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Chapter Volunteer Service Award

Volunteer Service Awards
Alumni Chapters

The Alumni Association honors the individuals who organize and lead the large network of alumni chapters which support the work of the Association. These individuals serve as role models to current students and work tirelessly to support the constituency in which they belong.

2012 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 VSA_Susan Barney

Susan Barney
2004 B.S. Accounting
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter

Despite a demanding schedule as a tax professional, Barney has played a key role in the management of the Accounting & Informations Systems Chapter. Now in her second term as treasurer of the chapter, Barney has participated in many events and programs such as Meet the Firms and the annual awards banquet. Last year, for her continuing support of Alpha Beta Psi, the national accounting student honor society, she was named an honorary member.

 VSA_Hasmig Baran

Hasmig Baran
Cred. ’95, M.A. ’97   
Alumni and Friends of the Armenian Studies Program

An educator in the Los Angeles Unified School District, Baran is a teacher and GATE coordinator at the North Hollywood High School Humanitas School for Advanced Studies. As a very active member of the Armenian community in greater Los Angeles, she holds leadership positions in many organizations. For several years Baran has served as the president of the Alumni and Friends of the Armenian Studies Program (AFASP) at CSUN. As such, she has promoted CSUN within the Armenian community at large. She has been involved in fundraising and organizing events including banquets to promote the AFASP and scholarship programs. She is an exemplary ambassador of Cal State University, Northridge.

 VSA_Shante Morgan Durisseau

Shanté Morgan-Durisseau
1990 B.A. Journalism
Black Alumni Association

Under Morgan-Durisseau’s leadership, the Black Alumni Association was granted a charter from the CSUN Alumni Association Board of Directors on Sept. 27, 2011. As president, Morgan-Durisseau led the new organization through its inaugural year with vision, commitment and dedication. In seeking a charter, Morgan-Durisseau engaged alumni from diverse academic units who graduated from the 1970s to the present. She worked to host an inaugural reception in November of 2011, where Assemblyman Mike Davis, a Northridge alumnus, served as the keynote speaker. She also collaborated with the Department of Pan African Studies in celebration of its 42nd anniversary. When John Harris was selected as the first African-American alumnus to receive a Distinguished Alumni Award, Morgan-Durisseau coordinated an event for undergraduate students to meet him. She also collaborated with the students coordinating the 41st annual Black Graduation Celebration.

 VSA_Joyce Munsch

Joyce Munsch, Ph.D.  
Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Association

Munsch has served as the department faculty liaison to the Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Association for five years. Her contributions have been significant, diverse and important to the chapter’s success, including sponsorship of the Edith Munsch Scholarship to a First Generation Student, moderating panels at chapter programs, and encouraging faculty to attend and support student attendance at chapter programs and events. A co-author of three textbooks, she has donated copies of “Child Development: An Active Learning Approach” to be used as door prizes at chapter-sponsored events. At Cal State Northridge, she has administered the Jumpstart program for more than nine years. Munsch’s commitment to community service learning was recognized in 2005, when she was awarded the CSUN Faculty Senate Visionary Community Service Learning Award. Munsch’s consistent support of the alumni chapter, sharing of her expertise and modeling volunteer involvement makes her an invaluable volunteer and mentor.

 VSA_Laurie Cartwright

Laurie Cartwright
1970 B.A. 1992 Cred. 1992 M.S.
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter

For more than 10 years, Cartwright has worked at CSUN as a clincial supervisor and an instructor for the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences. As a certified speech-language pathologist, she supervises students in performing hearing and speech screenings. She is an avid supporter of the alumni chapter, attending its events and programs. She also promotes activities of the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Additionally, she lends her expertise and experience to the summer boot camps offered by the Language, Speech and Hearing Center.


Robert Finkelstein
1978 M.S.
Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

Although he served as a speed mentor several times over the years, Finkelstein fully reconnected with the Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Alumni Chapter in August 2010. As a new board member, he took on the responsibility of serving as Lead Chair for the 2010 Speed Mentoring Event. With the unfortunate illness and passing of Chapter President Ralph Jones, Finkelstein stepped in as president in November that year and worked closely with the chapter board, the EOH department, EOHSA Student Organization and Alumni Relations to manage and present the 2011 Technical Symposium event and speed mentoring events. This year he co-chairs the planning committee for the 2012 Speed Mentoring Event and 2013 Technical Symposium. Over the years, the Technical Symposium has become a premier event recognized nationally by academic and professional communities. Finkelstein is proud of the teamwork put forth by all parties that has led to these highly successful events drawing between 160 and 180 participants. He also developed a formal Chapter Plan, reaching out to students, faculty, university and the business community to support and enhance the already successful outreach of EOH graduates. A lifetime member of the CSUN Alumni Association, Finkelstein retired in 2010 after 35 years in the environmental an occupational health risk consulting field. During his professional career, his work on the Space Shuttle and at the Kennedy Space Center earned him the NASA Outstanding Personal Achievement and Space Shuttle Launch Honoree Awards.

 VSA_Joel Fisher

Joel Fisher
2007 MPA   
Masters of Public Administration Alumni Chapter

As former treasurer and current president of the Masters in Public Administration Chapter of the CSUN Alumni Association, Fisher has worked diligently to revive a previously inactive program, leading a new and energetic chapter board of directors. He has worked to plan, promote, execute and improve participation in the Annual MPA Student/Alumni Networking Event, resulting in a four-fold increase in attendance. Fisher has worked to develop the chapter website to include useful features such as career and job links, video library and an alumni showcase. In addition, he initiated the process of developing a five-year chapter strategic plan. During his tenure as president, Fisher has attended the CSUN Inaugural Volunteer Leadership Summit, participated in the CSUN Government and Community Relations’ Inaugural Legislative Advocacy Training, and attended the 2012 CSUN Distinguished Alumni Awards.

2011 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Mahin AlamdariMahin Alamdari
2005 B.A. Child Development., 2007 M.S. Educational Psychology
Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter

Mahin has provided leadership in the Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter for five years. She has served as Scholarship Chair, Vice President, President, and Past President during which time she assumed the President’s responsibilities when the President was on maternity leave. During her administration, the Chapter has presented high quality professional development opportunities for alumni, under graduates, and others interested in topics such as childhood obesity and careers within the profession. To thank CSUN professors and the department for her high quality education, she sponsors the Alamdari Scholarship to support a deserving student‘s continuing education. Mahin has mentored many students and alumni. She is knowledgeable and shares her expertise as a therapist and refers those she mentors to appropriate graduate programs, internships, and potential positions in this profession.  Because of Mahin’s expertise in cultural diversity, she was encouraged to work with two other alumni to present a workshop at the North American International Child and Youth Care Conference in 2006.  Mahin has volunteered in the community as well. She has been a domestic violence counselor volunteer at the YMCA and does fund raising for cancer research. Mahin’s multiple contributions to CSUN, including her deep commitment to give back and to represent CSUN result in her being highly deserving of the CSUN Alumni Volunteer Award for our Child and Adolescent Development Chapter.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Leslie MartinLeslie Martin
1984 B.A. and 1986 M.A. Communicative Disorders, 1986 Credential
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter

Leslie is a hardworking and dedicated speech-language pathologist.  She has been very supportive of the Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Association (CDSAA) as an organizer and leader.   Involved with the CDSAA for a decade, Leslie is a reliable volunteer and always willing to share her knowledge and expertise.  She has served on the association board of directors and has coordinated the career panel to help mentor CDS students about the speech-language pathology profession. She is a member of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and received an Award for Continuing Education from the association.  Currently she is the Coordinator of Outpatient Neuro Rehabilitation at Glendale Adventist Medical Center managing therapists schedules and marketing the rehabilitative services offered by the medical center.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Ty AvendanoTy Avendano
1993 B.S. Health Sciences
Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

Ty has been a steady contributor to the Enivronmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Alumni Chapter since its inception.  Despite his busy schedule he is an individual the board and members can count on to get things done.  Ty's support for the annual EOH Speed Mentoring event including serving as a mentor helped to insure a successful program.  As a team member for the annual EOH Technical Symposium, the program and communications were properly handled and the event was outstanding.  His insight and input have truly helped the chapter become a successful group. As an Environmental Consultant in the Environmental Casualty Division of Chartis Insurance, Ty is responsible for all loss control technical services for the West Coast.  He has served as president of the Southern California American Industrial Hygiene Association and is a member of several other EOH organizations.  At CSUN, he continues to be a member of executive board of the EOH Chapter.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Talin KeshishianTalin Keshishian
2006 B.A. Sociology, 2009 M.P.A. Masters in Public Administration
Masters in Public Administration Alumni Chapter

When Talin received her Masters in Public Administration (MPA) degree in 2009, the MPA Alumni Chapter had been inactive.  As chapter president, Talin revived a previously defunct alumni chapter and formulated a strong board of directors, along with an advisory committee and spearheaded initiatives to restore program interest for alumni and students.  She provided networking resources, job assistance, and social and professional outreach to alumni and students alike. In her leadership role, Talin recruited prospective students to the Master's program and fundraised for the Alumni Chapter. She also received a B.A. degree in Sociology in 2006 and while a student she was involved with community service as part of the CSUN Volunteer Council.  Talin is Founder and Executive Director of Allied Cultures Against Discrimination (ACAD) in Reseda, a non-profit focused on diversity training and multiculturalism.  ACAD’s basic mission is to promote equality and tolerance in the diverse state of California by focusing their primary energies on the adults of tomorrow.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Adria RhyneAdria Rhyne
2007 B.A. Art
NCOD Alumni Chapter

Adria received a B.A. in Graphic Design from CSUN in 2007.  As a volunteer for the National Center on Deafness (NCOD) Alumni chapter she was instrumental in creating beautiful artwork for the chapter’s 2010 reunion, including brochures, posters and signage.  Her other services to the NCOD include designing artwork for the Sign n Run, De’Via Art Galas, interpreter workshops and student leadership conferences.  Adria also helps out the NCOD staff and deaf CSUNians on various projects.  She is a team player who is disciplined and enthusiastic, hard working and enjoyable to work with. Adria has received two NCOD Art Awards for Granville Redmond calendar in 2006 and art projects in 2008. She is a project assistant for the National Center, a federal grant that provides personnel development, technical assistance, technology, and media programs for Postsecondary Education Center for individuals who are deaf.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Felicia ConlanFelicia Conlan
2009 M.S. Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Communicative Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter

Since receiving her Masters in Communication Disorders and Sciences (CDS) Felicia has been president of the CDS Alumni Association (CDSAA).  Under her leadership the chapter has been actively involved with the department sponsoring programs focused on mentorship, professional development, membership recruitment and social events. They also organize professional development workshops and seminars and support the annual American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention. After graduating from University of California Los Angeles, she enjoyed a career in broadcasting, working as a producer, writer and reporter. She won two Golden Mikes and was nominated for two Emmys. Conlan gave up her television career to raise her children full-time. As a student she was a CSUN Dean’s Award Recipient, and a Progressus Therapy Scholarship recipient.  As an alumna, she has participated in the CSUN Visiting Professor for a Day and was the alumni representative for the College of Health and Human Development 2010 Commencement. She participated in the American Speech-Language Hearing Association Minority Student Leadership Program and is a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, and the San Fernando Valley Alumnae of Zeta Tau Alpha. She is involved with the CDSAA Alum Chum Mentor-Mentee Program which offers one-to-one mentoring for CSUN students, recent graduates and CDS alumni returning to the workplace. Conlan is a speech-language pathologist with the Los Angeles Unified School District working with Pre-K through high school students. 

2010 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Maria PatronMaria Patron
1993 B.S. Accounting
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter

The AIS Alumni Chapter is honored to recognize Maria for her many years of dedicated service to the chapter and the department.  A member of the executive board since 2002, her support included two years as chapter president in which she was instrumental in attracting over seventy-five alumni members to attend CSUN’s 50th Grand Reunion.  Maria also has solicited donations and raised funds for student scholarships, including two awards which she and her husband, alum Carlos Patron ’99, fund for the annual Accounting and Information System Department Student Merit Awards each year.
While at CSUN, Maria received her Bachelors in Accounting in 1993 and a Credential in 1999 and in 2007 earned a Master’s in Education from Walden University with a focus on elementary reading and literacy.  As a student she was a member of the Accounting Association and was a VITA tax preparer.  Currently Maria is an elementary teacher at Fenton Primary Center in Lake View Terrace.  In the community she volunteers on the Safeguard the Children Board and is a confirmation and RCIA catechist at St. Elisabeth of Hungary.  A runner, she has participated in the Los Angeles Marathon for Aids Project Los Angeles, San Diego Marathon and the Pasadena Marathon.  Maria and Carlos are active members of the CSUN Alumni Association.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Ara InjiianAra Injejikian
1985 B.A. History
Alumni and Friends of the Armenian Studies Program

As the founding president of the Friends of the Armenian Studies Program, Ara Injejikian has played an active role in raising awareness of the program in the Armenian community. Since organizing the first annual banquet he continues to work with Alumni & Friends of the Armenian Studies Program by being instrumental in fundraising for the program.  In addition he encourages high school graduates to attend Cal State Northridge and to participate in the Armenian Studies Program.
After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in history from CSUN in 1985, Injejikian attended Whittier Law School earning his Juris Doctorate degree Magna Cum Laude.  As a student he was Notes and Comments Editor for the Whittier Law Review, received a Dean’s Merit Scholarship and was a teaching assistant in a summer performance program.  Since 1994 he has served as a Deputy Public Defender III with the Law Offices of the Los Angeles County Public Defender.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Houri KeshishianHoury Keshishian
1998 B.A. Child Development, 2001 M.S. Family and Consumer Sciences
Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter

Houri Keshishian has served on the Child and Adolescent Development Steering Committee for three years. She has assumed responsibilities as chair or co-chair of the social committee and in this capacity she managed hospitality for all chapter events including the annual Fall Welcome, professional development programs, and the Celebrating Excellence end of the year event.
Houri has not only volunteered her time and expertise but has also involved other alumni in the social realm of the program. Her interest in people, multicultural perspective and friendliness combine to make her an outstanding social chair.  She is reliable and volunteers to assume various responsibilities which enhance the development of the chapter.  Her expertise within the child development field is readily shared with undergraduates as well as alumni. Since graduating with Honors with a Bachelors in Child Development and a Masters in Family and Consumer Sciences, Houri is currently a pre-kindergarten teacher at Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) Manoogian-Demirdjian School in Canoga Park.  She has also volunteered in CSUN’s Armenian Department, is a member of the Board of Armenian Mental Health Association and the AGBU Hye Geen (Armenian Women), where she was honored with an award for volunteerism.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Helen Sherman WadeHelen Sherman Wade
1976 M.A. Communicative Disorders
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Association

Helen has contributed a great deal to the CSUN Communication Disorders and Sciences Department, CDS Alumni Association and to the speech-language pathology students.  She generously shares her knowledge, talents, and resources and has been an invaluable asset to the community.  She is sought both locally and nationally for her advice as a speech-language pathologist.  Her volunteer spirit and love for CSUN are evidenced by her generous contributions to both the CDS Department and the Alumni Association. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree from Hebrew University in Israel, Helen came to CSUN and earned a Master’s degree in Communicative Disorders with a minor and teaching credential in Special Education and a credential in Speech Pathology.  Her degrees are augmented by her multilingual skills in several languages
Currently Helen is the Executive Director of Speech, Language and Educational Associates in Encino and Culver City which provides speech and language, educational, child development, parental training and behavioral services to infants, children and adults. She has been an adjunct instructor at CSUN for over twenty-five years.   She has received awards from the American Speech and Hearing Association and California Speech and Hearing Association and a Distinguished Alumni Award from the CDSAA.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Laura DrewLaura Drew
1987 B.A. Modern Classical Languages and Lit, 1996 M.A. Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental & Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

As a member of the executive board of the Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) Alumni Chapter, Laura Drew has been an exemplary volunteer.  In this capacity, she has been a strong contributor to advancement efforts for the chapter and the EOH program.  As an alumna she has never lost her appreciation for all the university has to offer or her love for the EOH program and has demonstrated leadership, loyalty and passion in her role as an EOH Chapter volunteer.  She is recognized for her commendable character and integrity, as well as her willingness to go the extra mile in meeting the objectives of the chapter. As an alumni representative on the EOH Technical Symposium Steering Committee (ETSSC), which includes the department chair and faculty members, and as an active member of the EOH Technical Symposium Working Group (ETSWG), she developed and delivered technical symposia on emerging environmental and occupational health issues.
Laura has been a mentor to EOH students, co-chaired the 2008 EOH Speed Mentoring Event and in 2009 she chaired one of the most successful chapter mentoring events.  She took an active role on EOH Grand Reunion planning committee and added her special touch to ensure a successful outcome.  The EOH Chapter honors Laura for her outstanding volunteer spirit, commitment to the university, loyalty to the EOH program and demonstrated leadership. As a CSUN student she received a National Environmental Health Association Graduate Scholarship and two CSUN Honors Medals.  She earned a Bachelors degree in German Culture and a Masters “With Distinction” in EOH.  Currently she is an Associate Safety Engineer for the State of California- DIR/DOSH Cal/OSHA.  Laura is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Registered Environmental Health Specialist (REHS).
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Tony Machado Antonio Machado
1993 B.A. Environmental Biology, 1994 M.S. Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental & Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

A Cal State University Northridge alumnus, Dr. Antonio Machado is a Professor of Toxicology in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH).  He has demonstrated leadership, loyalty and a sincere passion to serve the Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH) alumni chapter serving on the executive board and the EOH program as a volunteer.
Since joining the EOH Department staff, Machado continues to be a strong advocate for an EOH alumni organization.  In 2003 he was instrumental in the successful establishment of the current EOH Alumni Chapter.
As a member of EOH Alumni Chapter Executive Board, he is actively involved in the successful implementation of projects designed to enhance the professional development of both EOH students and alumni.  Most important is the Annual EOH Technical Symposium where his enthusiasm and passion for this project are demonstrated by the commitment of time and effort he dedicates to the development and success of each symposium.  In addition he is a member of the college’s professional advisory board
Since 2004, Dr. Machado has been the symposium technology leader and responsible for identifying the program theme, diligently scanning the environmental health horizon to identify emerging issues and leading the search for nationally recognized experts to speak at the event.
The recurring success and professional quality of each symposium is, in large part, a direct result of Dr. Machado’s involvement, dedication, commitment, and exceptional volunteer spirit.
 Karin Duran (Deceased)
1970 B.A. Modern and Classical Languages and Literature
La Raza Alumni Association

The university suffered a great loss with the passing of Dr. Karin Durán earlier this year.  She worked as a librarian in the Oviatt Library for thirty-eight years and was a graduate of CSUN with a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish. She went on to take her Master’s and Doctorate in Library Science at USC. Since 1977, Karin was an instructor with Chicana and Chicano Studies and very engaged in the life of the department. She was devoted to the students who learned a great deal through her research course. Karin was a driving force in the La Raza Alumni Association (LRAA), serving as the chapter treasurer and coordinator of LRAA annual scholarship banquets.  She was energetic and always willing to step in and perform even minimal tasks.  Karin often operated on the sidelines working hard and without seeking recognition.  She worked diligently to communicate with CSUN alumni and encouraged them to join the LRAA and the university’s other alumni programs. Through her work in the Library she had contact with many students and was able to connect them with LRAA and other groups.
On campus Karin served on a variety of committees and initiatives.  She has been honored with an Outstanding Achievement Award by the LRAA and also a Service to Society Recognition from the CSUN Alumni Association.  She has received commendations for her service to a variety of community organizations including Comision Feminil de San Fernando Valley.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lorraine Macnaughton & James SymsSheryl Low
1986 B.S. Health Science / 1991 MPH Masters in Pubic Health
James Syms
1987 B.S. Health Science
Physical Therapy Alummni Chapter

As practicing physical therapists Dr. Sheryl Low and Dr. James Syms have promoted the profession of physical therapy and the Physical Therapy Program at CSUN throughout their careers.  Low is chair of the CSUN Department of Physical Therapy and has been a faculty member since 1999.  Dr. Syms is an assistant professor of Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University School of Allied Health.  As the profession progressed and the educational standards moved towards the requirement of entry level doctoral preparation, physical therapy programs had to evolve to meet those standards.  A legislative action was required to allow the CSU system to award a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree. As members of the California Physical Therapy Association and its Governmental Affairs Committee these two alumni have worked diligently this past year to have a bill introduced in the state legislature to allow CSU Physical Therapy programs to transition from Master to Doctoral degrees.  Assembly Bill 2382 was a result of these efforts.  Finally their hard work of meeting with legislators, testifying at hearings and letter writing campaigns paid off and the bill was passed. On September 28, 2010, the governor signed AB2382 which will allow California State Universities to confer the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) professional degree.  CSUN plans to implement the entry-level DPT by August 2013.  Discussion is also under way to implement a transitional DPT degree for licensed physical therapists who are alumni of the program. The Physical Therapy Alumni Chapter recognizes these loyal alumni for their energetic efforts to support and maintain their program.  They are shining examples of the high caliber and dedication to commitment that can be expected of CSUN alumni.

2009 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Dimitrious Alexioou Dimitrios Alexiou
2001 M.S. Health Administration
Health Administration Alumni Chapter

Dimitrios has served on the Health Administration Alumni Chapter Board for eight years, twice as President. He has been an active leader with a hands-on commitment to the chapter. He developed and maintains the chapter website for members. He graduated with honors from the program. As an adjunct faculty member in both undergraduate and graduate level programs, Dimitrios is also instrumental in maintaining ties with students through his involvement in the mentor program and in the HA Student Association softball games. He has assisted in coaching the Health Administration College Bowl teams.  As a student at CSUN, Dimitrios was a member of the Student Health Advisory Committee and the Health Care Executives College Bowl Competition Team.  Currently he is an Administrative Fellow with the Hospital Association of Southern California, and was chosen to complete the Coro Health Leadership Program, a widely recognized leadership program for up-and-coming professionals.  As a member of American College of Healthcare Executives, he attends and encourages students to attend community health care forums.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Marta GonzalezMarta Gonzalez
2006 B.A. Child Development 2009 M.S. Marriage and Family Therapy
Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter

As President and Vice President of the Child and Adolescent Development Alumni Chapter, Marta provided exemplary leadership. Under her guidance, the chapter offered outstanding career development and mentor programs to students and alumni. She effectively reached out to the department’s undergraduate organization, CADA, involving them in alumni programs and encouraging their leaders to become involved with the chapter to enhance future leadership. She served on the scholarship selection committee and spearheaded a children’s play area for the CSUN 50th Anniversary Grand Reunion. She is a member of the CSUN Alumni Association and is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology at the University of Georgia. As a student, she received numerous honors and scholarships, including the Dean’s Award from the College of Health and Human Development, Outstanding Graduating Senior, Department of Child and Adolescent Development, First Generation CSUN Alumni Association Scholarship, Graduate Alumni Scholarship, two Graduate Equity Fellowships, and the Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Scholarship. Marta makes significant contributions to her community by providing parents with referrals and resources, and volunteering at a various government agencies. Her expertise in advocacy and child abuse prevention, domestic violence, and issues related to the Latina/o population have enabled her to support the community. That Marta has given to CSUN in so many ways as an undergraduate and graduate, as a leader and researcher, garnering outstanding academic achievements, balanced with being a single parent is a model of service to CSUN students.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Laura PrinceLaura Estay-Prince
2005 B.A. Journalism
Journalism Alumni Association

As soon as she graduated in 2005 with a BA in Newspaper Journalism, Laura joined the Journalism Alumni Association (JAA). For almost four years, she served as the editor of the chapter newsletter The Full Scoop. She was instrumental in spreading the word to alumni about chapter and campus events, including the CSUN 50th Grand Reunion and the JAA 50th Anniversary Reunion. As a student, Laura was a staff writer for The Daily Sundial and copy editor for the Spanish publication El Nuevo Sol. She also served as vice president of the CSUN Society of Professional Journalists chapter, designed their first newsletter SPJ Monthly, and continued as its editor until her graduation. She is an active member of CSUN Alumni Association.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Kurt RaynersKurt Rayners
1995 B.S. Organizational Systems & Mgt., 2000 Masters in Business
MBA Alumni Chapter

Kurt has been involved with the Masters in Business Alumni Association (MBAA) for several years and served as president of the chapter for two years. He has served as the keynote and guest speaker at chapter events and many MBA program events focused on mentoring current MBA students. Despite an intense schedule, Kurt has always remained committed to giving back to his alma mater. Kurt is the vice president and general manager of Regency Lighting in Van Nuys. He and wife Katie, a CSUN alumna ’97, have three children. He is a Lifetime member of the CSUN Alumni Association and vice president on the association Board of Directors.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lorraine SedlakLorraine Sedlak
1985 M.S. Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental & Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

As an active member of the chapter executive board, Lorraine has demonstrated leadership, loyalty and a sincere desire to serve Cal State Northridge, the chapter and the EOH program. Exhibiting exemplary character and integrity, she shares a willingness to go the extra mile to meet objectives. She continues to be a strong contributor to advancement of the chapter and the EOH program. She serves as an active alumni representative on the EOH Technical Symposium Steering Committee. During the past two years, she has been a member of the EOH Technical Symposium Working Group (ETSWG), which produces technical symposia on emerging environmental and occupational health issues. Lorraine is the chair for the ETSWG and the next technical symposium on Sustainability in Environmental and Occupational Health, scheduled for February 2010. Prior to receiving an MS in Environmental & Occupational Health from CSUN in 1985, Lorraine received a BS from UC Irvine, and has since earned an MBA from Pepperdine University. She is a Director for Health, Safety and Environmental for Black & Decker, Hardware & Home Improvement Group, and has earned the designations of CIH Certified Industrial Hygienist and CSP Certified Safety Professional.
 Leadman Yep
1989 B.A. Accounting Theroy and Practice
Accounting and IS Alumni Chapter

Playing an integral part in planning and coordinating the chapter’s role in the university’s 50th Grand Reunion, Leadman was able to promote this major campus event to alumni and was instrumental in the excellent attendance from Accounting alumni and their families. He spent many hours communicating with alumni to ensure a good turnout. His efforts on behalf of the chapter have helped to energize the Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter. As an involved student at Cal State Northridge, Leadman served as president of the Accounting Association, Beta Alpha Psi and Beta Gamma Sigma. He received his BS in Accounting in 1989. He is employed as Director of Accounting for J.D. Power and Associates in Westlake Village. He is married with two children to CSUN Accounting alumna, Jennifer Pua ’94. Active members of the President’s Circle, they are also Lifetime members of the Alumni Association.

2008 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Bonita Campbell Bonita Campbell
Retired Faculty
Engineering and Computer Science Alumni Chapter

Bonnie Campbell is a trailblazer who in her 33 years of service to the University and to the college has left an indelible legacy of leadership and achievement. Bonnie became the first woman in engineering at CSUN to hold a tenured faculty position and to serve as a department chair a position she held for a cumulative total of 13 years.    She also held the position of associate vice president for academic planning for five years. During her last years at CSUN, Campbell pioneered the creation of the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, and while serving as the founding department chair, established five degree programs, quintupled department size, gained the first program accreditation, funded department endowments, and supervised hundreds of graduate students. Of particular note, Dr. Campbell was largely responsible for quintupling the percentage of women students who were in enrolled in Engineering programs.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Shannon CoulterShannon Coulter
2002 B.A. Child Development, 2009 M.A. Early Childhood Education
Child and Adolesent Development Alumni Chapter

Shannon is a founding member of the Child and Adolescent Development Alumni chapter.  Serving as the chair of the Communications Committee, she created and maintains the chapter web site, and edited its first newsletter. In addition, she has served as an alum-mentor at chapter mentoring events, sharing her expertises in elementary education.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Bonnie FahertyBonnie Faherty
Retired Faculty
Nursing Alumni Chapter

With 40 years of leadership in the Nursing field, she is internationally recognized as a nurse practitioner and as a patient advocate.  Bonnie’s leadership has been critical to the Nursing Alumni Chapter where she has assisted with the development of the Honor Society of Nursing. Bonnie is a role model who feels personally enriched when she has the opportunities to mentor nurse leaders as she helps the CSUN Nursing program to continue to flourish.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Scott FifeScott Fife
1993 B.S. Health Sciences, 1996 M.S. Environ. & Occ. Health
Environmental and Ocupational Health Alumni Chapter

Scott has demonstrated leadership and loyalty by advising students at chapter speed mentoring programs, has worked diligently on the chapter’s project to honor EOH professor Kelly and was instrumental in facilitating a Safety and Health presentation at the Getty Museum.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Enrico PenaEnrico Pena
1986 B.S. Accounting
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter

Since graduating from CSUN, Enrico has been very involved with the AIS Alumni Chapter, holding the positions of historian, secretary and currently, serving as first vice president. He also serves as the official photographer for the chapter.  As a student he volunteered at the Center for Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA).
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Sunny RobertsSunny Roberts
1998 B.A. Speech Communication
Journalism Alumni Association

Alumna Sunny Roberts exemplifies the finest qualities of leadership.   Since 2002, Sunny has been one of the key anchors of the Journalism Alumni Association Board of Directors having served as treasurer and secretary and member of several JAA committees. Her leadership was central to the success of the JAA’s Journalism Reunion Silent Auction that raised $11,000. Sunny was another former highly involved student…she was the  managing editor of Scene Magazine.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Janice WoolseyJanice Woolsey
1989 B.A. Communicative Disorders, 1991 M.S. Communicative Disorders, 1992 Credential
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter

Janice serves as the liaison between the CDS Department and the Alumni Chapter.  She developed an annual boot camp event that helps students bridge the gap between academics and clinical case work through hands on assignments.  She has also developed a course in supervision training for RPE supervisors.
 Marty Zisner
1975 B.S. Health Science
Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

A Lifetime Member of the Alumni Association, Marty serves on the EOH Alumni Chapter Executive Board. He participates and helps organize chapter programs and events including Speed Mentoring, the EOH Technical Symposium Steering Committee, and EOH graduation receptions.  He also serves Southland residents as a member of his local Community Emergency Response team.

2007 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Damon CianciDamon Cianci
1996 B.S. Health Administration, 2002 M. S. Health Administration
Health Administration Alumni Chapter

Damon received a B.S in 1996 and a M.S. in 2002 in Health Administration from Cal State Northridge.  While a student, he was a volunteer at the Student Health Center, conducting new student orientations.  He also assisted the Director of the Center in developing business strategies for facilitating Health Center growth and in obtaining student feedback on services provided by the center. Since 2002, Damon has been an active member of the Health Administration Alumni Chapter, serving as the Membership Officer, Vice President and most recently, President.  During his tenure on the chapter board, Damon has made significant contributions to the chapter by providing leadership in establishing events for Health Administration students and alumni.  Damon was instrumental in developing the speed networking model and the Health Administration Chapter was the first alumni chapter to conduct this event.  Speed networking allows students to speak one-on-one with health care professionals who provide them with a better understanding of what it takes to achieve success in a particular field of interest.  Damon is a member of One-Voice, a non-profit organization which provides food and economic aid to under-served families.  In addition, he volunteers at a food distribution center.  He is currently working as an Operational Excellence Change Facilitator for Providence Health System in Burbank.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Deborah CoursDeborah Cours
Faculty, College of Business
Masters in Business Administration Alumni Chapter

Dr. Deborah Cours has been a member of the Marketing faculty in the College of Business & Economics since 1994.  She received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Iowa and a Ph.D. in Marketing from UCLA.  Currently she is the Director of Graduate and Evening Programs for the College. Debi was instrumental in establishing the Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship at Northridge and was its founding Director.  She was recognized for her business leadership by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal and she holds positions on several local boards including the North Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce, CHIME Institute, Build WorkSource and the Small Business Development Center. Debi founded the MBA Alumni Association Chapter and has been one of its most consistent supporters; donating her time and expertise to help the chapter develop and coordinate some of its most successful events, including the Masters in Business Speaker Series.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lisalee EgbertLisalee D. Egbert
1992 B.A. Liberal Studies, 1995 M.A. Deaf and Hard of Hearing
National Center on Deafness Alumni Chapter

Lisalee is the President of the CSUN/NCOD Alumni Capital Regional Chapter in Northern California.  She graduated from CSUN with a B.S. in Liberal Studies in 1991 and an M.A. in Special Education: Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in 1993.  She earned a Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University in 2005 focusing on Reading, Bilingual Education and Deaf Culture.  She and her husband, Steve Egbert, ’90, live in Northern California where she teaches at CSU Sacramento and Sierra Community College. Her research, exploring young children and their development, has enabled Lisalee to present papers at a variety of conferences, forums, and workshops on Reading, Bilingualism, English as a Secondary Language (ESL), and other areas related to deaf studies. As president of the regional chapter she spearheads the chapter’s bi-annual mini-reunions. She also coordinates monthly events for alumni to socialize and fundraise.  Even though the chapter is very new, they have been able to sponsor both Miss Deaf CSUNian and Miss Sacramento for the upcoming Miss Deaf California pageant as well as organize a summer reunion.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Gevork GabrielianGevork Gabrelian
1994 B.A. Cell and Molecular Biology
Alumni and Friends of the Armenian Studies Program

Enrolling at Cal State Northridge in 1990, Gevork studied to be a Molecular Biologist and earned his degree in Cell and Molecular Biology in 1994.   At Northridge, he became an active member in the Armenian Student Association (ASA), one of the largest Armenian campus associations in the United States.  His leadership and mentoring skills, developed through his involvement in the ASA, led to his appointment as Director of the Armenian Tutorial Project. The project, a campus-chartered organization, mentors underprivileged, newly-arrived Armenian high school students with specialized tutorial assistance that helps them assimilate into a new culture. In 1999, Gevork joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Papua, New Guinea where he applied his educational training as a general science and biology high school teacher. Since returning to the States, he studied graphic and web design, and has become a successful web designer.   In 2005, he joined the “Returned Peace Corps Volunteers” Board and began his involvement as an active member of Cal State Northridge’s Association of Armenian Alumni and Friends.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Ralph JonesRalph Jones
1996 B.S. Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter

After attending California State University, San Diego, majoring in mathematics and engineering, he spent thirty-two years in the Aerospace industry holding various positions from Senior Test Systems Engineer to Assistant to the Vice President of Logistics Support.  In 1991, he took an early retirement and returned to school to study Environmental and Occupational Health (EOH), earning a B.S. degree in 1996.  Before retiring again in 2001 he spent over six years as plant safety manager for an explosives manufacturing company.  Currently Ralph is a Senior Independent Safety Consultant for DuPont Safety Resources. Ralph graduated with honors having received several awards including American Industrial Hygiene Association Chapter Student of the Year and the Academic Achievement Award from Northridge's Educational Equity Program.  He currently serves on the Environmental and Occupational Health Professional Advisory Board.  With Ralph as president, the EOH Alumni chapter successfully expanded the chapter's speed mentoring programs to alumni and students.  He is an active participant on the Alumni Association Board of Directors and a Lifetime Member of the Association.
 Tahseena Khan
2003 B.S. Electrical Engineering, 2005 M.S. Engineering Management
Engineering & Computer Science Alumni Chapter

During her years at CSUN, Tahseena was a very involved student.  She was president of the student branch of the Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE) from 2001-03.  This organization became one of the most active student groups at CSUN during that period.  She was instrumental in organizing activities including training workshops, company presentations, faculty/student mixers and the department graduation banquet. Tahseena was a founder and president of the Engineering & Computer Science Alumni Chapter organizing speed mentoring events where alumni came to campus to advise students in the senior design class.  The event was based on the popular speed dating concept.  She was instrumental in building partnerships with professional engineering organizations in the San Fernando Valley and helped bring outstanding speakers in technical fields for the monthly Speaker’s Series.  That series provided networking experience and opportunities for alumni and students.  After earning a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2003 and an M.S. in Electrical Management in 2005, Tahseena is continuing her education as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Marcy NewmanMarcy Newman
2004 B.A. Communication Studies
Education Alumni Chapter

As an undergraduate at CSUN, Marcy was actively involved in several student organizations including the Orientation Program, TAKE 16, the Order of Omega and Alpha Xi Delta.  She joined the Office of Alumni Relations in 2005 serving as the Chapter Programs Coordinator.  Marcy was responsible for event planning and coordinating chapter events for over 20 alumni chapters. She went above and beyond the scope of her job to assist the Education chapter volunteers in setting annual goals and accomplishing their plans. Her personal involvement made the volunteer experience warm and welcoming. After graduating from Northridge in 2004 with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Marcy continued her education earning a Masters in Education in Post- Secondary Administration and Student Affairs from USC in 2007.  She is currently working at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los Angeles as a Coordinator for Student Activities and Commuter Services.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Patricia TabidianPatricia Tabidian
1998 M.S. Recreation
Recreation Alumni Chapter

Pat earned her M.S. in Recreation in 1998, while working as a full-time staff member at CSUN.  She began in the College of Business in 1990 and joined the staff of Recreation and Tourism Management in the College of Health and Human Development as the Department Secretary in 1993.  Pat had a brief stint in the College of Heath and Human Development Office and then rejoined RTM in 2005 as Department Coordinator.  She is currently teaching a Women and Leisure on-line course as a part-time faculty member.  As a student she received several scholarships including the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS), Chi Kappa Rho and CSUN Gerontology Department.  She also earned the LSRC Burt Anderson Scholarship for Outstanding Graduate Student and the Chair’s Award.  She was an involved student as an active member of the Recreation Majors Association, Chi Kappa Rho Recreation Honors Society, Rho Phi Lambda Recreation Student Society and the NRPA and CPRS. Her undergraduate studies were completed at Emporia State University in Emporia, KS. Pat’s service to Cal State Northridge includes being a member of the Public Safety Advisory Board, CERT training, Floor Marshal and Union Steward.  She is also on the Executive Board of the Recreation Alumni Chapter.  Her interest in community included her roles as a Brownie Girl Scout leader and a Race Official for the Northridge Pacers Track team.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Donna WatkinsDonna Watkins
2001 B.S. Accountancy
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Association

Donna Watkins has held numerous leadership positions in the Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Association, one of the largest Alumni Chapters of the Cal State Northridge Alumni Association.   Donna served as Treasurer, then Vice President of Membership before becoming President of the chapter. Donna has worked on campus since 1998 having earned her degree in Accountancy in December of 2001.   A CPA, Donna is Program Coordinator for The Wayne and Roberta Colmer VITA program.   VITA was founded at Cal State Northridge in 1971 and was the first program of its kind in the nation.  VITA provides timely and relevant federal and state information to the community concerning taxpayers’ rights and responsibilities.  In addition, this program satisfies the widespread need for free tax return assistance, primarily for low-income individuals, senior citizens, non-English-speaking individuals, and the disabled who live in the area surrounding the university.   Through this program, Northridge students are able to combine academic study and community service.  Under Donna’s leadership, and with the support of the Accounting and IS Alumni Association, students are improving their technical skills and becoming more competent, disciplined, and confident while providing a much needed service.

2006 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Richard KatzRichard Katz
1979 B.S. Physical Therapy, 1985 M.A. Kinesiolgy
Physical Therapy Alumni Chapter
Rick earned a bachelor of science degree in 1979 and obtained his physical therapy certification from a combined program at Cal State Northridge and UCLA in 1980 and a master’s degree from Cal State Northridge in 1985. As a physical therapist, Rick developed programs for Cardiac, Pulmonary and Stroke patients and was affiliated with a Sports Injury and Coaches Clinic. He has taught courses in biomechanics, therapeutic agents and physical therapy management at Cal State Northridge for 10 years. He has help numerous elected and appointed positions at the state and local levels of the American Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) including finance officer, chairperson of the government affairs committee and member of the executive committee. He is the recipient of the CPTA’s McKillip Leadership Award, and in 2005 the College of Health and Human Development honored him as an alumnus of distinction. Rick’s career continued in the area of physical therapy clinic management when he oversaw over 300 locations in 17 Western States for the large rehabilitation provider. He has worked closely with industry leaders in the development and management of physical therapy practices. A member of the Northridge Kiwanis, Rick is the founder, President and CEO of Adient Health, Inc., a multi-state developer and operator of physical therapy facilities. Somehow, Rick has found time to become a volunteer leader at his alma mater, serving as the inaugural president of the Physical Therapy Alumni Chapter.  
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Sandra LandauSandra Landau
1986 Environmental and Occupational Health
Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter
Sandra began her career in environmental health and safety simultaneously with the enactment and formal implementation of the Clean Air and Clean Water acts of the 1980’s. Starting as a paid intern at PaperMate through Professor Dennis Kelly, she held environmental engineering positions at Northrop Grumman before heading to Harmon International to establish that company’s first Environment, Health and Safety Department. For the last seven years she has served as an environmental and safety engineer for Technicolor Home Entertainment Services. In her role, she has helped develop Environmental Health and Safety Systems designed to protect human health and the physical environment of the company. Over the years Sandra has been a member of the EOH program and express loyalty to her alma mater. She served as the first EOH Alumni Chapter president and organized a speed mentoring event, electronic waste symposium and social events for the chapter. She is a native Californian, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Ellen McfaddenEllen McFadden
Retired Faculty, Department of Health Science
Nursing Alumni Chapter
Ellen came to Cal State Northridge in 1995 as director for the Nursing Program in the Department of Health Sciences and now is professor emeritus. Beyond her exceptional tenure as director in during the nursing program through its first nine graduating classes and achieving national accreditation, she has continues in retirement to support the program and lend her expertise. These efforts include her award-winning work with the China Institute, representing the nursing program at local, state, and national meetings, guest lectures in nursing classes, unpaid consultation with current nursing faculty, guiding the Honor Society of Nursing toward national recognition, providing guidance to the BSN Student Association, and supporting the Nursing Alumni Chapter. Ellen is a member of Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society.
 Denise Middleton
1983 B.A Communicative Disorders,1986 M.A. Communicative Disorders
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter
Denise is one of our university’s greatest examples of a loyal and dedicated volunteer. She served as the CDS alumni leadership board from 1991 to 2006. Once the organization formally affiliated with the Alumni Association, she served as Vice President and then as Chapter President from 2004-2006. In addition to her alumni leadership roles she served on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists in Private Practice and has served on the Board of Directors of the California Association Speech Pathologists and Audiologists. Denise received the Latina Entrepreneur Award from the Latino Business Association in 2004 and was recognized by her college as an alumna of distinction in 2005. While a CSUN undergraduate and graduate student Denise volunteered for the S.T.E.P. tutorial program through the Department of Elementary Education. Denise owns Miller and Standel, her own private speech language pathology practice. In between her busy schedule, her dedication to Cal State Northridge has always been apparent to those around her. She has dedicated much of her time to the Alumni Association and to helping students through externship opportunities.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Joyce OsbaldstonJoyce Osbaldston
1969 B.A. Psychology, 2001 M.A. Secondary Education
Education Alumni Chapter
Joyce is a native in California and has been an educator for 30 years. She began her teaching career working as an elementary teacher for Alhambra City Schools. After 10 years of service, she resigned to begin a family and assume an administrative position with Tutoring Plus in Chatsworth. Joyce assisted in the employment, assignment and training of tutors assigned to all levels of education from elementary to college. In addition to her teaching assignments, she has been a student advisor and department chair in mathematics for the last ten years. Joyce returned to graduate studies at Cal State Northridge in 1998. She majored in Computer Education and graduated in honors in 2001. She assumed her duties as chapter president of the Education Chapter in 2005. Joyce was named to the Who’s Who in Education in 1996 and 2005. She is a member of the California Math Council, National Council of Teachers, and the National Board of Mathematics Teachers.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Toby ReyesToby Reyes
2003 B.S. Accountancy
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
Toby was a highly involved student leader who has continued to demonstrate his loyalty to the university as an alumnus. As a student he was a member of the Accounting Association, eventually becoming a director and executive board member. In 2002 he was elected the organization’s president. He held leadership positions with the Latino Business Association, Alpha Kappa Psi (business fraternity) and Lambda Chi Alpha (social fraternity). His leadership skills and love of the university were recognized by his student peers and subsequently he was elected as a campus senator and then vice president of the Associated Students. Somehow, Toby found time to participate in the VITA program, first as a preparer and co-coordinator and eventually becoming a director. He continues to volunteer his time as an alumnus trainer and mentor. Not surprisingly, Toby is a member of the Alumni Association and within a few years of his graduation has become the president of the Accounting IS Alumni Association. Even in his role as past president of the group, he has insisted on serving as membership vice president Toby defines what leadership and volunteerism is all about.
 Mattie Schmidt
2003 B.A. Cinema and Television Arts
Entertainment Alumni Network
Mattie is an alumna who earned her degree in Cinema and Television Arts in 2003 with an option in Screenwriting and has continued to stay closely connected to her alma matter since then. A member of the Alumni Association, Mattie is one of the founding members of the Entertainment Alumni Network. The chapter organizes alumni networking and mentoring events for the thousands of Northridge alumni who are connected in some way with film and television. When she’s not volunteering for Cal State Northridge she serves as a coordinator for Allan Padelford Camera Cars. The company builds vehicles and platforms for high performance mobile filming for motion pictures and television. Many of the stunt sequences for the NASCAR comedy “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” were coordinated through Mattie’s company and with her assistance.
 Scott Selna
1992 B.A. Liberal Studies
National Center on Deafness Alumni Chapter
Whether in his campus administrative role for the National Center on Deafness or in volunteer capacities on behalf of the NCOD Alumni Chapter, Alumnus Scott Selna is always helping other people. As a print communications coordinator for NCOD, Scott organizes and places 30 professional hourly note takers and 75 stipend note takers to ensure that deaf and hard of hearing students receive notes at the conclusion of the class period. In addition he ensures that real-time captioning is available to students who prefer that method of note taking. Scott serves as an advisor and mentor to the Deaf CSUNians organization. That involvement parlayed into leadership capacities with the NCOD Alumni Chapter. He has been instrumental in coordinating alumni reunion activities as well as the annual NCOD alumni and friends Dodgers baseball picnic and game. Since his student days on campus, he has remained active and involved in the National Softball Association for the Deaf. As a student, his intramural teams carried home six championship trophies. Today, he receives another deserving away in recognition of his leadership and service.
 Brian Skipper
1975 B.S. Engineering
Engineering Alumni Chapter
Brian was an engineering student in the early 1970s who just wanted to make his Volkswagen sand buggy go faster. Toward the end, he stumbled into a job at a local performance parts-maker that made sway bars- u shaped rods that prevent a race car from leaning too much as it turns a corner. More than 20 years later, Brian owns that company, Sway-A-Way, Inc. Under Brian’s leadership the company has nearly doubled its revenues in recent years and has expanded a product line catering to off-road vehicles and suspension systems for sprint cars and Winston Cup racers. “By the time I graduated from school in ’75, I had been working as a part-time mechanical engineering consultant for Sway-A-Way and had learned a lot about building off-road engines,” Skipper says. “ I wanted something where I could gain experience and put my mechanical engineering education fully into play.” Brain continues to serve as an advisor to the Mechanical Engineering Department, has worked closely with the formula car team and sets a great example for other alumni volunteer leaders to follow.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lisa Welker-Finney.Lisa Welker-Finney
1985 B.S. Recreation, 1988 M.S. Recreation
Recreation Alumni Chapter
Lisa is the director of talent management and organization development at WellPoint Health Network. Lisa has applied her own expertise in recruiting, training, assessment and career-development to organize and enhance the Leisure Studies and Recreation Alumni Chapter. Lisa earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from the Department of Leisure Studies and Recreation but her association with the department didn’t end with graduation. She has designed, written and edited the LSRC semi-annual Alumni Newsletter and developed and created an internship database. Practicing is what she preaches, she has hired students from the department to serve as interns at WellPoint. She served as an adjunct professor from 1988-91’ and continues to teach conflict resolution and guest lecture on other topics for the department. Each semester she assembles an interview panel of professionals and organizes interview/job search/mentoring night for senior seminar students. At WellPoint, she has created health and wellness fairs, and employee services campaigns, and raised funds and awareness Breast Cancer.

2005 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Jose Castellon Jose Castellon
1984 B.S. Electrical Engineering
Engineering and Computer Science Alumni Chapter
After completing a B.S. at Northridge and earning an M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, Jose began his career with Northrop Grumman. Currently serving as their Space Technology Platforms & Integrating Technology Director, Jose is responsible for spacecraft platform strategy and all the associated research and development activities for Mechanical Systems, Avionics, Electrical Power, Propulsion, Autonomy & Controls, and Robotics. A loyal and supportive Northridge alumnus, Jose also serves on the Industrial Affiliates Board for the Cal State Northridge College of Engineering and Computer Science.
 Ghassan "Gus" Elias
1994 B.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, 2001 M.S. Engineering Managment
MSEM Alumni Chapter
Gus is a double alumnus of Cal State Northridge. In 1994, he received a B.S. degree in Engineering, specializing in Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, and in 2001, an M.S. in Engineering Management. At present, he is the Material Control Manager and Senior Certification Engineer of Moore Industries International in North Hills.  As a founding part-time faculty member of the Manufacturing Systems Engineering and management, Department, Gus helped this department become operational, and he has been instrumental in the creation and implementation of the on-line version of the degree program, in which he both teaches and now serves as the Academic Program Director.
 Claudia Garcia
1994 B.S. Management Information Systems
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
After graduating from Cal State Northridge in 1994 with a degree in Management Information Systems from the College of Business, Claudia remained close to her alma mater. She has been employed at Northridge since 1989, first as a student assistant and following graduation, as a professional staff member in the College of Business. Claudia is currently a Business Information Technology Consultant for the Office of Information Systems in the College of Business. As a student, Claudia was an active volunteer, and she has continued this tradition by serving as Vice President and later President of the Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter. Claudia is currently pursuing her MBA at Northridge with an emphasis in Information Systems.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Joy GuihamaJoy Guihama
1995 M.P.H. Public Health
Masters of Public Health Alumni Chapter
Guihama currently serves as division manager for the Health Promotion and Policy Development Division of the City of Pasadena's Public Health Department. As division manager, she is responsible for all administrative, programmatic, and fiscal oversight of the Health Promotion and Policy Development Division. Additionally, as the Public Health Department's Public Information Officer, Joy is responsible for reviewing department public relations materials and monitors all media communications. Joy started her volunteer work at Northridge as a member of the Master of Public Health Department Advisory Council and served as the inaugural president of the first MPH Alumni chapter in 2003. She also spearheads the continuing education committee for the council. Joy earned her undergraduate degree in Economics from UCLA, and her Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) from Cal State Northridge in 1995.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Claire HerczegClaire Herczeg
2000 M.B.A. Masters of Business Administration
Masters of Business Alumni Chapter
Graduating from Cal State Northridge with her MBA in 2000, Claire is a founding member of MBAA alumni chapter.  Claire helped develop the chapter in 2003 and since then has served in several different leadership roles Her work has enabled the chapter to grow its membership and plan several successful events.  No job was ever too big or too small for her.  Claire's support of Northridge, particularly the MBA program and her willingness to go the extra mile to take the chapter to the next level are second to none. When not volunteering at Northridge, Claire serves as Manager of Resource Projects at J.D. Power and Associates.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lauren KinastLauren Kinast
1994 B.A. Graphic Design, 2005 M.A. Educational Administration
National Center on Deafness Alumni Chapter
Lauren has been involved with the NCOD Alumni chapter since its inception in 2003. A double alumnae from Northridge receiving her B.A. in Graphic Design in 1994 from the College of Arts, Media, and Communication and an M.A in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies from the Michael D. Eisner College of Education this year. For the last four and a half years, she has been employed by the National Center on Deafness as their Coordinator of Interpreting Services. As co-chair of the recent  NCOD reunion weekend, Lauren helped to plan several events for over 200 alumni that included a reception, banquet and family picnic. She has been a driving force behind the chapters recent successful growth in membership.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lorraine MacNaughtonLorraine Macnaughton
1983 B.S. Physical Therapy
Physical Therapy Alumni Chapter
Lorraine Macnaugton graduated with a B.S. in Health Science/Physical Therapy Certificate in 1984.  Currently, she is employed full time with Kaiser Permanente, home health physical therapy division.  Her volunteer contributions to Northridge have been a continual support to the physical therapy program.  Lorraine has lectured in several of physical therapy master’s degree classes, and participated in the selection and interview panels for new physical therapy major candidates.  She has generously volunteered her time to the California Physical Therapy Association, and the Board of Trustees for the California Physical Therapy Political Action Committee.  Lorraine was one of the founding members of the Physical Therapy Alumni Association.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Cynthia McAuleyCynthia McAuley
1975 B.A. Philosophy, 1983 M.S. Recreation
Recreation Alumni Chapter
Cyndi has volunteered in several capacities at the Department of Leisure Studies and Recreation since earning her Masters Degree in Recreation in 1983.  Serving as an alumni spokesperson on a number of accreditation committees and as a member of the department advisory council, Cyndi has remained a strong supporter of her alma mater. For the last three years, she has served as the council secretary and co-editor of the newly published LSRC newsletter. Cyndi has also been instrumental in working with the College of Health and Human Development to provide Cal State Northridge students internship opportunities at the Therapeutic Living Center for the Blind (TLC), in Reseda, where she serves as Associate Director for the facility. TLC provides year-round, 24 hour a day residential care for multi-handicapped adults challenged by developmental disabilities and blindness.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Maria RamosMaria Ramos
1993 B.A. Mexican-American Studies, 1995 M.A. Educational Leadership
Education Alumni Chapter
Maria Ramos attended Cal State Northridge as an undergraduate, earning her bachelor's degree in 1993 in Chicano Studies and her master's degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in 1995. She served as education manager for the Los Angeles Opera in their Education and Community Programs division, helping to develop a wide range of educational opportunities for students and teachers in the region. Maria helped the Alumni Association organize two “Day at the Opera” events for local teachers, with more than 100 teachers attending each event. She was the founding president of the Education Alumni Chapter, and in just two years, was instrumental in providing the energy, enthusiasm and organizational skills that transformed the chapter into one of the University’s largest. She currently serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors as the Chair of Chapters. Ramos is currently working in Mexico City, Mexico, for the Rigoberta Menchu Tum Foundation.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Marianne Stone-SmithMarianne Stone-Smith
1992 B.A. Communicative Disorders, 1995 M.A. Communicative Disorders
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter
The recipient of the California Speech Language Hearing Association Service Award and the Chapter’s Alumnae of the Year Award, Marianne is a highly respected speech pathologist and loyal alumna. As an active member of her alumni chapter, Marianne helped organize continuing education workshops, participated in career nights and organized two rummage sales and a vendor fair. She also helped develop the criteria for the Ruth Harris Award for Clinical Excellence and assists with the annual hooding ceremony at graduation. Marianne works as a speech pathologist and master teacher in the Saugus Union School District, chairs the Board of Small World Preschool and is a member of the Board of Directors of the California Speech Language Hearing Association.
 Cassandra Yeh
2003 B.S. Finance
Finance and Real Estate Alumni Chapter
As a student, Cassandra was an active member of the Student Finance Association and volunteered at the Career Center. Through her dedication and leadership she helped create traditional events that still take place in the Student Finance Association today. Since graduation from Northridge with a B.S. in Finance Real Estate and Insurance in 2003, Cassandra has continued her activities with the Career Center through outreach to students and participation on speaker panels at career information days. For the last two years she served as President of the Finance and Real Estate Alumni chapter and instituted several alumni-student mentoring programs. Cassandra continually challenges students to make the most of their time in college. Outside of her volunteer work at Northridge, Cassandra started her own real estate investment company.

2004 Alumni Chapter Recipients

 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Paul AlbertPaul Albert
1997 B.S. Health Administration
Health Administration Alumni Chapter
Paul is currently a project manager with Kaiser Permanente in the Health Plan Regulatory Services department.  Prior to his current position, Paul was an internal consultant with management consulting for Kaiser Permanente. A few years after graduating from CSUN with a B.S. in health administration, Paul volunteered to serve the alumni chapter. During his previous term as the chair of professional development for the chapter, Paul recruited several executives from Kaiser Permanente to participate in a speed-networking event sponsored by the Health Administration Alumni Association.  The event was viewed as a great success by allowing students to interact with health care leaders in the industry.  Currently, Paul is the vice president of the alumni chapter.   
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Kristin AmeyKristin Amey
1992 B.A. Child Development, 1995 M.S. Marriage, Family, Child Counseling
National Center on Deafness Alumni Chapter
Kristin received her B.A. degree in child development from the University in 1992, and in 1995 earned a M.S. in marriage and family counseling.  After graduating she became a counselor for abused deaf children at Five Acres in Altadena, CA. Kristin started working as a student personnel specialist at NCOD in May of 1997 and continued here in that capacity until 2003.  At that time she switched her focus at NCOD and began working with the Western Region Outreach Center & Consortia where she is now the project director. She has been instrumental in spearheading a grass roots campaign to start the alumni chapter. She also advises the Alpha Sigma Theta Sorority.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Keith JajkoKeith Jajko
1990 B.A. Journalism
Journalism Alumni Chapter
Keith has served in various leadership positions for the Journalism Alumni Association and became chapter president in 2003.  He’s been instrumental in helping the chapter communicate to alumni through print and web communications the needs of the Journalism Department. Since graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northridge, in 1990 he has spent 14 years in journalism, politics, public relations and corporate communications. He began his career as a  staff writer with The Enterprise newspaper in Simi Valley, moved on to the Los Angeles Daily News and then he spent five years with Ventura County Supervisor Judy Mikels, as press secretary and later chief of staff, before spending most of 2000 with Fleishman-Hillard, the nation's largest public relations firm serving numerous clients, including Pacific Bell, United Airlines and Sony PlayStation 2. Today he operates his own public relations and government affairs consulting firm working in Ventura and Los Angeles counties. He has provided communications counseling and writing to elected officials, ballot campaigns, land-use development proposals, small businesses and more.
 Dewayne Jones
1992 B.S. Finance
Finance and Real Estate Alumni Chapter
After graduating from Northridge in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in finance, Dewayne began working as a consultant Sourcetek Company, placing executives in the field of engineering and computer science.  Dewayne continued his support of Cal State Northridge by volunteering to start the first Finance and Real Estate Alumni Chapter for Northridge. Working diligently the first year to draft the charter and bylaws, recruit an executive board, and plan events, he built the foundation for one of the largest alumni chapters today. Now serving as past president for the chapter, Dewayne remains connected to the chapter and the university.
 Annie Ksadzhikyan
2003 B.A. Political Science
Association of Armenian Alumni
Annie serves as secretary on the board of the Association of Armenian Alumni and has built a reputation as a most loyal alumna.  Annie’s work has streamlined chapter meetings and has helped the chapter focus on how it may not only serve Armenian students and alumni but the university as a whole.  From her vibrant meeting minutes to her leadership abilities during the chapter’s biggest event of the year, the Armenian graduation recognition reception, Annie has shown time and time again her dedication to the Chapter.  She received her B.S. in political science in 2003, and is currently in law school at the University of West Los Angeles.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Tammy TolgoTammy Tolgo
2002 M.B.A. Masters in Business Administration
Masters in Business Alumni Chapter
With a B.A. from UC Santa Cruz (‘97) and an MBA from CSUN (‘02), Tammy joined the MBA program as the assistant director shortly after graduation.  Despite a lean staff and responsibilities that spanned from recruitment to academic counseling, Tammy volunteered her own time to support and join a group of recent MBA graduates in founding the Masters of Business Alumni Association. The MBA Association is now a key compliment in the continued growth of CSUN's MBA program. Currently an Executive Recruiter with Ajilon Finance, Tammy continues to add value to chapter via her tireless planning and networking as the director of membership.  Her close contact with the College of Business and Economics enables her to reach fellow Northridge alumni and current MBA students to assist them in taking their careers to the next level.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Giovanni TrivinoGiovanni Trivino
2000 B.A. Liberal Studies, 2002 M.P.A. Public Administration
Association of Latino Alumni
Giovanni shares his time between teaching at Sepulveda Middle School in the special education department and serving as a principle financial advisor and real estate broker for Liberty Financial Services in Downey. Despite his busy professional life, he finds additional spare time to serve as one of the chief volunteers for the Association of Latino Alumni. Giovanni’s leadership has been essential to the growth of the Alumni Chapter.  He has taken on marketing responsibilities for the chapter’s Fiesta Mexicana event that annually attracts over 1200 to the Ford Amphitheater.  Proceeds from the event helps support the Alumni Association’s First Generation Scholarships. Giovanni has received both his Bachelors and Masters degrees at CSUN and is currently working on a teaching credential.    
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Diane VisencioDiane Visencio
2001 M.P.H. Public Health
Masters of Public Health Alumni Chapter
Diane has played a vital role in developing the Masters of Public Health (MPH) Advisory Council and MPH Alumni Association. Throughout her various professional roles she has always served as a wonderful mentor and without her enthusiasm many programs and individuals would not be where they are today.  Diane is currently working for the Disaster Management, Bioterrorism Unit for the Ventura County Public Health Department.  She has worked for the Ventura County Public Health Department for over 20 years, her last six as the maternal child adolescent health director.  She has also served as the statewide president of the County MCH Directors Association.  She currently serves as adjunct faculty for the Masters in Public Health program at CSUN and volunteers her time serving on both the Alumni Chapter and MPH department advisory boards.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Lisa WhiteLiza White
1979 B.A. Communicative Disorders, 1980 M.A. Communicative Disorders
Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Chapter
After retiring from practice as a speech therapist Liza turned her attention to community-building activities, becoming active in the earliest attempts to create an alumni association chapter for the Department of Communication Disorders and Sciences.  Responding to a department call for alumni to raise funds to furnish rooms in its new home at Monterey Hall, Liza took it upon herself to engage dozens of alumni and was instrumental along with Barbara Samuels in writing the first bylaws of the Alumni chapter. For five years, from 1999 to 2004, she served as the group’s president and helped establish a mission to sustain interaction among alumni, students and faculty and work in collaborative ways to enhance the best interest of the department and the university.  In addition to her work with the chapter Liza serves on the board of directors of the League of Women Voters of Los Angeles and acts as a trustee of the Salimbaceous Trust.
 Morris Zagha
1998 B.A. Accounting
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
Morris Zagha of the Walt Disney Company has always been determined to volunteer his time and expertise to his alma mater.  An honors student in accounting, Morris served as student president of the Accounting Association and earned status as a lifetime member in Beta Alpha Psi at the time of his graduation in 1998.  Almost immediately, Morris committed to helping current students by serving as an alumnus mentor and serving as treasurer for the Accounting and IS Alumni Association.  As an officer of the alumni chapter he and others were instrumental in taking on the sponsorship of the accounting graduation ceremony and presenting programs such as the Alumni Career and Resume Review Workshop.  In 2000 he became president of the organization and nearly every year since 2001, he has volunteered his time as an instructor for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.  In addition, he has often been a speaker for Informational meetings that has given students keen insights into the accounting profession.   

2003 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Earl Weiss Earl Weiss
Faculty Member, College of Business and Economics
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
Earl Weiss has been a member of the Northridge faculty for almost 20 years. Currently the Chair of the Department of Accounting and Information Systems, he previously served six years as Special Assistant to the President under presidents Cleary and Wilson. Professor Weiss, who is an attorney and CPA, has dedicated his academic career to building one of the nation’s most respected accounting programs. Through the years, he has demonstrated an equal commitment to the Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter by embracing it as an integral part of the Department and donating his time and support to the achievement of its mission. Earl also has served on numerous campus committees, and has supported the University in the public arena and at hundreds of cultural and community events.
 Carol Shepherd
2001 M.S. Health Administration
Health Administration Alumni Chapter
After returning to college at mid-career to complete her bachelor’s degree, Carole Shepherd valued her campus experience enough to remain at Northridge in order to earn a master’s degree in Health Administration, graduating first in her class with honors in 2001. Rather than pursue the health care profession, she developed a few cutting-edge and successful home and Internet-based businesses and partnerships. Although not directly involved in health care at this time, Carole has maintained her support of the Northridge program by volunteering to serve as the first president of the newly formed Health Administration Alumni Chapter. Carole recruited and then led an active volunteer board that has revitalized alumni interests, increased membership and hosted successful events to support the Health Administration Program. After 18 months as the chapter’s founding president, she has turned over the reins but continues her service to the chapter as its immediate past president.
 Alumni-Picture-ChapterAward-Nolan StewartNolan Stewart
1976 M.S. Recreation
Recreation Alumni Chapter

Nolan Stewart has built a regional and national reputation as an advocate and educator in the field of recreation therapy. AS an alumnus and member of the Department of Recreation Parks and Tourism Management Advisory Board, Nolan’s skills were instrumental in the creation of the Recreation Alumni Chapter. He is a consummate volunteer for education and enlightenment of his profession. In 1978, he was recognized by the California Park and Recreation Society’s Therapeutic Section for his applied practices and his lifetime achievements in the profession. Since 1967, he has served as a consultant to several nursing homes and mental health facilities. After more than 31 years with the Los Angeles Count departments of Health Services and Mental Health, he retired from service in 1998. He has extensive experience in developing and conducting psychosocial rehabilitation programs that have contributed to the discipline here at Northridge, and the community as a whole.

2002 Alumni Chapter Recipients

Robert Barker
Faculty Member, College of Business and Economics
Accounting and Information Systems Alumni Chapter
Most organizations can name those few individuals who, because of their long-term dedicated support and commitment, give life to the endeavor.  For the Accounting and IS Alumni Chapter, that person is Robert Barker.  Although serving as a member of the faculty and then chair for the Department of Accounting and Information Systems until 1997 got him involved in the organization, his strong volunteer spirit keeps him coming back.  Robert was instrumental in the formation and continued advancement as one of the first alumni chapters organized on campus.  Although he now serves as the university controller, Robert still attends monthly meetings when his schedule permits, encouraging alums to participate in events or to become involved in the executive board.  Robert received both his master’s and Ph.D. from University of Alabama.  He and his wife, Corinne, both work on campus.
David E. Brady
1992 B.A. Journalism
Journalism Alumni Chapter
Believe it or not, you don’t have to physically live in California to become an indispensable volunteer for Cal State Northridge.  After his job moved him across the country, David became one of our best virtual volunteers.  Credited with creating and launching the Journalism Alumni Association web site,, David is an invaluable member of the JAA Board.  From Florida, he is constantly communicating with board members, reminding them of items of importance and raising issues early on to prevent them from becoming big problems later.  David may not be physically present at board meetings, but he is certainly a very big time performer.  As a student, David served as a writer, editor and writing coach for the Daily Sundial, and upon graduation was honored as the Journalism Department’s Outstanding Graduating Senior in 1992.  When he is not surfing the Web in support of JAA, David works as a publicist for Walt Disney World Resorts.  David and his wife, Sylvia L. Oliande, a 1993 CSUN alumna, live in Orlando, Florida.
Sesar Carreno
1995 B.A. History
Association of Latino Alumni
Graduating with a B.A. in history in 1995, Sesar has been an educator for eight years, the last four as a middle-school teacher with the Los Angeles Archdiocese at St. Rose of Lima in the city of Maywood.  Since graduation, Sesar has been volunteering for the university.  He has spent the last five years cultivating interest in forming a chapter for Latino alumni.  Many days were spent drumming up interest, handing out literature at events, writing the chapter bylaws and responding to inquiries.  This year, it finally paid off and ALA was officially chartered.  All of the Carreno family siblings have graduated from CSUN, leaving quite a legacy.  Sesar’s brother Alex graduated in 1996 with a degree in business administration and his younger brother Carlos will follow in his footsteps with a degree in history, upon graduation this May.  Sesar was married last year and has a daughter.
Loree Fink
2000 B.S. Nursing
Nursing Alumni Chapter
Loree didn’t realize when she started her senior seminar assignment that it would turn into the Nursing Alumni Chapter one year later, but that’s exactly what happened.  Beginning as a newsletter to connect fellow students in the R.N. to B.S.N. program with alumni practicing in the field, Loree expanded the vision and launched a full-fledged alumni chapter.  When she graduated with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in May 2000, she enthusiastically agreed to continue as volunteer to keep the momentum going.  With a full time job, five kids at home, a new marriage, and enrollment in the school nurse credential program, Loree found time to plan a five-year reunion for the first B.S.N. graduating class and several networking mixers for nursing alumni.  Loree is currently chapter president.
Joni Novosel
2001 B.S. Finance, 2006 M.S. Health Administration
Finance Alumni Chapter
As a 2001 graduate of PACE, the Program for Adult College Education, geared to meet the needs of busy full-time working students, motivated to graduate within two years, Joni hit the ground and has not stopped volunteering.  Earning her B.S. in finance, and working full time as a managed care regional manager for the National Healthcare Review, Joni immediately became involved in the newly formed Finance Alumni Chapter.  Serving as the vice president of membership, she is constantly on the phone, e-mail, and fax encouraging other alumni to become actively involved in their alma mater.  Joni routinely volunteers above and beyond the average commitment level, filling in for vacant chapter officer positions and many times holding dual roles.  Her accelerated level of enthusiasm has resulted in the Finance Alumni Chapter becoming one of the largest newly chartered groups.  Joni and her husband Nicolas, another CSUN alumnus who works on campus, often joins the Alumni Association at several social events throughout the year.
James Overall
1982 B.S. Recreation
Recreation Alumni Chapter
In his role as the recreation therapist at the Child and Family Guidance Center in Northridge, for more that 12 years, Jim has tirelessly volunteered as an on-site supervisor for recreation therapy interns and undergraduate recreation practicum students working toward their degree at CSUN.  As a Northridge graduate himself, earning a B.S. in therapeutic recreation in 1983, Jim recognizes the value of co-curricular experiences for students and has continually sought to create further opportunities in the field.  In 2000, he was asked to serve as chair of the department’s curriculum advisory committee charged with reviewing current course requirements.  Following accreditation, he volunteered to remain in the role to further advice faculty on continuing issues facing the department.  Jim also teaches part-time at the university.
David Phelps
2000 B.A. Political Science
Matadors By the Bay Alumni Chapter
David completed his B.S. degree in political science in 2000 and recently began work on his Master’s in public administration at the university.  While a student, David excelled in extracurricular activities.  He was an honored member of Sigma Phi Epsilon, a student representative on the USU Board of Directors, and was elected Associated Students vice president.  In addition to his public roles, David also served as the Matador mascot, entertaining longtime fans and future Matadors alike.  Upon graduation David didn’t stop volunteering.  After moving to San Francisco, illustrating his dedication to CSUN, David continued his involvement by contributing to the creation of the first regional alumni chapter, Matadors by the Bay, including drafting the charter and bylaws as well as taking responsibility for event planning.  Although he has recently moved by to the Los Angeles area, serving as a field representative for the State Assembly Speaker Emeritus Robert Hertzberg’s office, David continues serving Matadors by the Bay through his attendance at alumni board meetings as the local representative.
Chris Whittington
1989 B.S. Mechanical Engineering, 2001 M.S. Engineering Management
Manufacturing Syst. Engineering and Mgt Alumni Chapter
Chris completed his B.S. degree in mechanical engineering 1989 and then went on to finish his M.S. degree in engineering management at CSUN in 2001.  Upon graduation, he was recognized as the Outstanding Graduate Student for the department and now works as the manager of manufacturing engineering at Easton Sports.  Serving as a member of the Advisory Board for the Department of Manufacturing Systems Engineering and Management, Chris played an instrumental role in the formation of the new department within the College of Engineering and Computer Science.  A significant contributor to the development of the Manufacturing and Processes Learning Enterprise project, his volunteer work continually benefits undergraduate students working toward their own degrees at Cal State Northridge.