospace engineering and 18 years of teaching at Northridge.  Larson cites as his model a poem called “The Bridge Builder,” in which an experienced wise man erects a bridge for the young people coming behind him.  “I want to give something back to the students.”
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Thomas OliverThomas Oliver
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
Tom is the Vice President of College Development at Pierce College.  From January 2004 to January 2006, he served as the Interim President of Mission College.  He has served on several statewide community college committees including but not limited to the Board of Governors; the New Decisions Task Force, California Community College Foundation and the Executive Board of the Chief Instructional Officers.  His community involvements include Valley Industry and Commerce Association and the Mayoral Census Task Force.  Over the past few years, Tome has volunteered his leadership skills to several committees at Cal State Northridge.  He serves as a volunteer to the Teachers for a New Era Initiative, where his expertise and his connections in the community have been extremely valuable.  He has been instrumental in the Eisner College’s efforts to develop a model teacher education partnership between universities and community colleges. In addition, Tom is serving as a member of the advisory committee for the development of the university’s new doctoral degree in educational leadership, to be implemented in 2008.  His leadership is helping develop a program of excellence in Southern California.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Herb Petzhold Herb Petzhold
Retired Faculty, College of Engineering and Computer Science
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Herb is a resident of Northridge.  Petzhold began his career at Cal State Northridge soon after he retired from a 26-year Navy career that included service in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.  Herb began working for the college’s student record unit, and after a year and a half transferred to its shop unit, where his Navy background in construction allowed him to turn his hand to plumbing, painting, and welding.  Three years later, Herb became head technician, a job he held until his retirement on September 29, 1991.  Even since his retirement, the shop has had Herb’s stamp on it.  For the last 16 years he has returned nearly every week as a volunteer sharing his expertise with the faculty, staff, and students.  His commitment is commemorated today by the College of Engineering and Computer Science, but Herb remains humble.  He has stated that “if people need a hand and have questions, I help them out.”
 Dean Skovin
Friend of the University
College of Science and Mathematics
For the last 44 years, no one has more positively influenced the lives of Cal State Northridge chemistry and biochemistry students than Dean Skovlin.  Dean helped launch the department in 1962, and his leadership has been instrumental in the department’s growth and fine reputation.  During his tenure and since his retirement, he has mentored, advised and counseled a few generations of Northridge students.  He has taught courses from “Introductory Principles of Chemistry” to his expertise areas of “Inorganic Chemistry” and “Analytical Chemistry.”  For many years he held the position of chair of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department and continues to serve the college and help students as an emeritus professor.  His own educational journey has taken him from LSU to Texas A&M before earning his Ph.D. form Iowa State in 1960.  Having been involved in the recruiting of faculty for the department, his legacy and leadership will continue to positively affect the department for years to come.  He created the supplemental instruction guidelines for the department and continues to voluntarily come to campus to advise and mentor students.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Christine Smith Christine Hamilton Smith
1964 B.S. Home Economics
College of Health and Human Development
Christine was an undergraduate student at San Fernando Valley State College when she started teaching at the food science labs in 1964.  Today, she is nationally respected as a food scientist having presented at the American Dietetic Association and the Institute of Food Technologists and other scientific and professional meetings throughout the country.  She has authored several articles, and since 1978, Chris has been a coco-editor of a popular book, titled “Food-Medication Interactions,” considered to be the foremost of all drug-nutrient interaction resources.  Chris co-advised the Cal State Northridge Student Dietetic and Food Science Association from 1981 until her retirement in 2001.   Chris frequently returns to CSUN to help with academic advisement, and continues to serve as the chair of the Advisory Board of the Marilyn Magaram Center.  She is also a member of the center’s annual Nutrition College Bowl Planning Committee, and has often served as one of the competition’s question compilers.  Chris is a tutor in the Los Angeles Public Library Adult Literacy Program and volunteer lectures at elementary schools on food and nutrition.  She is known for her love of wild and domesticated felines and birds.  
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Ronnie ThompsonMike Brown and Ronnie Thompson
Friends of the University
Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning
Mike and Ronnie, in collaboration with the Tseng College, have created a unique program that helps train and improve performance and efficiency among the 4,300 employees of Santa Barbara County.  In his role as Santa Barbara County’s chief executive officer, and in her responsibility as dean of the county’s Employee’ University, Mike Brown and Ronnie Thompson have created a model training program for public employees and have done so in close coordination with the Tseng College’s Public Sector Management and Master of Public Administration programs.  Mike envisioned and created the Employee’ University concept, seeking and welcoming the university’s affiliation and expertise.  Ronnie has had a major impact on the EU by designing courses-such as “Dollars and Sense of Preventing Workplace Injuries”-that have proven to be of individual and collective value to county departments and their employees.  The perseverance, dedication and collaborative spirit of these two Tseng College volunteers is evident in the success of the students who participate in the programs.  The intra-service model has been invaluable to Santa Barbara County employees who cross-train their colleagues according to individual expertise.  Through their efforts, the citizens of Santa Barbara County are experiencing more efficient government.  In addition, they have been instrumental in ensuring that the educational mission of Cal State Northridge extends well beyond its traditional service region.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Frank WeinFrank Wein
1973 B.A. Urban Studies
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Frank is recognized as one of the nation’s most respected urban and environmental planners.  He was among the first group of students to enroll in the newly created Urban Studies program in 1971.  Now a Vice President at URS, Frank met his wife Sandy here on campus, and both of them earned bachelor’s degrees from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.  Frank has remained a staunch supporter of the Urban Studies Department and has worked persistently to gain recognition for the department in professional circles.  He has served as a member of the department’s Alumni Advisory Committee as well as the college’s Dean’s Council.   At Cal State Northridge’s’ 2005 Envisioning California Conference, Frank served as an expert and panelist.  Frank also served as a consultant on the Campus Master Plan and supervising Environmental Impact Reports.   A Co-founder and director of the West Valley Community Development Corporation, Frank has made major contributions to improving the availability of low-moderate income housing.  His peers in the American Planning Association have recognized his accomplishments by presenting him with its prestigious Distinguished Leadership Award. 

2005 College Recipients

 Ann Bisno
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
Dr. Ann Bisno is a passionate contributor to the university and the community. An emerita faculty member, Ann serves as the Director of the Family Focus Resource Center and is a representative of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education’s Special Education Community Advisory Committee. She also serves as a member of the regional Early Start Interagency Coordinating Council. As director of the Family focus Resource Center, she provides support, information and referrals to families of children with special needs, including a telephone "warmline", a resource directory, a publication and video library, one-on-one peer support in many languages. Ann also oversees the Parent Mentors program, makes presentations to CSUN students, and conducts ongoing educational seminars and training programs for parents and professionals, and community members.
 Honorable Bert Glennon
1966 B.S. Business Administration
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Bert Glennon has a reputation for judicial efficiency. In recognition of his legal acumen, his peers in the San Fernando Valley Bar Association presented him with their 1996 “Judge of the Year Award”. Cal State Northridge students have benefited from the judge’s participation in the Judicial Internship Program, a collaboration between Northridge’s Political Science Department and the Los Angeles Superior Courts in the San Fernando Valley. Judge Glennon is also a volunteer at the Superior Court’s VAST crash settlement program, which he helped create and coordinated in the mid 1990’s. Working with the Bar Association, VAST involves judges and 250 volunteer attorneys who resolve over 350 cases in a two week period.
 Pastor Herrera
Friend of the University
College of Health and Human Development
Pastor Herrera has been an unstinting supporter of Northridge’s Family and Consumer Sciences program. Involved in the area of consumer protection for over 30 years, Pastor was appointed Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Consumer Affairs in 1991. The department provides consumer protection services, including consumer counseling, complaint mediation and investigation and consumer education. Herrera serves as a board member on various national and local non-profit organizations and has collaborated on several publications. At Cal State Northridge he has assisted in providing internships for students, served on department and college advisory boards, participated in accreditation reviews and served on student and professional panels. In addition, he has worked closely with faculty to facilitate grants for the program.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Dena Ivancie Dena Hall Ivanci
1975 B.A. Art
College of Arts, Media, and Communication
Alumna Dena Hall Ivancie is one of the most respected fine arts appraisers in Southern California.  Dena graduated with a degree in art history, later forming her own business as an appraiser.  Dena Hall and Associates specializes in personal property, antiques and decorative arts, fine arts and residential contents.  As an expert witness, she has testified in a number of interesting cases. Dena is a member of the American Society of Appraisers and finds time to support the Los Alamitos Youth Center.   Dena serves on the Nominating Committee of the Dean’s Circle Executive Board for the College of Arts Media and Communication.  Dena has been tireless in helping the University acquire gifts of fine and decorative arts.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Tony RubinoAnthony "Tony" Rubino
Friend of the University
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Tony Rubino is the Chief of the Weapons Integration Branch in the Engineering Directorate located at Edwards Air Force Base, California.  He supervises the employees who conduct Development Test and Evaluation of advanced integrated weapon systems and helps ensure that newly developed aircraft hardware and software will meet combat requirements. After graduating from Fresno State, Tony was hired by the Air Force Flight Test Center and assigned to the F-16 Combined Test Force.  In 1998, he was promoted to Flight Commander for F-16 Avionics and Armament. In 2001, Tony was selected as the Chief of the Engineer Development Office where he and his team developed the foundation for all Engineering Directorate engineering personnel training. He assumed his current position in 2002. Tony has stayed close to his Valley roots and serves as Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board in the College of Engineering.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Richard SchweitzerRichard Schweitzer
1987 B.S. Accounting
College of Business and Economics
Richard Schweitzer is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for Metropolitan West Securities, an investment management firm specializing in securities lending and short-term fixed asset management. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California and is a member of the Association for Investment Management and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Richard is a frequent guest lecturer for the College of Business and Economics. He served as a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council and is an active member of the Advisory Council for the Center for Financial Services.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Deanie Snell and Kiho SohnHaroldeane "Deanie" Snell & Kiho Sohn
Friends of the University
Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning
Kiho Sohn and Deanie Snell, members of the Knowledge Management team at Pratt & Whitney-Rocketdyne, have worked closely with the Tseng College in launching an innovative Masters Degree program in Knowledge Management. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Deanie and Kiho have helped the University develop this exciting field of study. At Pratt and Whitney-Rocketdyne, Deanie leads a team of librarians providing research support to major aerospace programs. She has co-authored papers on knowledge development and has organized the annual Knowledge Management Share Fair as well as on ongoing seminar series. Kiho has been responsible for developing strategic planning and implementation on knowledge management processes and methodologies. He was the first person to be inducted into the Boeing Technical Fellowship in Knowledge Management and has also lectured on the subject.

2004 College Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Michael BessoloMichael Bessolo
1980 B.S. Marketing
College of Business and Economics
Currently Michael serves as senior vice president for marketing, promotion and publicity for 20th Century Fox Television. Prior to his time at Fox, Michael served as Senior Vice President, Marketing for Walt Disney Records.  He oversaw product management, marketing and promotion of all Walt Disney Record album releases and storyteller product, and he was responsible for coordinating the marketing efforts of Walt Disney Record’s five international territories. After received both his bachelors and masters degrees from CSUN in the early 1980’s.For the last eight years has served the College of Business and Economics as a member of the Dean's Council of Business Advisors, which offers consultation to the college by providing valuable information about current issues facing the community and industry that directly impact the development of curriculum and programs within the college.  In addition, he has served on the Board of Directors for the University’s Entertainment Industry Institute, participating in forums to help prepare students for entertainment industry careers.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Julie FabrochiniJulie Fabrocini
1998 Credential, 1999 M.A. Special Education
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
As director of the CHIME Charter Elementary School, Julie oversees the instructional and administrative aspects of the school and serves as a liaison to the university as well as to parents and the community.  Julie has served as a teacher and administrator for 17 years.  She has taught at the elementary and secondary levels and in special education programs.  As a specialist at LAUSD, she directed district wide staff development programs promoting inclusive education. She is a member of the Board of Directors for CAL-TASH and serves as an Advisory Board member for the Los Angeles Times Literacy Center. She holds Teaching and Administrative Credentials as well as a master's degree in special education from the university. Under Julie’s direction since its inception in 2001, CHIME's model provides teachers with the training and additional classroom support they need--including a co-teacher trained in special education, paraprofessionals (teacher's aides) and student teachers--so they can identify the unique ways that a child learns and then tailor curriculum to fit a child's needs.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Matthew and Kathy Fein Matthew and Kathy Fein
1974 B.S. Community Health
College of Health and Human Development
Kathy, a 1974 Northridge alumna in health science, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1983 and started working out twice a week with cold-water therapy at the Center of Achievement for the Physically Disabled in 1994 following the Northridge earthquake.  The therapy that includes “cold vests” adapted from NASA models by former Northridge Professor Dr. Sam Britten, has helped Kathy to maintain her optimal body temperature during exercise. Kathy and her husband Matthew have been supporters of the Center for over a decade and have helped plan and coordinate the Run, Walk and Roll fundraiser held each spring.  Matthew also serves on the Board of Trustees for the MS Society of Los Angeles.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Gene FritcheGene Fritsche
Faculty member, College of Science and Mathematics
College of Science and Mathematics
Now professor emeritus, Gene began his affiliation with the university and the department in 1963 and during his tenure served as the department chair for 8 years.  Gene is respected as one of the foremost experts in Miocene sediment logy of central and southern California. He has been honored by his peers as well as his students. He was the recipient of a leadership award by the Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists, a special teaching award from the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, the Cal State Northridge Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Lifetime Achievement Award, Pacific Section, SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), 2001.  The SEPM award is now named in his honor. He has served as a member and officer of many scientific societies and has presented at conferences throughout the world.  Gene continues to teach and mentor others through his legendary field trips and presentations to students of all ages.   He is active in the Community and is a member of the choir and a men's quartet at the First United Methodist Church of Reseda. 
 Edward Gilbert
Friend of the University
Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning
Ed is an example of the quintessential volunteer – energetic, thoughtful, creative and always looking at the worldview.  As president of SAGE, a learning-in-retirement organization operating under the aegis of The Roland Tseng College of Extended Learning, Ed provided dynamic leadership to the organization and was a good ambassador of the university in the community.  He’s been pleased to speak to numerous classes on campus and has taught in SAGE”s “Senior Computer” program.  The recipient of the William Randolph Hearst history award, Ed received many honors while serving as a corporal in U.S. Army.  He also serves his community as a member of the Board of the Sherman Oaks Homeowners Association.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Theresa JesterTheresa Jester
1979 B.S. Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Terry serves her alma mater as chair of the Industrial Advisory Board for College of Engineering and Computer Science.  For more than 25 years she has been responsible for manufacturing operations, technical development and product development for Shell Solar in the U.S.  Prior to joining Shell, Jester held engineering jobs with increasing responsibility with Arco Solar, IBM, Hughes Aircraft and Siemens Solar Industries.  Today, she serves as senior director of engineering and operations for Shell Solar Industries. Her work in solar development was duly recognized by the San Fernando Valley Engineers Council as she received that organization’s Outstanding Engineering Achievement Merit Award given to the individual who has achieved significant accomplishments in a particular area of engineering activities.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Larry Layne Larry Layne
Friend of the University
College of Arts, Media, and Communication
Larry has a ten-year record of service to the College of Arts, Media, and Communication.  He was named to the college’s Dean’s Advisory Board in 1995 and the following year was chosen as its chair.  He continues to serve on the board as a member of its public relations committee. Larry has always been a committed volunteer who has shown a particular interest in the capital campaign for the new Performing Arts Center and was asked to participate in the feasibility study. Larry is owner of Nova Development Company, a real estate investment and development company specializing in real estate brokerage, acquisition, construction and property management.  The company’s primary focus relates to mini-warehouses, industrial buildings, income and residential properties. As an active member of the community, he also serves on several other boards, among them the LA County Museum of Art, UCLA Performing Arts Center, and the California Science Center Advisory Board   He and his wife Sheelagh Boyd are faithful contributors to the College, KCSN and the current Performing Arts Center.
 Joy Picus
Friend of the University
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Having served four terms (16 years) representing West San Fernando Valley residents on the Los Angeles City Council, Joy continues to be actively involved in the community. She has been a long-time volunteer for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, having served on the Dean’s Council and on the first advisory board for the Center for Southern California Studies.  She is currently a member of the Dean’s Council in the College of Arts, Media and Communication. She has served as President of Friends of the (Griffith) Observatory for four years. She chairs the University of Wisconsin Foundation’s Committee in Los Angeles, and is a member of the Board of Visitors of the College of Letters and Science of that University. Joy serves on the Children’s Planning Council’s Foundation Board, a public private partnership created to coordinate and promote programs to improve children’s lives. She has served on the Board of the Jewish Home for the Aging, and is currently a member of the Valley Alliance of the Jewish Federation Council.  She also serves on the Board of Community Partners. 

2003 College Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Brigid BatyBrigid Baty
1991 B.S. Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Brigid Baty graduated from Northridge with a B.S in Engineering, specializing in Civil Engineering in 1991. Since then she worked for the Metropolitan Water District ( MWD) and has continually given back to her alma mater. Working with the MWD colleagues and faculty of the College of Engineering and Computer Science, Brigid helped develop curriculum and practicum for an upper level Civil Engineering design course that has become a model for other Civil Engineering programs. 
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Deborah Feldman Deborah Feldman
1979 B.S. Marketing
College of Business and Economics
A partner in the law firm of Kulik, Gottesman & Mouton, LLP, Deborah has dedicated a great deal of her spare time to the College of Business and Economics. She is an active member of several college advisory boards including the Dean’s Council, Family Business Center and Center for Real Estate Outlook program and she has assisted with the coordination of the Family Business Center programs in conjunction with the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. She was recognized by the Journal as a “Woman Who Means Business.”
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Jeffrey Holt Jeffrey Holt
1992 B.A. Physical Education
College of Science and Mathematics
Jeff graduated from Northridge in 1980 with a bachelor in science in Geology. In 1984 he established Mountain Geology, Inc., a consulting firm of professional Engineering Geologists that provides engineering geologic services for clients in Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties for property development, construction, and land/home purchases. Jeff is proud to claim two Northridge legacies, his two sons, Jacob and Jessie, who followed in their father’s footsteps in earning B.S. degrees in Geology. They both work for their dad at Mountain Geology. Jeff has continued to provide counsel to the Geological Sciences Department and advise faculty and students on practical real world issues relating to various aspects of geologic services. He and his family have remained close to Geological Services Department and the faculty who made a profound difference in their lives. In addition to organizing two golf tournaments to benefit Geology he arranged for funding and then produced a promotional video in support of the department. He regularly recruits Northridge students and alumni.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Deborah LeidnerDeborah Leidner
1970 B.S. Political Science
The Michael D. Eisner College of Education
A life-long resident of the San Fernando Valley, Deborah can remember hiking through the walnut and orange groves to play in the water of the Los Angels River. She attended elementary and secondary schools in the Valley and is a product of the Los Angeles Unified District (LAUSD). Inspired by the teachers, she pursued education in order to teach Social Studies and Journalism. Following the years as a classroom teacher, instructional advisor, and assistant principal, Dr. Leidner served as a principal of a continuation high school, a comprehensive high school, and a middle school, She was the Cluster Administrator of the Birmingham/Cleveland/Reseda Cluster until she was selected to be Superintendent of Local District A of the LAUSD. As superintendent, she often tells stakeholders that “we are all responsible for the success of our young people” and as a volunteer for the Michael D. Eisner College of Education she further affirms that philosophy. Her involvement with the college includes service on advisory boards, course curricula design, lecturing to classes and assisting with the college’s “Teachers for a New Era” initiative.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Hermine MahseredjianHermine Mahseredjian
1972 B.A. French, 1973 M.A. Counseling, 1974 M.A. Psychology
College of Humanities
Hermine’s name is synonymous with the Armenian Studies Program at Northridge and for 25 years she has been a mentor and advisor to countless Cal State Northridge students and alumni. Primarily responsible for establishing the Armenian Student Association, she served as its first advisor. That association assured support for establishing a minor in Armenian Studies, and Hermine was proud to help issue individual academic recognitions for Armenian Studies for the first time in 2002. That same year she raised thousands of dollars to escort a group of students in a “full emersion” program to Armenia. She helped establish the Association of Armenian Alumni International Scholar, she has received numerous awards and has held leadership positions in local and international societies.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Wendy MachlovitzWendy Machlovitz
1987 B.A. History, 1998 M.A. History
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Wendy's ongoing work in support of the uniquely famous Natchez Project operated by the History Department reflects her commitment to historical research and her experiences as a graduate student studying ante bellum courthouse records in Natchez, Miss. Wendy worked closely with professor Ron Davis to create and build the nationally respected archival research effort that has mentored several hundred Northridge students since 1992 in summer internship programs sponsored by the National Park Service. She was also instrumental in the creation of the renowned Historic Natchez Conference held every other year in Natchez featuring the work of CSUN students. Wendy also has coordinated the acclaimed Northridge summer internship program for the last five summers as well as numerous fund- raising events to support the Northridge Natchez Project, especially the “Christmas at Monmouth Plantation Dinner.”
 Sam Sokolow
Friend of the University
College of Extended Learning
A retired economist with Southern California Gas Company, Sam has adopted the University and has supported Northridge, particularly through his involvement in SAGE, the College of Extended Learning’s learning-in-retirement organization. A founding member of SAGE, Sokolow served as the organization’s president and curriculum chair. Sam has also been an active volunteer in supporting the many activities and programs in the University Gerontology Program. Sam has been a highly visible supporter of the University through speaking engagements on behalf of SAGE and the many projects he supports in the area of gerontology studies.
 Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Susan TartkoffSusan Tartakoff
1971 B.A. Psychology
College of Health and Human Development
In 1997, Susan, a client of the Center of Achievement for the Physically Disabled, helped create “Friends of the Pool,” a group devoted to helping realize Sam Britten’s dream of an adaptive aquatic facility. As a key member of FOCAS (Friends of the Center of Achievement and Sponsors) she has helped raise over $100,000 for the Abbott and Linda Brown Western Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy and is currently on the 3rd Annual Run, Walk and Roll fundraiser. Her other community activities include MADD, the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Humane Society , and the World wildlife Fund. Susan suffered a spinal cord injury when, during a high- speed police chase in 1985, an intoxicated driver hit her car. In March she was presented with the Stephen Aroff Memorial Award in recognition of her overcoming her disability, becoming a role model to those who are hoping to rebuild their lives after spinal cord injury.
Alumni-Picture-CollegeAward-Milt Valera Milt Valera
1968 B.A. Journalism
College of Arts, Media, and Communication
As President of the National Notary Association since 1982, Milt has propelled the organization into national and international prominence. A veteran newspaperman, he has also worked at the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, and the Northeast Newspapers community chain in Southern California. A native of Hawaii, Valera graduated in 1968 from Northridge with a B.A. in Journalism. In addition to serving on several advisory boards for the College of Arts, Media and Communication, Valera is a board member and advisor for several prominent community organizations. Milt is a past president of the Journalism Alumni Association and currently serves as a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors. With his family, he is finalizing details for the establishment of a scholarship that will benefit current and future Cal State Northridge students.

2002 College Recipients

Morris Cutler
Friend of the University
College of Extended Learning
Before retirement, Morris served the education community locally and abroad for more than 30 years as a teacher and elementary school principal in the Los Angeles Unified School District.  Although a graduate of UCLA and USC, in 1987 Morris found his way to CSUN to become the founding president of SAGE, the university’s “Learning in Retirement” organization that operates under the aegis of the College of Extended Learning.  Over the years through his work at SAGE, Morris has brought many prominent retirees to CSUN for both educational and philanthropic activities.  In 1990 he served as the first director of senior computers, teaching two classes per year to seniors with donated computer equipment.  Today, friends describe him as the perfect CSUN ambassador.  Morris is married with two children and two grandchildren and also is a member of the Friends of the Library and KCSN.
Jolie DeVorin
Friend of the University
College of Health and Human Development
Jolie is a loyal volunteer and client at the Center of Achievement for the Physically Disabled and soon to be completed Abbot and Linda Brown Western for Center Adaptive Aquatic Therapy.  Almost two years ago, her vision created FOCAS, a volunteer group comprised of friends and clients of the Center, that raises funds and awareness for it.  Whether she is selling entertainment books or planning the second annual Run, Walk, and Roll, she is an inspirational role model for clients of the center.  She earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA, master’s degree in speech and hearing from Cal State Los Angeles and worked as an audiologist for 22 years at the Oto Surgical Group Medical Center.  Jolie was recognized by the Multiple Sclerosis Society for her work as a peer counselor.
Daisy Kuhn
Faculty, College of Science and Mathematics
College of Science and Mathematics
Born in Germany, Daisy received her Ph.D. from UC Davis before coming to the university as a member of the original faculty for San Fernando Valley State College.  As a microbiologist, she described the following unusual organisms-Arthrobacteratro, Cyaneus Cristispira found in Pismo clams, and Simonsiella Alysiella, just to name a few.  When she wasn’t in the classroom, Daisy served as the primary advisor for biology students entering pre-med, pre-pharmacy, veterinary, podiatry, optometry and a few other areas.  After her retirement in 1994, Kuhn turned around and came right back to the university to do the same job on a volunteer basis.  Still serving as the primary advisor, Daisy maintains an office handing all records and regularly sending student application materials to medical schools.  Colleagues describe her as extremely knowledgeable and experienced-a virtual encyclopedia of institutional history.  The number of hours she has volunteered for CSUN is too large to calculate.
Alan Meyer
1968 B.S. Business Administration, 2001 Credential
College of Business and Economics
Upon retirement in 1993 as the president, founder and owner of Meyer Interest Rate Survey, the larges interest rate advisory company of its kind in the country, Alan returned to CSUN with his original student ID number from San Fernando Valley State College in 1964 to earn his teaching credential.  He currently divides his time as a part-time instructor in the Department of Finance, Real Estate and Insurance at CSUN and as an eight and ninth grade math teacher at Viewpoint School in Calabasas.  Alan busily volunteers at the university as a member of the CSUN Foundation Board of Directors, the College of Business and Economics Dean’s Council of Business Advisors, Family Business Center and Center for Real Estate.  Alan was instrumental in starting the college’s Resume Book for students seeking employment and has several benches, wall plaques and even a lecture hall in his honor.  Alan is an altruistic donor for a number of scholarships specifically as an early supporter of the Minority Business Program, currently operating as the Office of Student Services and Advisement (OSSA/EOP).  Program coordinators credit much of the success of OSSA/EOP to Alan’s investment of time, energy and talent over the years.  Alan’s daughter is currently in the MBA program at CSUN.
Jackie Schroggin
Friend of the University
College of Arts, Media, and Communication
Born and raised in Oklahoma, Jackie moved to California in 1946 to work for the Veterans Administration in the San Francisco Bay area.  In 1949 she found her way to Southern California and worked for the Department of Defense until she retired in 1980.  Upon retirement, Jackie became interested in the CSUN Arts Council and quickly became actively involved in fundraising projects on behalf of the council.  A few years later Jackie was appointed the co-manager of CSUN’s Gallery Store.  Jackie has traveled extensively around the world throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and Mexico.  Her travels have been instrumental in her choices of international merchandise for the Gallery Store ranging form African ceramics to Mexican silver.  The store also features art books and greeting cards.  In 1998, Jackie became manager of the Gallery Store and continues to serve that position today.
Don Sepulveda
1995 B.S. Civil Engineering
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Alumnus Don Sepulveda earned his bachelor’s degree in 1995 with a concentration in civil engineering.  He has spent the last five years of his career as a senior rail systems engineer/project manager for DMJM/HARRIS, a leader in civil, transportation and structural engineering.  As a student, Don fondly remembers his days in the steel bridge competitions, and his presidency of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)-a defining moment that he attributes to his success in completing his degree.  Following graduation, he made a personal commitment to give back to the student and professional organization that had given him so much.  Today, he serves on the advisory board for the department and as a guest instructor in the capstone senior design class.  Thanks to a little help from Don, the CSUN student chapter of ASCE placed 10th overall in the nation in 2001, and sixth overall in 2002 in the steel bridge competition.
Patrick Smith
Friend of the University
Michael D. Eisner College of Education
Patrick Smith serves in a volunteer capacity as the chairman of the board of directors of the CHIME Institute for Children with Special Needs, which sponsors the CHIME Charter Elementary School.  The CHIME Institute has been working closely with the Michael D. Eisner College of Education to develop programs of academic excellence for all types of learners at the new CHIME Charter Elementary School.  This school serves as a demonstration site of the best current practices for inclusive teaching and learning.  Smith has provided the professional leadership necessary to make the administration of creating, opening and running a new charter school successful.  He has been an instrumental factor in the growth of the school over the past year.  Smith is a lifelong resident of the San Fernando Valley and grew up within walking distance of Cal State Northridge.  He is a partner in the law firm of Beltran, Beltran, Smith, Oppel & MacKenzie, LLP.  He and his wife, Delia, have five children and reside in Chatsworth.