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Alpha kappa delta

Financial Assistance

Scholarships: Scholarships are a type of aid that does not have to be repaid and are awarded based on need or merit.

Grants: Grants are a form of gift aid and do not need to be repaid.

Fellowships: Fellowships are fund study or research based. Awards are made on a competitive basis, with no regard for financial need. Fellowships are designed with specific goals in mind and are not generally used for exploratory purposes.

Work-Study: Federal Work-Study is a federally funded student employment program where you can earn money to pay for your college costs.

Loans: Loans are borrowed money that have to be repaid at some point. They are available under varying terms and conditions. The Federal Stafford loans are the most common low-interest loans.


NOTE: The definitions for Scholarships and Fellowships are sometimes used interchangeably.


Reference: www.csun.edu/finaid

Financial Assistance

CSUN Sociology Department and AKD Kappa Chapter Awards

~ AKD International Honor Society Paper Competition (more info).


Financial Aid & Scholarship Department

Types of Financial Aid


Work Study



FAFSA on the Web

Federal Student Aid

Cal Grants

California Student Aid Commission


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Graduate Studies

Student Financial Opportunities

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Sociological Associations- Awards & Scholarships

Alpha Kappa Delta International Honor Society

Pacific Sociological Association

American Sociological Association

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Society for the Study of Social Problems

Sociologists for Women in Society


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